After Two Years

I couldn't help myself. Katty, my sister, was able to get me addicted to Ouran High School Host Club and then I had this little plot bunny that decided to jump around in my head. Mainly this is based on the anime with some references to the manga up to the chapter Mei shows up in. While writing this, I finished reading the manga up to the current scans of the most recent chapters, meaning I was able to get more ideals.

Right now, my other stories are not in very good places. Enough about other things, now for the story.

PS: I didn't go back and change all of the different variants of the names. There is several instances of me using a different romanticize of Kyoya name. So don't flame me about that.

He was listening to the professor lecture them about the subject at hand, but his mind was on other things. It was on what had happened two years after the last of the original Host Club members had graduated.

Only a week had past since graduation and not much had been going on, but then there was a phone call. Tamaki answered and Hikaru, his voice shaky, told him about how Haruhi had pushed him and Karou away from being hit by a truck, but she was unable to get out-of-the-way. Dropping to his knees, he was unable to respond to Hikaru before hanging up. His father had come by and convinced him to go to the hospital. Upon arriving, he saw the original Host Club trying to comfort Ranka in the waiting room. Only Kyoya came up to him and told him it was very serious.

They had waited around in silence for several hours on end. Then the doctor came to them and took them to a room before telling them the news. Haruhi was currently in a coma and none of the doctors knew if she would be waking up any time soon. Then the doctors told them that they could see her. Hikaru and Karou went first before Mori and Honey. Lastly, Kyoya followed Tamaki and Ranka in the dark hospital room, knowing those two would need him to help cope with the situation. When Tamaki had seen her, he remained emotionless, but on the inside, he was crying. He could not believe what he saw and when he left the hospital an hour later, he finally broke down and cried in his room.

For a few days, Tamaki didn't visit Haruhi, but Kyoya had hunted him down telling him that he should visit Haruhi for her sake. Tamaki had relented and upon entering the hospital room again, he realized it was the right choice. Seeing Ranka, he decided to offer the man dinner and at dinner, Tamaki admitted to Ranka why he had not been visiting. Ranka stopped calling him 'insect' after that and made a point to get to know Tamaki better.

Tamaki sighed as he thought about what had happened since that day he had talked to Ranka. When a year had past since the acident, the doctors had talked to them and said that there was some good signs that she would wake up within the next eighteen months. Then ten months later, two months ago, the doctors had come and told them that she would be waking up within three months. After exactly a month since they heard that news, Ranka had died.

Tamaki sighed again as he rose from his seat at the end of class. He was still in complete disbelief that Ranka had died only a month ago and as he walked out of the classroom, his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller id and saw it was Kyouya, making his heart leap. Every time that he had called this week, he had told Tamaki good news every single day, but it was yesterday when Kyouya called during a thunderstorm that Tamaki found more joy. Kyouya had left a message saying that the doctors had to give Haruhi some medicine because after the first clap of thunder, she reacted to it, even though she was not awake. When Tamaki had called back, Kyouya explained in more details and Tamaki was starting to smile. Now, Kyouya was calling again and Tamaki felt the need to answer. "What is it, Kyouya?"

"She will be waking up some time after your last class today," Kyouya said.

"Are they sure?!"

"Yes, they are, Tamaki. The medicine from yesterday has yet to fully wear off, but she is showing signs that when the medicine wares off, she will wake up."

"I will leave my last class early. What about the others?"

"Honey and Mori will not be able to get here until later. The twins will be able to get here sooner than Honey and Mori, but not before you. You do have Ranka's letter with, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. I should let you go."

"See you later, Tamaki."

"See you later, Kyouya," said Tamaki before ending the call and walking towards his next class knowing that once classes were done, he would have something good to look forward to.

Someone was holding her hand. The last thing she remembered was the horrified faces of the twins and being hit by a truck. Although she feared what she might see, she knew that whoever was holding her hand would probably want to know that she was okay. Opening her eyes and turning her head towards the person who was holding her hand, she saw a young man with blond hair that was hiding his eyes. "Senpai?"

He looked up with his violet eyes and smiled. "Yes, Haruhi."

"Where are Hikaru and Kaoru?"

"They will be getting here later. Kyouya had left to get something to eat and will be back soon. Honey and Mori will arrive later than the twins. I have been here since my last class let out," said Tamaki.

"At least, they are all right," said Haruhi softly. "Tell me about what has been happening."

"It will be very long since it's been two years," said Tamaki, saying the last part a little more quietly.

"Two years?"


"Then what has been going on with you."

Tamaki nodded and began to talk about what has happened with him in the past two years. He began to tell how he was finally able to enter the main Souh mansion, but still live in the 2nd, and his grandmother was finally relenting, only because his father was becoming more powerful in the family. In amidst of telling about his classes, Kyouya returned and pushed his glasses back up before going to stand in a corner of the room to listen to Tamaki continue speaking.

"Shouldn't you go and tell someone she is awake, Tamaki?" Kyouya asked after Tamaki had finished.

"Yes, I should, but I was waiting for you to return," said Tamaki before getting up, letting go of Haruhi's hand, and leaving the room.

"You probably noticed that he is somewhat different, but he still is Tamaki," said Kyoya as he took the seat that Tamaki had vacated. "I called the twins before I came up here and they will be here within forty minutes. Mori and Hunny have classes that end later and will be the last ones to arrive. As for my classes, I take most of them online and the few regular classes I take are in the morning."

