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Xander's Big Night – Chapter 5

Buffy looked down at her watch noting that it was getting near the time that she needed to have the children back. She decided that she would allow them to hit up one more house before breaking the news to her group. It surprised her that she had actually started to enjoy the time she had spent with the little munchkins. So, it pained her to seen the look of dejection on their faces when they returned from the last house. "What did Mrs. Davis give you?"

Without a word, the three kids all opened their bags, revealing the horror of bright pink toothbrushes resting on top of their candy.

"Is the woman mad? Don't she understand that Halloween is to be celebrated with chocolate? Well we still have a little time left, so if we hurry back we can hit another house or two on the way, OK."

With smiling faces, the three children perk up and follow Buffy back towards the school.

Willow lead her small group back to the school, looking forward to soon getting together with her two best friends and enjoying the Halloween party planed at the Bronze. Buffy was right, Halloween was all about being what you aren't, and with her costume and mask she could spend the night as someone else.

Within a certain costume shop a robed figure kneels before a two faced statue, hood covering his face. Reaching out the robed individual lights the black candles, which are intricately engraved with golden runes. Throwing back its head after lighting the final candle, revealing the form to be Ethan Rayne, the man begins a prayer in Latin.

"Janus, hear my plea on this night of chaos. Come forth and grant us your boon by showing us your truth."

Xander had finally finished escorting his Halloween group back to school and was looking down at them with pride. They would have been back earlier if they had not had to stop along the way to find a way to carry all the swag. The three, two boys and a girl had amassed quite a collection of candy and treats under Xander's direction. Lucky one of the boys had a cousin that lived near their route and they had dropped by and borrowed his wagon to finish their run.

Xander had be very impressed with the way the three took to training when he coached them on achieving maximum results with minimum time invested. He was also, impressed with their ability to stay in character with their choices for Halloween. While he had not watched very much of the anime the three had taken their characters from, he could tell that they did. It had been funny watching them play the part of ninja in training from the Naruto series. It was their response to when he asked them why they had picked Team Kanohamaru, instead of the more well-known ones that impressed him the most.

They had told him, "Were not old enough let to be full ninja, so we picked a team that we knew were the right age." It was this attention to detail that he enjoyed seeing the most. They had even remained in character between houses by calling each other by the character's names and keeping a lookout for the cat belonging to the Fire Lord's wife.

Picking up a black obsidian blade, Ethan made a small slash across each of his palms allowing the blood to pool for a moment. Then reaching out and over the flames coming off the candles began to allow his blood to drip down into the flames. After each candle had received a measure of his blood, he twisted his left palm over his right and dipped his middle fingers into the fresh blood still seeping from his wounds. With each of blood stained hand he drew a symbol over each forehead of the statue before him and then a matching inverted symbol on his own brow.

"Janus, hear me your most degenerate son. I make you this offering of chaos, accept and bless this night!"

Or, that was what he planed on saying before inadvertently sneezing during the last of his incantation and blowing out all the candles. The room is plunged into darkness for a moment, leaving Ethan panicked that he ruined the spell. However, the next second eyes of the bust started to glow a bright and sickly green, and he smiled.

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