Call of Destiny Chapter 15

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Sorry it has been about two years since I last updated this story but my family and something called Reality got in the way, plus my muse ran away. Just a little note about Savannah, I have based her off my dog Molly who we have had for nearly 2 years. She is a Jack Russell Terrier but she is very well behaved and very loving. Here's the next chapter, enjoy.

Thundercracker burst into the lab just as Shockwave was about to attack Luna, luckily for her, her new firewalls had just kicked in and protected her, but she was still shaken.

You've gone too far this time Shockwave!

He replied "I've only just started with this little cretin, I'M…."

He never finished his tirade as thunder punched him in his optic sensor and set about releasing Luna from her chains. Shockwave raised his gun hand and was about to fire when savannah ran in and bit him on his aft, causing him to fire at the ceiling instead.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHH! Why did Stryke allow Soundwave to keep that mutant creature?"

Thunder laughed and said "I guess she is cute, she's just like a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy, cute but with an attitude"


Only if you let her go, without any trouble "

Why should I let this miserable excuse for a Cybertronian go, she has been nothing but trouble from the day she was sparked.

Thundercracker laughed and said "I know! Me, Starscream and Skywarp swore to protect her from you as per orders"

Shockwave Shouted which caused Savannah to bite down even harder on his Aft "Okay she can go as long as you keep this abomination away from me"

Thundercracker said "Don't you want to know whose orders we were following?"

Shockwave nodded and sat on the floor when Savannah had stopped using him as a chew toy. Thundercracker said "It wasn't Lord SkyStryke who ordered us to watch her, it was Lord Megatron as he knew of her potential before he offlined"

Shockwave grumbled and raised his gun Hand and said "She isn't a true Decepticon, she is…."

Thundercracker did not want Luna to find out who she was yet as it was not the right time for her to know so he said " I have something that might interest you!" waving the box of energon in front of him. "It's energon from a rare source, it can't be found on Cybertron".

Shockwave looked up and said "I detect large energy readings from that Cube, I Assume it's from Earth".

Thundercracker smiled and said "yes it is. It's from a large volcanic eruption that occurred a while ago. Star managed to condense the energy released into refined energon."

Shockwave said "I will release the brat".

Thunder laughed and said "I knew we could come to a deal" and then picking up Luna, who was shaking with fear, left the room with Savannah in tow.

He commed Hook to let him know that Shockwave may need a vial of hangover cure and also to tell him about Luna and what Shockwave had done to her.

When they got to med bay, Astra was there, waiting. When she saw the state Luna was in she was pissed off but Thundercracker told her what he had done to Shockwave and that Soundwave had presented Luna with her Techno-organic cyber dog when she had passed her exams. Savannah had protected her Mistress and rescuer by biting Shockwave on the Aft.

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