Part 2

An hour or so passed wordlessly between them. He finished the glasses , moved on to mugs, she finished the plates, then went to stand by the sink and stared out of the window.

House closed the last box and went to stand behind her . "I'm sorry." He said resting his hands on her shoulders. "Before, I didn't mean to… I'm just not used to…."

She placed her hand over his, but did not turn around. "I'm sorry too. We know so little about one another."

He laughed softly, "it's probably better that way."

She turned around to face him. "I have two sons," she said looking him in the eyes , "and a dog, and two cats. I love plants and animals and art and music. I love a quiet and tidy house." She laughed softly, "but I do not have one. I spend a lot of time reading, and writing,and…at Mayfield."

"Anything else ?" he asked

"Yes," she placed a hand on his cheek and held it there. "This, has never happened to me before."

Slowly he leaned forward and kissed her. "You don't usually go after the loonies at Mayfield ?" he asked.

"No," she laughed "you are the first patient from the asylum that I have ever slept with."

"Well," he laughed "How was it ?"

"Perfect" she leaned up and kissed him. "perfect" she repeated before slipping her tongue into his mouth "perfect."

They kissed for a while, her leaning with her back against the sink, him pushing against her.

"Wait," she said breathlessly pulling away "you never told me anything about yourself."

"Hmmm." He leaned forward and kissed her again "nothing to tell."

"Something for sure to tell" she smiled pulling back "you're at Mayfield right ?"

"Ahhhh, the break down story" he pressed his lips together.

"Come on Greg," she wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled his hips into hers. "Any story."

"I run a diagnostics department. I got hooked on pain meds because of my leg. I ended up at Mayfield."

"Why were you in long term instead of re-hab ?" she asked

"Why do you need to know ?" he countered looking at her and narrowing his eyes.

"I've made love to you twice. I don't need to know, I would like to know." She whispered

He shut his eyes for a moment, then looked up at her. "I hallucinated that I spent the night with my boss, going through detox, and having sex. I believed it was true."

"The woman who was involved with your leg ?" she asked

He nodded silently

"Do you have feelings for her ?"

He shrugged, "I thought I did, maybe."

"What changed that ?" she asked gently.

He shook his head. "This, us, the treatment. This is so easy, we just sort of happened. With her, " he looked up, "everything is so complicated."

Lydia leaned her head onto his chest , "life is complicated. Mayfield is a place that exists outside of your normal life. No job, no bills, no responsibilities, only therapy enough to make you well."

He inhaled deeply. "I hallucinated spending time with her," he continued "because I've pretty much spent the past 7 years for Wilson"

"Why ?" she asked "I don't understand ?"

" I don't either" he shrugged. "It just seemed easier to not connect with people than to be disappointed."

"Disapointed in what ?"

"Everything, anything, don't know." He shook his head.

"Greg," she sighed "Are you disappointed with our connection ?"

"No," he shook his head "never."

"Even after I go ?" she whispered meeting his eyes with hers and never pulling away.

"I'm hungry" he said, letting her know this conversation was over. "I've been eating shit institutional food for the past 12 weeks, is there any good take out around here ?"

A few hours later, they sat across from one another at the dinning room table finishing up the last bites of their Italian feast. Between them were scattered take out containers of various pastas, salads and bread.

" 'Marconi's' " she sighed, "I am going to miss this place."

"Me too," he laughed downing the last of the wine in his glass.

"Should you be drinking ?" she asked, reaching forward and placing a hand on top of his.

"Yes. You're leaving tomorrow, I'm going back to the nut house. Yes, I should definitely be drinking." He answered pulling his hand out from underneat hers and pouring himself another glass of wine.

She stood up and walked behind him. He stiffened, not sure of what would happen next. Would she lean over and pull the glass from his hand ? Reprimand him gently, and ask him to stop ? Or simply walk away, having been reminded once and for all that he was a psychiatric patient.

Instead she hugged him softly, from behind. Her hands rubbing gently on his chest. She inhaled deeply, and he could hear a certain shakiness in her breath. "I like you so much." She said simply, pulling him backwards to her chest, "so, so much."

He took one of her hands and pressed it gently over his heart. "Tommorrow is going to suck !" he mumbeled, in an attempt to be truthfull and to break a mood that was quickly spiraling towards despair.

She laughed softly, "Ahhhh," she sighed, "why didn't I meet you sooner in life ?"

He shooh his head, and gently pushed his chair back, then he stood, turned to face her and pulled her into his arms. "You would have hated me." He said resting his chin on top o her head.

"Impossible" she answered, "I don't hate anyone."

"Well, I would have been the first." He laughed "I was stubborn,cold , arrogant, obnoxious, cutting…"

"You wouldn't have been." She whispered, "Not with me."

"I would have pushed you away," he said pulling back and kissing her on the forehead, "or excluded you to the point that you would have left. That's just what I do." He shrugged

"Well," she countered, pulling away as she commenced to stack and clean up the empty take out containers, "Maybe we would have been married, had a big house in Priceton, 3 kids, 2 dogs, you never know."

"I do know." He leaned back against the table and watched her, "and besides, I don't like kids or dogs."

"You are impossible" she said over her shoulder as she headed into the kitchen.

"See," he called out smiling, "I'm already wearing on your nerves, and its been what, less than 24 hours."

"You, are not wearing on my anything." She said coming back in and standing in front of him.

"Will you make love to me again ?" she asked looking up into his eyes.

"Absolutely." He smiled pulling her into his arms for a kiss , and the another and another. Before stepping back and taking her hand , and limping down the hallway into the bedroom.


Later he lay on his back, and she was sprawled across his chest. He traced languid circles on her back. "So," he asked "Tomorrow ?"

"Tomorrow the movers come and I go." She answered kissing his chest.

"Tomorrow night you will be I your bed in Arizona." He said into the darkened room.

"Yes," she said softly, "And you ?"

"Mayfield I guess, getting ready for my release."

"Then what ?" she asked kissing him again.

"Then back to Princeton, my apartment, my life, my job"

"Will things be different" she hesitated , "will you have changed ?"