Silence settled in the room. "How long have you been here?" Haruhi asked breaking the silence.

"I've been here since my class let out at eleven this morning. Tamaki has been here since a little after four and currently it is five-forty," said Kyoya taking out a notebook and began looking at it.

"You've been here since eleven?!"

"Not quite since eleven, more like ten after eleven," said Kyoya looking up from his notebook. "Everyone from the Host Club made the point of trying to visit you at least once a week. Me and Tamaki just happens to visit you more often because we are closer and not as busy. And usually I don't stay this long, but because the doctors said you were going to wake up sometime today, I decided to stay." As he was about to look back to his notebook, he noticed Tamaki was back with one of the doctors. "I think me and Tamaki will take our leave so we can greet the twins."

Kyoya rose from the chair and went to Tamaki before the two of them left Haruhi with the doctor.

When Tamaki and Kyoya returned, they had the twins, Honey, and Mori with them. As soon as the twins entered the room, they were apologizing to Haruhi about not being careful, but Haruhi brushed it off, saying it was nothing. Once everyone had told what had happened in the past two years, everyone grew quite and no one spoke for a few minutes. "Another thing also happened during the past two years," said Tamaki with the same sadness that he had displayed when he declared the dissolution of the Host Club.

"What?" Haruhi asked as the air grew thick with gloom.

"Your father died," said Tamaki pulling out Ranka's letter and giving it to Haruhi, "and he left this for you to read."

Haruhi took the letter and unfolded and began to read it. It read:

To my dear little girl,

I am sorry that I can't be there, but I hope that your high school friends are there with you. I asked them to be with you because they have showed me that they do care for you and would do nothing to hurt you. I chose Kyoya and Tamaki to make the decisions for you. Let them help you. They do really care about you. Love, Daddy.

Once she finished with the letter, it was obvious to the others that she was holding back her tears. Tamaki went to her side, putting an arm around her. "We were with him during his final days," said Kyoya. "He really did express to us that he wanted us to look after you and make sure you were happy."

"Milord spent a lot of time with you father," said Kaoru. "He was the only one who was able to get your father to stop feeling sorry for himself."

For the rest of the time, they all focused on trying to make Haruhi less sad and when they left, they all promised to come visit her tomorrow since it was a Saturday and no classes. The last ones to leave were Tamaki and Kyoya, but Kyoya had the most to say. "If you find out when they are going to release you, tell me and I will make sure to get you a cell phone," said Kyoya. "And don't worry about having to pay me back because I understand your situation. Tamaki, don't you have something else to tell her?"

"My father after hearing about your situation decided to give you the guest house for you to stay in as long as you like."

"He really doesn't have to do all of that. Kyoya, you really don't have to go through the trouble of getting me a cell phone," Haruhi said.

"You are not going to be able to convince us otherwise," Kyoya responded. "We are doing this because you've made our lives a little more interesting."

Before Haruhi could even respond, the two co-founders of the host club wished her good night and left her alone for the second time that night.

A week had past since Haruhi had awakened from her coma and Tamaki was completely overjoyed by the fact that she was being released today. So overjoyed that he did not pick up much of the lecture of his classes. When he last class let out, he went to meet up with Kyoya and they rode in Kyoya's limo to the hospital to pick up Haruhi. When Tamaki and Kyoya went into the hospital, they found Haruhi was waiting for them. "I see Renge did come by earlier," said Kyoya as he cast an eye at Haruhi, who was wearing a simple dress.

"She only dropped off my clothes before saying she had to leave," said Haruhi.

"She must have been running late. Renge was making sure that our surprise for you will be ready when we get there," said Kyoya. "We should get going."

The two young gentlemen lead Haruhi to the limo and helped her in. Soon, they were driving off to the second Suoh's mansion. For most of the way, it was silent until Kyoya looked up to see Haruhi was asleep. "Looks like she fell asleep," said Kyoya quietly. "I don't think we should wake her up, given what she's been through."

"I agree Kyoya," said Tamaki quietly. "I will carry her inside if she is not awake when she arrives."

Kyoya nodded and began to drift back to whatever he was thinking about.

Haruhi opened her eyes and saw she was in a bedroom that was lavishly decorated. Guessing that it probably belong to one of the Host Club members, she got up and walked towards the door. She opened the door and tried to figure out where everyone was when a maid passed by her and stopped. "Everyone is downstairs. If you need any help at all, just ask," said the maid before bowing and then continuing on her way.

So, they are downstairs, thought Haruhi. It was going to be a very interesting day.

Tamaki looked up at the clock and he was somewhat worried. Casting his eyes at Kyoya, he saw Kyoya nod before he left the room to see if Haruhi was okay. It never had been this long for her to wake up from her naps. As he was about to head across the entrance way, he saw Haruhi sitting on the staircase, staring into space. He quietly went up the stairs and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Do you want me to carry you at least down these steps?" He asked being careful.

When she didn't answer, he sat down next to her and wait for her answer. After a few minutes had past, he decided to place his hand on her shoulder. "What is it?" She asked quietly.

"I was wondering if you want me to carry you down these steps," Tamaki replied.


