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A short prologue


The shinigamis of squad ten that happened to pass their taichou's office that moment, just sighed or shook their heads before walking on again. The reason to why he yelled was unknown, as always, but it was probably because their fukutaichou was drunk again, said something incredibly stupid, didn't do her paperwork, or stuff like that.

Squad ten's third seat, whose name was Aosora Kotori, sighed as well. She was actually showing some of their new comrades around, and they were all just a few meters away from the door when the yelling started. The new members looked a little nervous about meeting their new captain. They had sure heard a lot about him. How strong he was, how incredibly intelligent he was and that he was colder than ice. Kotori knocked on the door. After a little while the door opened.

In the doorway stood an orange haired woman with HUUUGE boobs! ((A.n: It may sound vulgar to some, but it's actually a good explanition)) Her face quickly lit up in a smile.

"Kotori-chan! Hi! How're you? Who are these guys?"

Kotori sighed. She was drunk... again.

"Good morning Matsumoto-fukutaichou. These are the new members of our squad" Kotori explained and made a gesture with her hands towards the newcomers. The all bowed.

"Oh, I see! Hello ya'll! I'm Matsumoto Rangiku, the fukutaichou of squad ten. Welcome to our squad!"

"Matsumoto, move away from the doorway..."

The voice sounded cold and firm, but at the same time it also sounded young.

Matsumoto smiled again and turned.

"Sorry taichou! Don't have to get all grumpy about it..."

"I'm not "grumpy", Matsumoto. Now just finnish your paperwork!"

"Aaaw, but taichou..."

"Just do it!"

"Yes sir..." Matsumoto sighed and walked into the office again. The new members tried not to show their curiolsity of what their captain looked like TOO much, when she moved away.

He sat with his head bent down, his fokus on the mountains of paperwork that were covering his desk. His hair was silver white, unruly and thick. That was all they were able to see.

After a while, he sighed and left his desk to stand in front of it. He eyed them with large and beautiful, ice cold teal eyes. His skin was quite pale and his reiatsu was huge! But the thing that made them all stare, was his height. He was so short! He wasn't even an audult, he was just a kid! An icey kid in a captain's coat. Some of them wondered if this was some kind of joke. But when he talked, there was no doubt that this was the voice they heard earlier.

"Welcome to squad ten. I expect you all to do your best and follow your superiours orders, whatever they may be. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes sir!"

"Good. If you have any problems, feel free to ask any seated officer, or under some circumstances, me. You are all dismissed"

They bowed and left the room.

Evening, in the newcomers barracks

"WOAH! What a DAY, don't you think?" asked one of the two female newcomers. They had walked around the whole thenth squad area, which was quite big, and then they had practised in teqniques for hours.

The girl had brown, long hair and black eyes. She looked like she was about 30 years old, but she still seemed quite playful. Her comrade just kept staring out through the window with a thoughtful look in her eyes. The brown-haired one cleared her throat to get her attention.

"Ehm , hello! Soul society to Mishiro! Where are you?"

Mishiro jumped a little in surprise and smiled. She was a beautiful woman who looked like she was about 30 years old. She had white short hair and teal eyes. She was very slim and had a hair pin that looked like a snowflake in her hair.

"Don't worry Aiha, I was just thinking..."

Aiha joined Mishiro to sit by the window.

"What's wrong? You know you can tell me!"

"Yes... I was just thinking about our new taichou..."

"Oh yeah! I couldn't belive how similiar you two are! I mean, you've got the same eyes, the same hair, almost the same haircut, almost like you're related!"

Mishiro just kept her mouth shut and kept staring through the window. Aiha could easily see that she was depressed or at least deep in thought, so she kept talking just to try to cheer her friend up.

"I couldn't belive it! Our taichou is just a kid! And still, did you feel his reiatsu? I sure did, and it wasn't small. It was HUGE and still, I bet that's not even a fifth, no tenth of his true reiatsu!"

Mishiro kept quiet.

" And he sure seemed cold, didn't he? I mean, it was almost like he was an adult... I wonder what his name is..."

"What who's name is?" came a voice from behind them. It was Kotori.

"Oh, nothing! I just thought that it was strange that you didn't tell us our captain's name..."

Kotori blushed.

"I didn't?! Oh, I'm terribly sorry! I guess I thought that you already knew his name. His name is Toushiro Hitsugaya"

Mishiro kept staring, but she did jump a little. Aiha didn't manage to hold back a gasp.

"What's wrong?" asked a confused Kotori.

"Oh, ehm... do you promise not to tell anyone if we tell you?"

"Unless it's Matsumoto-fukutaichou or Hitsugaya-taichou, sure thing, ehm..."

"Aiha, miss. Aiha Doushin"

"Doushin-san. And you?"

Mishiro slowly turned and looked at Kotori with sad, teal eyes.

"My name is Mishiro. Mishiro Hitsugaya"

Takara:... WHAT WAS THAT?!

Me: SORRY! I know it's short... and a little obvious... but it's getting better!

Takara: It better be...

Me: Shut up! I'm trying! And If I feel like it, I can change stuff later on!

Takara: Yeah yeah, whatever...

Me: Be quiet... And to those of you that wonders... let's translate stuff!

Mishiro= Beautiful white

Aiha Doushin= Love leaf child's mind (... I know...)

Aosora Kotori= Blue sky little Bird

Taichou= captain

Fukutaichou= vice captain

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