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Chapter 2

Shockwave has thrown me out of his classes for being a disruptive influence but it isn't true. I argued a point about the war and he just flipped out saying that femmes should not be training to become warriors, that we were only fit for pleasuring mechs and producing sparklings. I went down to the flight training area as I knew that it was a great place to release stress and feel free. My favourite tutor was there teaching Aerial combat to a group of mechs, he waved at us and I blushed , my friend Vesta teased me but I did not care.

When we left the training grounds we went back to my house to do some extra study. After a couple of hours father returned from a meeting with Shockwave and he was cross. Mother escorted Vesta home as it was late. When they had gone, Father called me into his office and said " Sit down, Luna. Your tutors and Myself have been discussing your progress in you lessons and I am really disappointed with your attitude in Shockwave's lessons."

I got really cross and yelled " He threw me and Vespa out because he thinks that femmes shouldn't fight, not because he was concerned for our welfare, but instead telling us we only good for being pleasure bots".

At that moment father jumped up, ran round his desk and knocked me flying across the room. He then said "Why can't you be like your cousins, they don't act up!" I bit back " they love fighting and hurting people, I don't, I want to heal people!".

He said " Get out of my sight, you disappoint me" and walked out the door.

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