Tamaki stood and lifted her up before he started to walk down the stairs. "The guest house doesn't have any stairs," he said as he let her down, making sure she was able to stand before letting go. "We should get moving or they will send out a search party."

She nodded and Tamaki lead the way to the room that he had left before setting off to find her. Upon entering the room, everyone present turned to look at the two that had entered. "We were wondering if you were not going to show," said Kyoya. "Besides Mori and Honey can't stay as late as the rest of us."

"We have to have desert with you, Haruhi, before we leave," said Honey.

At that moment, everyone sat down at the dinner table and began to talk. Out all of them, Renge was the most talkative because she had been quite busy during the past week. As she was talking, Haruhi smiled at the memory of when Renge learned that she was a girl and it was all because Kyoya had said she was denser than Tamaki. "Haru-chan, are you alright?" Honey asked with concern in his eyes.

"I was only thinking about a memory," said Haruhi noticing that there was food on the table. "I guess I probably spaced out."

"If you say so," said Honey before he started to fill his plate.

Seeing this, Haruhi did the same and began to eat, enjoying every bite.

After they had eaten and had desert (cake, of course), they said goodbye to Mori and Honey, who told Haruhi that she would be surprise by what she would find in the guest house. A half-hour later, the twins had to leave and then only Kyoya and Renge remained. Renge was talking to Haruhi, but Haruhi was half listening because the night had tired her out. When it had been an hour since the twins left, Renge and Kyoya were getting ready to leave, but before they left, Kyoya gave her the cell phone that he had gotten her. Then it was just her and Tamaki. He picked her up without asking and took her upstairs to the room she had awoken in earlier. "I will wake you up before I go downstairs in the morning," said Tamaki. "Do you need anything?"

"I don't think so," said Haruhi as she walked over to the bed and laid down on it.

"Good night then," said Tamaki as he turned off the lights and left the room, closing the door behind him.

When he had walked through the door after coming back from his last class of the day, Shima greeted him and lead him to the sitting room. On the couch, Haruhi laid sleeping. Tamaki asked Shima when she had fallen asleep and upon hearing the answer, he responded softly, "I will wait for her to wake up. She should be waking up soon."

Shima left after reminding him to be considerate. Really she didn't need to remind him, he knew he needed to be considerate, if he was going to have a chance to see if she felt the same way. Tamaki had realized his true feelings for Haruhi when two years ago, he had first seen her in a coma. Only Ranka knew about his feelings and how they had kept him away from her before Kyoya convinced him that it was important. As he walked over to her, he still couldn't believe that it had been only a week since she had woken from her coma.

Tamaki crouched down to the floor in front of the couch and debated with himself if he should say anything. Deciding upon what to do, he placed a hand on her shoulder and then spoke softly, "Would you like me to play something on the piano?"

At first, she didn't respond, but as soon as he saw her head nodded yes, he scurried towards the piano and uncovered the keys. Playing a few cords, he thought about what song he should play and then it came to him. It was a fairly recent song and he had played it several times, but not enough to have it in his memory. The sheet music for it was lying on the piano for he had been playing it very recently, in fact, he was playing it when he was worrying about Haruhi. As e looked through the music, he realized that he probably could try play it without the sheet music. Laying the sheet music down, he turned and looked at the keys before he began to play.

As he put his heart into playing, he became absorbed in the music and allowed his mind to drift to his final year at Ouran. That final year was very interesting. They gained a few new hosts from the first year students. The twins teasing him and Haruhi admitting she enjoyed being part of the host club, but it was not the same because Mori and Honey had left them to move on with life. As he reached the end of the song, he pulled himself out of his reverie. "I've never heard you play that song before, senpai," said Haruhi.

"It is a fairly recent song," said Tamaki as he raised up from the piano bench. "Today was the first day, I've actually played it without sheet music in front of me. Do you think you can walk far?"

"I don't know," she responded.

"Then we will walk to the guest house," said Tamaki. "We should leave now, so you have plenty of time to look around."

It was about an hour later and Tamaki and Haruhi were standing in front of the guest house. Tamaki opened the door and lead her in before taking a seat on a couch in front of a TV in a room off to the side of entrance way. He watched as she looked around with a stun look. After a few minutes, she went to another room and Tamaki sighed. If he was going to make dinner for her, he probably should start now.

Tamaki rose from the couch and walked towards the kitchen. Looking around the kitchen upon arriving there, he found everything was as how he had asked Renge to arrange it. Then he went to work gathering the ingredients he needed. He was sure that he would surprise her because the last time she had seen him cook anything, it was a disaster. This time he knew how to cook because he had been asking his chefs for advice as soon as he learned that she would be waking up. Soon, the smell of the stew that he had prepared was beginning to float upon the air as it approached being done.

Once the stew was done, he turned off the burners and decided to look for Haruhi while the stew cooled. Leaving the kitchen, he started to look through each of the rooms and didn't find her until he entered one of the two bedrooms. She was lying on the bed with her back to the door and once he walked to the other side of the bed, he noticed that she had the same look that she had when he had found her last night on the staircase. "I've made dinner," he said. "Do you need my help?"

"Senpai, you can do what you did last night," she replied.

