It had been another long hard day for Christine Daae as she was just finishing up practice with the cast. Two years ago her father died. He did as promised and sent the Angel of Music to her, but that didn't stop her from crying every once in a while from memory of him. But she was being as strong as one could with the loss of all their family at such a young age. The good thing about working all day (from 7am - 8pm) was that it kept her occupied until she went to go sing with her Angel (8:15 - 10:00). But then when sunday's came it became difficult to stay occupied as she had nothing to do.

No practice for the cast. They had the day off and her Angel told her to rest her voice on that day as well. She mostly would follow people around like the maids and some of the sober crew members to help them work. But now it was the end of practice for today and time to go change into her regular clothes and go sing with her Angel. He waited for her in her dressing room everynight. However tonight would be different. Christine was making her way to her dressing room to get undressed after just departing from her dear friend Meg.

She was almost there when she noticed a stagehand walking toward her. He was making eyes at her. It wasn't uncommon for a stagehand to rape a young ballerina, but Christine had never thought that SHE would get raped by one. She stopped in fear not knowing what to do. She was debating weather to run or just keep walking acting like she didn't notice him. She was about to run, but she had waited to long and the stagehand had reached her. He was about to grab her arm but she ran for it. She was to frightened to consider screaming for help so she just ran.

Her short legs allowed her only small strides comparred to the stagehands, but being so short and him being tall, if he bent to much he would trip trying to catch her. They ran for a short while, but in the end he caught her. She struggled in his grasp but could hardly manage to move a muscle. He grew irritated with her struggles and threw her at the rail of the third floor. Not to hard so as not to kill her before he rapes her but enough to draw blood and knock her out. There was a small crack noise from where he threw her but he just dismissed it and carried her to his room.

There was one other stagehand in his room with alcohol and both their dinner. He set her on the bed he planned taking her virginity. The stagehands started talking and making a plan on how they will get her back to her room without being noticed by anyone. Christine woke up only halfway but she remembered that she had been kidnapped by a stagehand and when she heard unfamiliar voices speaking her fear spiked ten fold. She shot up and more crawled than ran over to the corner by the bed. When the stagehands saw she was awake they started walking towards her.

She jumped up more alert now and tried to make a run for it, but wasn't successful. One of the stagehands caught her and this time he didn't throw her. He forced her mouth open and poured wine down her throat. For the stagehands it wasn't much, but Christine was so young and small that the small amount of wine had completely druged her. She stumbled back into the corner and fell. She heard the stagehands laugh at her, but she was hardly aware of much. Just that she must avoid these men, but that was proving to be difficult as she was slowly loosing consciousness.

Christine heard a loud snape noise and saw that one of the stagehands had a leg from a chair. They wanted her to run. They simply wanted to play with their prey before they rape and possibly kill her. Christine started crying. Then out of nowhere a black figure appeared and was moving so quick Christine couldn't keep up with her weak eyes. She was struggling to listen and stay consious but was failing at both. Soon she heard a single pair of footsteps coming toward her but she already blacked out. When she awoke she was in Madame Giry's room wrapped in a soft blanket by a warm fire. It took a few days for the alcohol to leave her body and then a few more days for her to get over that splitting headake that came from a hangover. In a week she returned to rehersals and back to singing with her Angel once more.