28 things about Soundwave no one ever knew

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"I DO care!"

Summary: Soundwave reminds Ravage of the story of how he found him and the other Cassettes and how they've come to be a family.

Continuity: G1 episode "More than meets the eye, part 3".

Warning: Characters being out of character.

Now without further ado...

Soundwave had played back the location of the rocket base and the Decepticons were preparing the plan to use it. He was now sitting near a pile of rocks, taking a break, then heard Ravage thinking ((Hey, I need to tell you something. I'm upset at those stinking Autobots, Hound and Mirage for saying this:))

Ravage played back the conversation, as he had heard it:

"Do you think the Decepticons will rescue Ravage?"

"I doubt it; the Decepticons don't care for anybody, not even their own."

((Please tell me that's not true!)) the catlike Cassette thought as he ejected himself from Soundwave's chest.

"It is certainly NOT true!" Soundwave replied, slightly angered. He calmed himself a little bit, then continued. "You remember that day that I found you, Ratbat, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, don't you?"

((Yes)) Ravage replied...


He didn't have a name; he was alll alone in the remains of the laboratory he had been built in. His fellow creations, one bat-like robot and two bird-like robots were on the other side of the wreckage. He was limping a little when he saw somebody walking towards them;he started running trying to get to them to help.

The tall robot, who was very dark blue with yellow optics, saw what was going on. "Please do not be alarmed at my presence." was what he said.

((Why? We were just "experiments" who had no use after we got hurt!)) was the cat-like robot thought angrily.

"What in the name of Vector Sigma happened to you?!"

((If you want to know, you better tell us what you want us for!)) was what the first bird-like robot replied (the one who would unknowingly become Laserbeak)

"My name is Soundwave and I was looking for survivors of this battle. The only ones seem to be you and your friends. It seems you don't have names, am I correct?"

((Yes, that's true. Will you please give us names if we go with you?)) the bat-like robot pleaded.

"Very well, I will." Soundwave replied. He ejected two smaller robots, who introduced themselves as Rumble and Frenzy, who explained that they had been found by Soundwave two years before, alone on the streets, taken in, and trained to be Decepticons. The two of them had recently completed said training and it was their first day on the job.

Soundwave pointed to each of the animal-like robots as he, Rumble and Frenzy gave them their names. "From now on, Ravage, Ratbat, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw, I will not only train you to be Decepticons but give you a better life."

"Hey kept that promise for us; he'll keep it for you." Rumble told them.

((All right. It will be different than what we're leaving behind.)) were Ravage's words indicating that he and his "friends" were eager to get started...


((Your point is?)) Ravage thought.

Soundwave petted him and said "My point is, I've taken of you and them because I've always wanted sparklings, possibly pets, to take care of, ever since I was a sparkling myself. When Megatron doubted your usefelness, I convinced you to prove him wrong. I've comforted Frenzy many times when he has had nightmares about being captured and tortured by the Autobots. Whenever we lost a battle, we would attempt to console each other, that no matter what happened, we would never forget each other."

((That's pretty deep coming from you.))

"Just because I act completely logical most of the time does not mean I am not capable of emotion. The filthy Autobots will never know in another four million years, that all of the Cassettes that I have are not just my minions; they are and always will be, the best 'family', that I ever had."

Soundwave paused, and petted Ravage again. "Whatever the Autobots will think about us, let them. Ignore what they say." the former told the latter. "One day, when Decepticons rule Cybertron, Earth and everywhere else in the universe, we will be able to live without worrying about what they think. Mirage and Hound will die slow and painful deaths, but not yet."

Ravage returned to his master's chest compartment and the latter prepared to help Megatron with taking over the rocket base.

Soundwave knew that the human phrase "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me." was not true at all. He had used many harsh words when torturing the enemy, and it went deeper than any physical injury could, but today any harmful words the Autobots said would not bother him or his 'family'...because they would destroy them when Cybertron was under Decepticon rule which would not be very long from that point...

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