Inside, Tamaki was leaping for joy, but he kept it locked in himself as he picked her and carried her to the dinning room. When he let her down, he waited until she had taken a seat before he left and returned with the stew. He poured her a bowl before he filled a bowl for himself. Upon taking a seat, he noticed she was just staring at the stew and realized why. "I've been cooking for almost a year. Actually, this particular stew is one that I made for your father one time and he liked it."

That was all it took for her to try the stew and once he saw that, he began to eat himself. By time they had finished, there was little left of the stew. Tamaki put what was left in the fridge and then went to the room with the TV in it. Haruhi was sitting on the couch and he took a seat next to her. "Will you will be staying much longer, senpai?"

"I probably won't be staying much longer because I have things I need to do tomorrow. Dad is wanting me to learn the ropes, but if you need anything, call. If I can't do it, Kyoya could do it, but if he can't he will call upon some of the other hosts."

"Thank you."

"It is nothing," said Tamaki as he stood up. "I will go get the gifts everyone left you."

Tamaki disappeared for awhile and then returned with his arms full with three wrapped presents and laid them carefully on the floor. "These are all for me?"

"Yes. Everyone decided that you deserved these gifts," said Tamaki before handing an envelope to Haruhi. "This is from Mori and Honey."

Haruhi opened the envelope and revealed a gift card for a clothing store. From Hikaru, a pair of headphones. From Karou, a nice laptop. From Renge, a photo album with pictures from all the misadventures the club had went through. Looking through the album made her laugh causing Tamaki to look over her shoulder, muttering something about Kyoya helping. "If you see them before I do, please do tell them I appreciated the gifts."

"I probably will see Kyoya and Renge before you do. I will leave the key to the door on the table in the kitchen. I'll keep the only other key with me," said Tamaki before he left to put the key in the spot he spoke of. Then he returned. "If you don't see me tomorrow, I will see you Sunday." He waved before leaving the room and exiting the guest house, locking the door.

Haruhi moved her gifts somewhere safe and then went to the bedroom she had discovered was hers because of an empty box with her name on it. Upon entering the bedroom, she went to the dresser and went through the drawers. Surprised, she found that all of her clothes she had from two years ago was still in good shape. Finding her pajamas, she changed into them before looking in the last drawer she had yet to look in.

When she finally looked in that last drawer, Haruhi discovered a blanket that her father had given her one Christmas. It was a deep forest green color and was perfect for the cold winters. Just seeing it reminded her of her father and she just clutched it close to her before she began to cry. It wasn't much longer before she had cried herself asleep on the floor.

Tamaki was watching his father manage the family business, but he sighed. He was worried about Haruhi. "Tamaki, what is the matter?" Mr. Suoh asked.

"I am worried about her."

"Son, I would give her some time alone. Everything that has happened to her has not soaked in. Besides she needs time to take in the changes and decide what she wants to do."

"I guess you are right. I did say that I might see her today or tomorrow before I left."

"Don't try to force yourself upon her. Besides I would give her one day to be by herself without any of her friends or other people around."

"I will keep worrying about her today," said Tamaki looking away from his father.

"That shows how much you care for her," said Mr. Suoh as he stood up and walked over to his son before leaning and whispering in his ear. "I understand this is tough for you, but I was in your position with your mother and found that acting upon worries results in trouble."

"I understand dad."

"Now that I helped eased your mind, let's talk business..."

Haruhi was turning on the laptop she had received. As it was booting up, she went to the fridge and pulled out the rest of the stew from last night. When she returned to the table, the laptop was fully booted and she placed her bowl down, trying to decide what to do first. Deciding to set up an email account, she opened up the web browser and sighed up for a free email service, but realized that she didn't know anyone's email addresses. With nothing else to do, she began to eat the stew and realized that she like it, something she didn't notice last night. By time she was done eating, the rest of the stew was gone and she picked up the laptop before going to the room that had the TV in it.

Sitting on the couch, she tried to get comfortable, but was finding her back was still aching from sleeping on the floor even though she had taken a bath. Then she found a position that did not make her back ache and she began to surf the web for a good hour. Bored with that, she turned off the laptop and began to wonder around the house for the rest of the afternoon. The rest of the day went by quickly and she put on her pajamas before getting into bed. She fell asleep clutching the forest green blanket before her cell phone buzzed for a text message.

When Haruhi awoke the next morning, she checked her cell phone for no apparent reason and found a text message from Tamaki stating that he was coming to take her out for lunch. Looking at the alarm clock, she saw it almost nine, not leaving her much time to get ready. By the time she was ready, it was eleven and she decided take out her laptop to browse the web. She was completely absorbed in what she was doing that she didn't hear the front door opening or the light footsteps that was approaching her. So when a hand touched her shoulder, she jumped causing the chair she was sitting in to fall back with her and knocking whoever had touched her.

"If I knew I would've startled you, I wouldn't have done it," said Tamaki from behind her. "I have reservations for us at the place I am taking you to."

"How fancy is this restaurant?" Haruhi asked as she got up and offered a hand to Tamaki.

"It's a popular restaurant that opened a year and a half ago," said Tamaki took her hand and then stood up. "It is not fancy, but you will find some people of wealth will go there. I haven't ran into anyone I know there yet and I don't think I will. Besides I've gotten to know the chef and he has been the only one who has talked to me while I am there."

"What time is the reservations for?"

