by Sauron Gorthaur

The sky is dark and cries despair

Above these harsh, accursèd lands.

Sand crusts red eyes so filled with tears.

Haeg's blood stains these despondent hands.


Fear claimed a heart that once was mine

The terror of being all alone.

Yet fear has brought a deeper rift

Bitter harvest to reap that by dread was sewn.


For I spoke those words I should have never spoke

Called the name I should have never called

Felt hate rise up within my throat

And by that hate am now enthralled.


Blood red the hair that once was brown

Death white my once sun-darkened skin

Maroon the eyes that glinted blue:

A Shade of what I once had been.


He speaks and now I must comply

Though I weep, he merely laughs at me:

"You summoned me – you have a price to pay."

Dark magic will have its violent fee.


Driven from lands with black thoughts filled,

All I know now is his hate and fear.

Forgotten, the man I'd once tried to save.

Carsaib is gone, and only Durza is here.