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It has been nearly five years since they had broken out of Fox River and it has been exactly four years since they have been exonerated. Last month Veronica and Lincoln had welcomed little Amy into their little family and LJ had been happy about his little sister even though with his now 22 he could be her father or uncle as well. Lincoln had opened up his own auto repair shop and made a point out of employing mostly young guys to keep them off the streets, so they wouldn't end up in a situation as he had. LJ had decided to go to college and he wanted to get a medical degree, he also took classes to be a paramedic in his spare time and also as a means to make some money on the side. They had done well in the years following the exoneration but they had mostly kept to themselves.

"I am off to the gym now Lincoln but if you have any problem with Amy…"the brunette woman started but was cut off by her husband.

"Vee she is my daughter. I'll take care of her. Now go and maybe make some female friends?!" Lincoln suggested and all but pushed Veronica out of the door. She smiled and shook her head but went without further protest.

Sara Tancredi left Fox River after the break out. She couldn't work there anymore because the guilt of leaving the door open ate her up inside even though no one ever questioned her because somehow the inspectors said the lock had been picked. She knew what she had done and that was enough. She also changed her name so no one would ask her if she were related to former Governor Frank Tancredi. Sara Miller now worked as a physician at Chicago Memorial. The Memorial being a teaching hospital and all she also volunteered in the paramedic classes and taught med students about the danger of drugs. With her knowledge of drug abuse she could scare many of them and she could prevent damage if she recognized any signs of abuse. Today would a new paramedic's class start and she was anxious to meet the young people that wanted to dedicate their free time to live saving but before that she needed a work out to relief some of the last weeks stress when she had been on call 24/7 and so her next destination was her gym.

When Sara entered the building she saw a new face at the sign in desk.

She looks so familiar but I can't place her.

She didn't think much more and placed it under old patient maybe or so. Unbeknownst to Sara the new woman had quite a similar thought. Victoria Donovan noticed the red head enter and had a feeling she knew her but before she embarrassed herself she asked the girl behind the desk.

"Who is this woman? I think I know her. Can you tell me her name?" the young girl shortly looked up and answered.

"She is one of our regulars. Sara Miller, she works as a doctor at Chicago Memorial maybe you have seen her there. Are you finished filling out the forms?"

With a "Yes!" Veronica handed her the forms and went for the changing rooms to start her work out. Sara already had started running when Veronica entered and she took the machine next to the familiar looking female. After ten minutes silently running alongside each other Sara turned her head and just asked.

"Hey my name is Sara! Wanna take a break?" Veronica nearly tumbled and stopped the machine before answering.

"A break would be fantastic and I am Veronica." They talked for a while both trying to find out why the other woman seemed so familiar when Sara looked at the clock at the wall and had to excuse herself.

"Oh shoot. I got to go. I am teaching a paramedics class in twenty minutes. Hey maybe we can meet sometime for a coffee?" Veronica was stunned by the boldness of her new found friend.

"Wow that is forward but sure. Here is my card. It is old but the number is still valid!" she said and handed Sara one of her old business cards.

"Okay I'll call tonight. Bye!" with that the red headed woman ran out of the gym.

LJ had been in the hospital for at least half an hour just sitting in the hall and observing people. He liked doing that and he figured he could learn something about the process just by looking at it. Five minutes ago he had finally decided to go to the room where the class was supposed to take place and there he met the others. They would be a group of 25 including their teacher who he had learned from a nurse would be a couple of minutes late. The nurse had given them the text book and told them to make themselves familiar with the first chapter until Doctor Miller showed up. LJ had just finished the last page when the door opened and closed again. There she was Doctor Miller.

"Hello! My name is Sara Miller and I am going to be your teacher or instructor, which ever sounds better to you. Most paramedics know each other on a first name basis and so I would like for all of us to wear name tags with our first names on, okay?" she said looking at all of them as if to dare them into asking something. And surely one girl had a question

"So we can call you Sara then?" LJ swore internally and shook his head.

Yes she wants us to call her Sara.

Hadn't the girl listened? Sara explained that that had been her point and went on with the class. They had to sign their names on a list because they only were going to be allowed to take the exam if they had been in a certain number of classes. All in all the first session had been all about rules and the schedule. After the course had finished LJ went home.

Veronica came home from her work out feeling fresh and strangely relaxed. When she entered the apartment she was greeted by silence and when she walked into the living room she had to pull out her cell and capture the situation in front of her. Lincoln had fallen asleep on the couch and Amy was lying on his chest. He had his arms protectively positioned so the baby wouldn't fall and both were sleeping peacefully. The clicking sound her phone made when taking the picture woke Lincoln.

"How was your work out?" he asked while carefully sitting up and cradling his baby girl in his arms.

"It was good and I met someone."

"Someone I know?"

"I don't think so. Hey have you heard from Michael about tonight?" She asked while pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

"Yeah he called and said he would come over for dinner. He also said he would bring dinner so it is a safe bet we are going to eat Chinese!" Lincoln said with a grin signaling his wife that he had chosen the meal. This was when Amy began to stir and fuss a little. Veronica took the little bundle out of Lincs arms and started cooing.

"Hey baby girl. Are you hungry?" with that she went into the nursery and left her husband alone with the task of cleaning up and setting the table.

LJ had arrived back at home and was just about to enter the building when heard someone call his name.

"LJ wait up. I got the food!" The young man turned around and saw his uncle approaching.

"Hey Uncle Mike. What you got there?"

"Chinese! Your father chose!" both laughed and stepped into the elevator. When they entered the apartment Lincoln had just finished setting the table and so they put all the food in bowls and took a beer each. They sat down in the living room and started talking about sports when they were interrupted by the sound of a ringing cell phone.

"Can you get that, please?" Veronica shouts recognizing her ringtone and LJ being closest to her bag grabs it.

"Veronica Donovan's phone LJ speaking?"

"Hi this is Sara Miller, can I talk to Veronica?" came a really familiar voice through the line and LJ was just about to answer when he noticed Vee coming in.

"Just a moment I'll pass you along." And with a look at Veronica. "It's Sara Miller!"

A smile came at the brunette woman's face and she answered the call "Hey Sara. What's up?"

"I hope I am not interrupting anything?" the red head asked worriedly.

"No not really we were just sitting down to eat take out!"

"Well I was wondering if we could meet for that coffee tomorrow afternoon."

"Yeah we can if you don't mind me brining my baby girl."

"No not at all." With a last goodbye the two women had agreed on a time and place to meet and talk and Veronica could finally join her guys to eat.

After they had finished dinner LJ got curious about whom he had been talking to before.

"So Vee who was that on the phone? She sounded a lot like my paramedics instructor whose name is Sara Miller too by the way!" Veronica took a moment to think about it and then answered

"That could very well be. I met her at the gym and we talked and when she left she said she had to teach a paramedics class at Chicago…"

"Memorial!" the young man finished for her.

"Did she look familiar to you too?" Veronica asked LJ but he just shook his head.

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