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"Are you sure you don't want me to accompany you?" A tall, elegant-looking man put his chopsticks down and wiped his mouth with a table napkin.

"No need to worry about me, Nii-sama. Pierre-san will get me there safely. Besides, you've got training today. Yoruichi-sama's going to throw a fit if you don't show up." The petite girl from across him smiled.

"Alright then. How about settling in?" The man pulled off the elastic band that kept his long, black, silky hair into a clean ponytail. He then ruffled his hair a bit and stood up.

"I'll be fine. I'm not a kid going to her first kindergarten class anyway." He looked at the raven-haired girl stoically.

"Sou. Call me when you get settled in."

"Hai, Nii-sama." The girl watched as the man turned his back on her.


"Itarashai, Nii-sama." A petite, raven-haired teenage girl answered as she watched her brother's tall figure walk towards the door.

"Hn." Kuchiki Byakuya's stoic voice faded as the door closed shut. Her brother always was a man of few words. It makes her feel uncomfortable and unwelcome most of the time although things took a turn for the good a few months ago. Suddenly her brother started to show signs of concern towards her unlike before. She sincerely hoped it was going to be for the better.

Mornings such as this one though, were special. It's one of those times she's grateful that he's not that talkative. It's not hard to imagine herself making side comments about his cold tone when she's having a headache.

She sighed and got up, rubbing her temples.

"Damn that drink! Renji's so gonna suffer for this when I see him!" Rukia looked up and glanced at the calendar.

June 7, huh?

"First day at my new school." Taking her Chappy the Rabbit mug with her, Kuchiki Rukia's beautiful face scrunched up in a frown. She was suddenly reminded why she needed more coffee. Before she got to the counter though, she tripped and spilled her coffee.

"UGH! RENJI I'M SO GONNA KILL YOU!" She breathed out as she winced in pain.

It's another Monday morning at Karakura High - a prestigious private high school that prides itself as the "cradle of the Future". Students have started pouring in their classrooms, busy updating each other about their recent summer vacation. A certain white-haired student swiftly made his way to his seat near the window.

Despite what others might think, Mondays were never really Hitsugaya Toushirou's favorite time of the week. And this Monday was no different. In fact, this one was worse than the others.

He woke up from his ever-reoccurring-nightmare, dropped his dragon-shaped toothbrush in the toilet bowl, got shaving cream in his eyes and ate spoiled Chinese take-out for breakfast.

Nevertheless, he still trudged his way to school despite the nagging dread at the back of his head. Well, he had to. It was an absolute rule, - Hitsugaya Toushirou, boy genius, never misses school. Yes, NEVER. Even when he's sick, he'd still show up. The only time he ever missed out on school was the week after his grandma died. After that, he showed up in school like nothing happened. He still arrived 10 minutes before the bell wearing that rather stoic/pensive scowl on his face. He excelled in almost all his subjects except for music. Nobody knows that of course. He made sure that he gets out of any 'music-related' situation, therefore causing him to skip a lot of karaoke sessions after school. Besides, no one would dare talk about his 'incapability'. Well, except Yachiru.

Life continued normally for him, although this day started out pretty unlucky.

"Shiro-kun! OHAYO!

UGH. My luck just keeps getting better.

A rather small, pink-haired girl jumped on him from behind.

"How did your summer go? Did you eat the summer candies I gave you? Ken-chan wanted to know if you liked them…" The girl made a cute, innocent face that almost made Toushirou forget that she was the one responsible for the 'forced sore throat' he suffered during the summer that prevented him on going with watermelon-eating-spree. Remembering this, his hate for the pink-haired girl instantly returned.

"Yachiru, get your hands off me." He said in a strained tone. Yachiru and him actually go way back. So even if he did hate the girl, she was still a girl, a small girl with a really scary, blood-thirsty uncle who loved nothing else but pick a fight with him all summer. That helped him suppress the urge to throw her little body across the room.

"Demo Shiro-chan! Answer me first!" Just when he thought that Yachiru's demands made all the veins in his head pop, the bell rang and their homeroom teacher came in.

"OHAYO minna-san! How was the summer? Everybody had fun I suppose?" A man with long, white hair dressed in a loose polo greeted everyone.

Everyone, except for Toushirou and Yachiru answered with muffled yes's.

"Eh? Hitsugaya-kun and Yachiru-chan? Missed each other, huh? Hahaha. I bet Yachiru-chan's candies made you miss her this muc-"

Ukitake Jushiro was cut short by a sharp knock on the door.

"Chotto matte…" The man put up a finger and walked out of the room.

Please…by all means take your time sensei. The white-haired boy thought smugly.

A petite girl was waiting for Ukitake outside.

"Ano…is this Ukitake-sensei's class?"

"Oh my! You must be the pretty lady Yamamoto-sensei talked to me about! I'm so sorry I forgot to wait for you at the teachers' lounge!"

"No worries! I came in late anyway." The girl smiled.

"Hahaha. My, my. You do look so much like him. Good then. Better not to tell your big brother about this, na?" Ukitake then motioned for her to follow him inside.

"So little taichou, how was your summer? Did you spend some time with your lady luurrvveee?"

