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The six boys got into a circle with the pizza boxes in the middle, and started to play.

"I'll start. Dray, truth or dare?" Reid asked his brother.

"Dare, and don't call me that." Draco responded smirking.

"Okay…I dare you to strip to your boxers."

"That's creepy coming from you, but okay." Draco stood up and stripped down to his silky black boxers. Harry couldn't help looking him over. Draco was skinny, as Reid had pointed out, but he had muscle too. Just the perfect amount of muscle… Harry found himself thinking for a brief moment and looked away before Draco noticed he was staring. He sat back down and looked around to decide who to pick.

"Pogue, truth or dare?" He asked, eyeing the biker.

"Dare." Draco looked around at the other boys and thought for a moment.

"I dare you to kiss Harry." Harry looked up at him, surprised.

"What? Why me?" Draco just shrugged.

"Thought it would be entertaining. And with that reaction it is already." Draco smirked. Harry sighed as Pogue moved closer to him and leaned in, placing his lips on Harry's, but Harry found himself picturing Draco's face as Pogue kissed him.

It was really barely a kiss, but as Draco watched he felt something he wasn't very familiar with. He found himself thinking that he wanted to be the one Harry was kissing. This thought wasn't that surprising to Draco, he knew he was gay. In fact, he'd had plenty of experience with other guys. He would also never openly admit he had a little crush on Harry, the boy he was supposed to hate so much. The thing he was surprised about was that he was feeling jealous about Harry kissing someone else, even though it was only a dare that he had given. Draco wasn't the jealous type and he didn't plan on starting to be that type now, so he shook his head pushing his feelings and thoughts to the back of his head.

With these things going through his mind, he completely missed what had happened over the next few turns until he heard what Caleb dared Tyler.

"I dare you to go 7 minutes in heaven with Draco." Tyler just sighed and got up and Draco followed, not really wanting to do this dare…well not with Tyler anyway.

"Don't rape my baby boy." Reid called after them, partly joking. Draco rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry. I won't. I like living." He replied as they went into the closet and Caleb locked it.

Harry watched as they went into the closet, feeling a little anxious. He secretly hoped that Draco didn't do anything with Tyler. Instead, he found himself wishing that he was the one in the closet with the blonde. He stared at the closet door, waiting for them to come back out. It felt like the longest seven minutes of his life.

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