Tamaki looked at the clock and the clock read twelve. "Twelve forty. We don't have much time," said Tamaki as he wrapped his hand around Haruhi's wrist.

"First I need to shut off my laptop."

"I guess that would be helpful," said Tamaki.

Tamaki and Haruhi was able to make it to the restaurant in time and they were shown to a table that was not in sight of too many others. Once their waiter had brought their drinks, he was whispering to Tamaki about something before Tamaki went to the waiter to the chef's office. Upon entering the chef's office, the chef looked up. "It's my regular, Tamaki!" The chef stated with glee.

"It is nice that you recognize me, chef Franc," Tamaki greeted.

"I am quite curious about who you brought with you," said Franc.

"She is the one that I was telling you about having been in a coma for two years."

"O-o-lalala. So, she's the one you talked about so much. Do you have anything in mind for her, moi ami?"

"I do because I don't want us to talk about the food all night. Haruhi tends to be quite independent and I am kinda of worry about her, but I want to figure out if she has changed any."

"You're afraid that she has changed. I am all ears about what you want," said Franc.

After Tamaki had listed off his dinner plans to chef Franc, he went back to the table and began casually to talk to Haruhi, which started to center around how he and chef Franc started to talk to each other. Then conversation began to turn towards to more future topics when Haruhi had asked Tamaki about his future plans regarding school. "I am glad that you asked about that. When the new term starts in three months, I will be studying abroad in America," said Tamaki. "And let me turn the tables, and what are your future plans?"

Haruhi looked down at the table and Tamaki winced slightly knowing that probably wasn't the best way to ask. "I haven't thought about the future much. I don't want to even think about how hard it will to be get into a college..." She trailed off.

So that's her worries, thought Tamaki. "My father may be able to help to a degree, but there are somethings that he will not be able to help with. If I knew you haven't thought about it, I would have probably never asked about it," said Tamaki as he paused to see Haruhi's reaction, but didn't see one. "So how did yesterday go?"

"Fine except for being sore as a result of sleeping on the floor."

"Then did you finish the stew?"

"Yes. I would like it if you made it again," said Haruhi as she looked up from the table.

Before Tamaki was able to speak again, he saw chef Franc and their waiter coming with their food. "All for my best customer, I will come out a personally serve my food," said chef Franc.

"Haruhi, this is the chef of this restaurant, Franc," said Tamaki. "We've struck up a friendship."

"It is a pleasure to meet you," said Franc to Haruhi. "Tamaki has talked much about you. Now, I should not postpone your meal any longer."

Franc turned towards the waiter and took two plates of food before sitting one before Tamaki and Haruhi. He bowed and then he and the waiter took their leave. "He's nothing like our friends," said Haruhi.

"That is true. Franc was born in France and came here to start his restaurant," said Tamaki.

"For what reasons?"

"That I have no clue. It may have something to do with what happened back in France. Now, we should eat before this good food becomes cold."

After lunch, Tamaki took Haruhi to a nearby park to look at the scenery. They talked a little about the changes that the city had under went within the past years before talk shifted back to the past and the good days of the Host Club. There was a few laughs between the two, but nothing serious happened. An hour had past and Tamaki looked up to the sky to see a few dark clouds. Frowning, he knew that it would probably be best for them to leave and get back before the storm's arrival, but he couldn't remember hearing about the potential for storms today. "Why are you frowning?" Haruhi asked.

"I thought I heard there was no chances for any storms today, but there are some clouds, dark heavy clouds, in the distance. Want to leave so we don't end up outside when it starts raining?" Tamaki asked.

Haruhi only nodded and Tamaki called his driver. By the time they were riding back, the sky had darkened considerably. Glancing to Haruhi, Tamaki couldn't help to notice that worry had appeared on her features. He sighed, deciding to let her come to him, if she need him to comfort her. They remained silent for the rest of the way and when they walked to the guest house, they were able to talk, but it was not lighthearted as it had been earlier. As soon as they walked through the door, they went to the kitchen and Tamaki went ahead to make tea while Haruhi went to boot up her computer that was still on the table.

When the tea was done, Tamaki poured two glasses and walked over to the table before sitting down next to Haruhi. He looked over to watch what Haruhi was doing and came up with a very interesting ideal. After looking at the clock, he grinned and knew his ideal would work. "Want to mess with the twins and Kyoya?"

Haruhi thought about it, but thought it might be fun to mess with those three. "What exactly are you talking about?"

"The twins and Kyoya are online at this time to chat. I was thinking of signing into the chat program under my user name, but the both of us will type," said Tamaki.

"That should be fun," Haruhi replied before pushing the laptop to be in between to them.

Within a few minutes, Tamaki had brought up the chat room that little_devil_typeH, little_devil_typeK, and cool_type were in. The first message that had popped up was "host_king has signed in". The conversation ran like this:

little_devil_typeK: Milord, how unexpected of you to be on.

little_devil_typeH: We thought you would be busy with everything.

host_king (Haruhi): How so?

cool_type: Tamaki would not phrase a question quite like that.

host_king (Haruhi): ...

little_devil_typeK: Then is milord nearby...

little_devil_typeH: Haruhi.

host_king (Haruhi): He is. This was no fun since you figured out everything out.

cool_type: So what did you two have up your sleeves?

host_king (Haruhi): ...

cool_type: Not telling then. I could blackmail both of you.

host_king (Tamaki): I will tell. We were going to fool around with you three.

little_devil_typeH: I not going to stick around for this. What about you Karou?

little_devil_typeK: Same here.

little_devil_typeH and little_devil_typeK have signed out.

cool_type: Have a good day, Tamaki, Haruhi.

cool_type has signed out.