"Shut up Yachiru. There is no lady love and why do you even bother asking about my summer when you fully know how mine turned out. And I'm not little."

"Aww come on! Kenpachi-jii enjoyed it! I rather think you should have too." Yachiru smiled sweetly as Toushirou scowled deeper.

"Nobody in their right mind would enjoy being challenged by a deranged, blood-thirsty lunatic like Kenpachi."

Hitsugaya's summer has been nothing but uneventful. Way back before he can remember, he spent his summers on an island which was owned by his good uncle Jushiro's best friend, his godfather, Kurosaki Isshin. The island had complete and up-to-date facilities and such. The Kurosaki family also spent their summers there. And so did all of their friends – Shinsui-san and his assistant/wife (his assistant kept on denying their relationship but everybody hears the moaning at night), Kenpachi with his adorable niece, Urahara Kisuke and his weird kids, Ichigo's friend Renji and other weird people.

It was where he and all the other kids learned a lot of things like martial arts and fighting skills and play different sports. Ichigo has always been his rival in everything. They would always try to best each other but deep inside they acknowledged each other's strengths and unconsciously helped each other strengthen their weaknesses. It was a different thing when it came to Kenpachi though. He happened to walk upon one of the sword-fighting matches that he and Ichigo were having. After that, he either sought Toushirou or Ichigo out for a fight. And this past summer, the Kurosakis had to stay in Karkura. He didn't know the exact reason, but Toushirou guessed it might be because it was Masaki-san's 10th death anniversary. They probably went up to the mountain shrine to visit her grave.

Toushirou took a mental note to visit it sometime.

"AHEM. Class, we have a new student joining us today…" The students half-heartedly paid attention to the announcement.

"Kuchiki-san, kindly introduce yourself." With the mention of her surname, a raven-haired girl stepped in the room and faced her new classmates.

Her piercing violet orbs scanned the room with confidence. My surname again, huh? Nii-sama did warn me about this. Thank goodness.

"Kuchiki-san?" Now she had everybody's attention. Well, except for one.

"Oh, right." She took a quick glance at the inattentive white-haired boy, cleared her throat and began introducing herself. Confirming if he was a friend of Renji's (looking at his hair color) or not would come later.

"My name is Kuchiki Rukia. The three things that I love most in the world are milk in small cartons, basketball and Chappy the Rabbit. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" Rukia bowed then looked up. A hand shot up.

"Yes Keigo?" Ukitake motioned for the boy to stand up.

"Ne, ne…are you in anyway related to Kuchiki Byakuya-sama?" Keigo asked. The inattentive, white-haired boy looked up from his desk.

Cute Radar beeping!

"Hai. He is my brother." She answered in a straight voice. The white-haired boy was looking straight her now.


Oh-Kay. AWKWARD. They're all gaping at me.

"EH? Byakuya-sama has a sister?"

"Uh…yes. That would be me." Rukia answered back. The guy who looked like he's been to the salon with Renji looked pissed all of the sudden. He had a deep scowl on his face and his sharp, teal locked unto hers and held.

Cute Radar turned into ice. I haven't even done anything mischievous and someone looks like a pissed-off ass already. The raven-haired girl sighed in her head.

A little pink-haired girl spoke up.

"Are you sure that we're thinking about the same person? Is your brother the famous basketball player who won our school 7 smashing back to back championships against our rival, Hueco Mundo High and the player who's the national league's best rookie award recipient?

Nii-sama has quite a fan club here. Wait, what's that kid doing here?

"Yes. Well he is the same person as my brother."

"Ahh. Well then, Hitsugaya over there was your brother's former team mate when he was still in this school." A smart-looking guy with glasses said as a matter-of-factly.

"Oh! He is? But he's…" Ukitake smiled at Rukia's obvious puzzlement. The boy nodded at Rukia and continued with his sewing.

Is that…a doll's dress? What the hell…

"Now let's seat you…" Ukitake-sensei rubbed his chin. A few more moments and his eyes glinted mischievously.

"Maybe you should take the seat next to Shiro-kun! Since he is your brother's former team mate I think you'll get along well…"

The said boy's head snapped up. "It doesn't follow sensei. Your logic's flawed."

"Now, now Hitsugaya-kun. The main reason why I put her beside you is that because you're class representative. Surely a sensei like me wouldn't do it on a mere, illogical whim now would I?"

"Sure you would." Hitsugaya muttered under his breath.

"What was that Hitsugaya-kun?"

Translation: No takoyaki from Shinsui-jii for dinner.

"Nothing of importance sir."

"Good. Now, please open your books to page…" And Ukitake began the first lecture of the year.

Rukia silently made her way to the empty seat next to 'Renji's friend'.

"Yo." Kuchiki Rukia, sister of the basketball star Kuchiki-sama, said as she took her seat.

"Hn." Histugaya Toushirou, former team mate of the basketball star Kuchiki-sama, looked out the window beside him.

Who knew that a certain Kuchiki-sama would serve as the starting link of a possibly interesting chain of events?

Somewhere, in a dark room, a man with a hat snickered at the scene.

Author's Endnote: Anyways, if anybody's wondering why the title is like that, well let's just say I like 'weird-sounding' titles.^^ You'll find out why it's like that when we go a little bit further in the story.

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