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Xander's Big Night – chapter 4

Cordelia was secretly very pleased about her new costume for Halloween; it was edgy and best yet sexy in a dangerous way. The only down side was that she had to purchase it at that new store in town at almost the last minute. She had been very upset to find out that her costume was not ready when she arrived to pick it up at Party Town. What did she care that an electrical fire had broken out in their stockroom and all the stock had suffered smoke damage. She had even paid extra to have the cat costume professionally fitted to her measurements. Luckily, she had been able to get in touch with her posse, so that they would all be going with the same theme, there was no way she would be the odd girl out.

Across town, Jenny Calendar was just stepping out of her car after pulling into the schools parking lot. Walking around to the back and popping the latch to the trunk, she reached down to grasp and pull out two large packages before using her elbow to push the lid closed. Grinning mischievously about her choice of costumes for Rupert and herself, she preceded on into the school to meet her date for the evening. She knew that as much as the man had complained about having to go in costume to the gallery party that Joyce was hosting that he would have a good time. She just hoped that they would be continuing the fun after the party was open.

After all, she had picked their choice of costumes with him in mind. It had not escaped her notice that his VCR had been recording something the last two times she had been to his apartment to pick him up for their date. For a brief moment, a twinge of annoyance towards him and his choice of cars popped up. That she could not get the man had to replace that worn out junk heap of his, just because it was British bothered her slightly. Getting he mind back to tonight activities, had led her to do a little research into what shows were broadcast those nights.

Finding out that Rupert was secretly a fan of a least one-television show was somewhat of a relief to her. That it was British was not so much a surprise, but that it was one that she herself enjoyed was icing on the cake. The Avengers had been one of her favorites while growing up, especially the interaction between the handsome and suave John Steed and beautiful and confident Emma Peel. With a wishful little smirk, she was looking forward to later in the evening and seeing if she could, get Rupert into doing a little peeling.

After Xander, Willow, and Buffy are out of sight and hearing of Buffy's mother, she turns to Xander and asked. "OK, Xander spill what is it with all the weapons and that outfit? And, where did you get those pants? I know you didn't buy them, not after listening to you complain about how much having to buy a costume would cost."

"Whoa, there Buffy, give me a sec to answer. I got a lot of this from that box I bought from Ethan's yesterday. All I have to do is go in tomorrow morning and help with the cleanup and stuff to work it off. As for the rest of the weapons, I convinced the G-Man to let me borrow a few things from the weapons locker until we escort the kids back to the school. And as for the pants," Xander self-consciously mumbles, "I got them from the back of my mother's closet."

"You're wearing your mother's pants?" The two girls said eerily together, while grinning at the boy.

"But, Xander how are you wearing her pants?" Buffy asked with an amused tone to her voice, "I've seen your mother, there's no way that woman would be able to get her fat ass into those."

"That's true now Buffy, but Xander's mother hasn't always been that big," Willow helpfully answered with a little giggle to her voice. "But, even so, aren't those pants pretty tight Xander."

"Yea, they are Willow," Xander answered somewhat uncomfortably, "but, you've got to admit that they make the rest of this outfit look good. The only problem will be when I get home and try to take them off, I beginning to think they are a second skin. I had to use talcum powder to get into them, I not looking forward to peeling them off later. And, it's not as if my mother is going to notice them missing, I found them hanging down stairs with all the other clothes they can't wear earlier when I was searching for a bow. Along with the weapons belt and straps I borrowed, I think it looks pretty good. What do you think?" Xander asked the two, turning to give them a better view as they continued on to the school.

The two girls started to turn a critical eye on their friend, looking over him costume for the night.

However, before they could get very far, Xander said, "Oh, just a second Willow, I wanted to give you this katana to go with your outfit, I remember that Shadowcat had one when she was in her ninja mode. I can't have my best friend going out in half costume, now can we. OK, now what do think?"

Taking a through look at their oddly dressed Xander shaped friend the two girls had to admit that while he look strange, the costume looked great on him. Besides the tight pants and strange body paint that he had used to dye his skin to a dark blue hue, he was wearing a long white cape and hood. Looking closely they could see that that he was wearing a wig as his hair was much longer than normal. Reaching up Buffy lifted the hood back from Xander's head. They could see dark brown hair that was framed on each side by white bangs tied back loosely behind his head in a ponytail. In addition, in the middle of his forehead, where it had be hidden by the overhanging hood was a small gemstone. The cape was clasped on the front by a large golden medallion that looked like a closed eye.

"Xander, I can see where the Taskmaster part comes in here, but what's with the blue skin and the gem," Willow asked while buckling on the sword that Xander had given her to complete the image of her character.

"It's like I said earlier Wills, I couldn't find that skull mask that I remembered having and decided on an alternate version of the Taskmaster idea. You know, with all the different earth's they keep using I thought I go ahead and use everything. What's the worst that could happen? It's not like anyone else would notice, well maybe Warren and his group, but no one else would. Besides it diffidently gives me the most original costume I've had yet," Xander said with that lopsided grin that always made her smile.

"Well, I don't know very much about comics Xander, but I have to admit it's impressive," Buffy added.

"Yea, Xander. I think Buffy's right it looks good," Willow added.

"Thanks guys, and let me tell you that the two of you look great too." Xander said looking the two girls over again. "And Buffy, I don't know what you said to Willow to convince her to go as something besides a ghost, but I whatever it was, it was worth it. Willow, you make Shadowcat look great. Like I've said in the past, I love spandex!"

"Ow," Xander yelped as the two girls hit him on each arm playfully.

Within a few minutes, the three had arrived at school and walked in ready to do battle with the evil troll that made their lives here hell. They could see Larry dressed as a pirate with a t-shirt, pair of baggy shorts, eye patch, and a plastic sword, leaving out a side door after picking up a group of kids.

Snyder leads a couple of children over to them. One of them is dressed like a classic B-movie vampire. "Here's your group, Miss Summers. No need to speak to them, the last thing they need is your delinquent influence. Just bring them back on time and in one piece and I won't expel you. As for the rest of you, Miss Rosenberg Harris follow me, your groups are waiting."

After picking up their two groups, Xander and Willow leave the school within a few minutes of each other.

Another setup chapter, but I hope it helps set the stage somewhat. After this, the events of Halloween night will veer off greatly from cannon.

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