"That was not what I expected," said Tamaki as he signed out of the chat room.

"Kyoya is still Kyoya," said Haruhi before finishing off her glass of tea.

"He still is the shadow king we all knew back in the day," said Tamaki before hard loud crash of thunder was heard.

Haruhi jumped in her chair and quietly slid off of it before going under the table without a sound. Tamaki decided to watch for the moment to see what she wanted him to do. After a few minutes had passed, another crash of thunder was heard and Haruhi jumped again. "S-senpai," Haruhi said trembling.

Tamaki rose from his chair and then crawled under the table, putting his right arm around Haruhi. "I will stay with you until this storm passes," said Tamaki softly. "I will stay here next to you until this storm passes or I have to make dinner."

Another clash of thunder came to their ears causing Haruhi to wrap her arms around Tamaki, laying her forehead against his side. Each time a clash of thunder was heard, Haruhi would grip Tamaki harder. The afternoon had past slowly with them together and soon early evening came, but the thunder had slowed, not stopped. Looking at the clock, Tamaki knew that it was time for him to make dinner, if he wanted it before he became hungry. "Are you getting hungry?" He asked.

"Yes," Haruhi said, still with her arms around Tamaki.

"You will need to let go of me, if you want me to make something to eat." She loosened her grip slightly. "I will get the headphones that Hikaru gave you. Where did you put them?"

When she opened her eyes tiredly, Haruhi did not recall falling asleep and she still had the headphones that Tamaki had put on her. As she laid there on her side with her back facing the door, she began to smell something that made her realize that she was starving. As she was debating whether to get up and find the source of the appetizing smell, she heard footsteps and someone called her name. It was Tamaki and she didn't answer. "Are you hungry?" Tamaki asked.

"Yes," Haruhi said, finding her voice.

"Then I shall bring you some food to you," said Tamaki before starting to walk away.

"You don't have to do that," Haruhi said as she sat up in the bed.

"I was thinking you were too tired to get up," said Tamaki with a grin. "I did call Kyoya and he said he could lend a hand if you want to continue your education."

"He said that?"

"Yes. He doesn't think you will have much difficulty, but mentioned that you will need to study all-year-round, if you don't want to spend too many years in school. Now let's eat. I made something that is French."

She just nodded and he left to go set the table. She began to think about it. If she wanted to be a lawyer, starting now would be for the best and if she did work hard enough, she could finish schooling in a reasonable amount of time. Deciding what she wanted to do could wait for morning because right now she wanted to have food.

The week flew and it was Saturday morning. Haruhi woke up to the host club making her breakfast, begging her to let them sleepover for the night. Without some of the reluctance that she would've had in the past, she agreed as long they didn't do anything that she didn't want to do. Everyone said yes except for Mori who nodded yes.

After they finished breakfast, they dragged her off to an amusement park and did several rides. As soon as lunch rolled around, the twins with Mori and Hunny saved a table for them while Tamaki, Haruhi, and Kyoya went to order their food and bring it back. When they received their food, they ate in silence, but upon finishing, Haruhi turned towards Kyoya. "So what is Renge up to, Kyoya?" Haruhi asked.

Looking at Haruhi, Kyoya smiled. "She couldn't join us today, but will be bringing us lunch tomorrow," said the Shadow King as he pushed his glasses back into place. "Why do you ask?"

"I was just wondering," said Haruhi before taking a ship of her drink.

Once it became late afternoon, they left the amusement park and went back to the guest house. While Tamaki took on the task of making dinner, everyone else went to the living room and played a board game that Hunny pulled out from amidst his belongings that he had brought. They had went for several turns until dinner was ready.

After dinner, they had finished their game before deciding to watch a movie. The twins picked the movie and put it in the DVD player. An hour and a half later, the movie was done and everyone did not feel like watching another movie, deciding to converse about general topics instead. As the clock ticked closer to ten, everyone was getting ready for bed: taking turns in the bathroom and setting up the location they decided to sleep in. Kyoya was setting up his place on the couch while Hikaru and Kaoru were unrolling their sleeping bags right next to each other in the middle of the room. In another part of the room, Hunny and Mori were laying out their sleeping bags, a few feet away from each other. Tamaki had laid claim on the other bedroom and was watching everyone else set up their sleeping areas. He was staring off into space when Haruhi tapped him on the shoulder. Turning around, he looked at her with a look that asked 'What do you want?' "I want to show you something, senpai," said Haruhi before walking back to her room.

Tamaki looked at Kyoya, who nodded, before he went to follow Haruhi into to her room. While watching her go through a drawer, he sat down next to her, waiting to see what she wanted to show him. When he saw her pull out a recipe book, he knew what she wanted to show him. She flipped through the pages until she stopped at a page and handed the book to Tamaki. Looking at the recipe before him, Tamaki realized what it meant to Haruhi. According to Ranka, it was the first recipe that Haruhi had cooked with her mother and since her mother had died, she had never cooked it again. "Do you want me to make this for breakfast in the morning?" He asked looking at Haruhi, who was looking down. Realizing the situation, he placed his arm around her shoulders. "You can cry."

