Call of Destiny

Disclaimer - I don't own transformers only Luna, Astra, Skystryke and Vespa.

Chapter 1

My name is Luna and I am writing this story to help me understand what is happening in my life as my mother and father are always fighting and arguing and I am really fed up with being caught in the crossfire. My only escape from the rowing is school. Dad wasn't always mean and nasty. Since my Grandfather died, my father has been in control of an army and often the battles go against him. He is Lord Skystryke, Leader of the Decepticon empire. His rival is none other than the Autobot Leader, Rodimus Prime.

My School life is hard as I have begun training at the Decepticon Academy. I have a few friends and a lot of enemies. I get teased as I am the daughter of their leader but also I have different optics to my parents. Theirs are red, mine are blue, so you can guess what I am called - that's right, Autobot!. People have said that mother had a fling with an Autobot and I was the result, but mother told me that Skystryke was my father and for some weird reason, my optics were blue and could not be altered - they had been changed when I was a sparkling, but within a few earth years they reverted back to blue.

My training is going well, I have got a crush on one of my teachers. He used to be second in command to my grandfather, but prefers to teach weapons skills and aerial combat. I think Starscream is cute. I have communications and Espionage skills training with Soundwave and his cassettes. Some of the students are jealous as I can telepathically communicate with him and the cassettes, who love the extra attention from me and a couple of my friends. My ambition in life if to become a field medic which does not sit well with father as he wants me to take over if something happens to him. My tutor is the Decepticon medic, Hook and he is really impressed with my skills. He has told me that if I continue to work at the higher level there may be an apprenticeship available, but that depends on me passing my core subjects.

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