Without further commanding from Tamaki, she began to cry somewhat silently. Tamaki, unsure what to do, allowed himself to rub her back and spoke words to comfort her. Then she leaned against him and laid her head on his shoulder, but continued to cry. Tamaki stopped rubbing her back to replace his around her shoulders, but did not stop speaking softly. As the minutes past by, her crying started to subside and she fell asleep. Noticing this, Tamaki scooped her up and placed her on the bed before tucking her in. Smiling, he picked up the recipe book and then walked outside to where Kyoya and the rest of the host club was standing, closing the door behind him.

"So," Kyoya started, "why was she crying, Tamaki?"

"This recipe she showed me," Tamaki started with downcast eyes, "he told me that it was the first one she cooked with her mother and hasn't cooked it since her mother died. I told her she could cry."

"Tomorrow, we should let her know that we will be there for her," said Kyoya. "I will call Renge to tell her about what is going on, but Tamaki, there is one other thing that I would like to say to you."

"What is it, Kyoya?"

"I think you did quite well in comforting her. I have a feeling that there was something else that was motivating you to comfort her," said Kyoya as Tamaki's whole face became a red as a tomato for the first time since that day near the start of his and Kyoya's second year in high school (AN: You better know that I mean episode one).

"W-w-w-what to do you mean by that, K-k-kyoya?" Tamaki stuttered.

"Tama-chan needs to confess," said Hunny as Tamaki remained with a red face.

"That explains things," said Kyoya with a grin. "The reason why for those first few days two years back you didn't visit her was because you realized your feelings for her."

Tamaki did not say anything, but his eyes showed that what Kyoya had said was the truth. "Milord, make her happy for all of us," said Kaoru.

"Make her happy," said Hikaru as Tamaki's face slowly lost the red tint.

"Then you shall help me make this recipe," said Tamaki as he thrust the recipe book towards Kyoya.

"How can we help when you're the only one with decent cooking skills?" Kyoya asked.

"You can make sure the ingredients are rounded up and watch time for me," said Tamaki.

"Then we should get to bed, so we can get up early," said Kyoya.

The other host club members all nodded yes before they all went to bed.

Haruhi opened her eyes and was surprised that she was in bed. Smiling at the kindness Tamaki had displayed, she continued to lay in bed until the smell of food made her want to get up and eat. First she got dress and as soon as she stepped into the hallway, she saw out of the corner of her eye some orange hair disappearing around a corner. Curious about what one of the twins was up to, she decided to go find the twin that she saw. Walking towards the corner she saw the twin disappeared around, she did not notice the other twin, the one that did not darted around a corner, sneaking up on her; until a hand landed lightly on her shoulder. Slightly spooked, she turned to see Kaoru with a devilish grin. "What are you two up to?" She asked with a hint of potential anger.

"You'll have to wait and see," replied Kaoru as he grabbed Haruhi's hand and began to lead her to the room with the TV in it.

When they entered the room, Hikaru was waiting for them. Behind him, the TV was on and hooked up to a GameCube. It had Super Smash Brothers Mellee. "We thought you might like to play a couple of rounds with us since breakfast is not finished," said Hikaru with mischievous grin before he and his twin pulled Haruhi towards the couch, giving her one of the three controllers.

So that was how Haruhi discovered she had a natural talent in Smash Brothers.

Just as Tamaki was putting the finishing touches, the twins entered with some grumbling that accompanied an event that lead to a failed plan. "What happened?" Kyoya asked as he pushed his glasses back into place.

"We were beaten in Super Smash Brother Melee," the twins said in unison.

"By Haruhi?" Kyoya asked and received nods as an answer. "Are you absolutely sure she has never played any video games?"

"We are," said Kaoru.

"It's done," said Tamaki before any more conversation could continue.

"Where will we be eating at?" Hikaru asked.

"We can't all fit at the table. So, gentlemen, I propose to eat in the living room!" Tamaki declared.

"So, how is this going to work out?" Hikaru asked.

"One of us will have to carry a plate for Haruhi and I wish to be the one to do so," said Kyoya before looking at the twins. "One of you should get Mori and Hunny to come in from outside so they can eat."

The twins nodded and Hikaru lefted to go get Mori and Hunny. When Hikaru returned with Mori and Hunny, Tamaki had enough plates with food on them for everyone in the small house. Kyoya took his plate and Haruhi's before going to the living room. Soon everyone else followed with their plates.

It was late morning and everyone was watching Haruhi and Tamaki play Super Smash Brothers. It was quite interesting how everything had played out earlier. Haruhi had been surprised by breakfast and had eatten happily. Then after they had eaten, they all decided they wanted to play Super Smash Brothers and that was they had been doing since then. As it approached the time that Renge was coming with lunch, Kyoya left to wait for her while everyone continued to watch Haruhi and Tamaki play the game.

When Renge came, Kyoya helped her with the food for lunch before going to the living room and calling everyone to come to the kitchen to get their food. After eatting, the boys (Tamaki was mostly forced into it) were going to clean the kitchen up while leaving Renge and Haruhi alone. It was Renge that was doing most of the talking, but this time Haruhi was interested when she began to talk about Kyoya. When Renge began to talk about Kyoya, Haruhi noticed that Renge words confirmed what she had been seeing between Renge and Kyoya. Maybe, she made a mental note, she should ask the others when Kyoya was not around to give her the direct answer about what was going on between Kyoya and Renge. When everyone was about ready to leave, the host club decided to dogpile Haruhi and Renge tooked a picture of them all together.

As they were saying their goodbyes, Haruhi told them that she did want to continue her education and continue to persue her dream of becoming a lawyer. The twins agreed to help her study for college tests and new history that will appear on those tests. Kyoya volunteered to pull some strings in her favor so she could start when the next term starts as long as she fulfilled her end. When they left, Tamaka stayed behind for a few minutes and Haruhi was able to ask her question about Kyoya and Renge. "They are way too obvious," said Tamak. "They have yet to say that they are actually dating."

"I never would've thought those two would start to like each other," said Haruhi.

"Do you want me to make you anything for dinner?" Tamaki asked.

"No, I think I should be fine," said Haruhi.

"I will be dropping by next Wednesday, so be thinking about what you want to do," said Tamaki.

"I will think about it," said Haruhi. "Besides I have nothing better to do."

"The twins did leave you Super Smash Brothers."

"They did. Maybe I will play it since I beat everyone else."

"I should get going. I have school work to do. It is defiantly harder in college," said Tamaki before waving good bye and leaving.

Once back inside, Haruhi took out her laptop and began surfing the web. She was thinking how she wished she could see the host club members more often, but she wanted to see Tamaki the mo... Her thoughts came to an abrupt and sputtering stop. Why was she wanting to see Tamaki more than the other hosts, she asked herself. She shut off her laptop and scuttled to her room before laying down on her bed. Now, she was really wishing for her parents to be alive to tell her how they had gotten together.

Three months had quickly past, but in that time, Haruhi had filled it with being with friends. She had been to each of the host club members' houses and some more than others. The twins had dragged her several times to their place to try on clothes after helping her study for the entrance exams, which she had passed. She had also went to Honey's place several times to talk to him and sometimes Mori, when he was there, about what she had realized that one night after the host club had stayed with her. Honey's positive view on life was what she needed when trying to sort out why she wanted to see Tamaki more than everyone else.

One day about two weeks ago, she was at Mori's looking at the traditional outdoor setting and blurted out to Mori that she wished she had asked how here parents had gotten together. Mori told her that she should ask Kyoya about what her father had written for her to read. Thanking Mori, she left and went to Kyoya's. When she encountered Kyoya, she knew he was still up to his "shadow king" tricks because he had a smirked on his face like he knew what was up. "You are still as easy to read as ever," he said with a smirk from across the table in his room.

"You're still the shadow king," said Haruhi with a glare.

"I still see a need to watch out for all of you. Your father did not trust Tamaki with everything," said Kyoya.

"So Mori was right that you had some things from my father."

"I do. Your father wrote many things because he wanted to be prepared for the worst case scenario of him dying. However, he did not want you to have it all at once," said Kyoya without a smirk. "So, what do you want?"

"Umm...I-want-to-know-how-they-met," she spat out ramming the words together as she looked down in a blatant attempt to disguise her embarrassment.

Kyoya smiled and rose to his feet before he brought back a neat little stack of papers. "This should be what you want. This was the first thing that he wrote down. This stack is about the first meeting to the first month of marriage. I think that should be enough for now," said Kyoya with a slight smirk as he rose to his feet. "If you want, you can read them here and only Renge and I will interrupt you, but that will only be around meals."

He left her there to read and every day after that day, she had been coming to his place to read for a few hours a day and now today, a Wednesday, she was finishing up reading the last of the stack of papers Kyoya had given her. Reading what her father had written had indeed helped her sort out what she was feeling about Tamaki and it was a week ago when she realized that she was in love with the idiot. It had taken her awhile to absorb her realization, but she probably wouldn't have handled it as well as she did if Kyoya and Renge didn't talk to her. Only a day after she made her realization, Kyoya had come to her and began talking to her and when she ate dinner with Kyoya and Renge, Renge started a conservation with Kyoya that was full of hints that they were indeed in relationship, but that conservation had made Haruhi accept her realization with more ease. Now as she was finishing the final page of the stack, she was thinking ahead to tonight.

Tamaki had been bugging her for the past three months that she should come and stay at the 2nd Suoh mansion and when she had asked her to come stay with him tonight, she had agreed considering that on Friday he was leaving to study in America for the fall term. Even though she would not see until sometime after mid-December afterFriday, she was still not feeling up to telling Tamaki about her feelings. She had told both Renge and Kyoya this and Kyoya told her that there would be a perfect time for her to tell him. Accepting the advice, she was looking forward to spending as much time as she could with Tamaki.

Seeing it was close to noon, Haruhi got on to her feet and started to walk towards the door, but Kyoya appeared before she even reached the door. "I see you are finally done reading that stack I gave you awhile ago," said Kyoya gazing at the table in his room. "We are ready to leave for lunch."

Haruhi nodded. All of the members of the host club were gathering for lunch today since it would be the last time that they would all be able to get together before Tamaki left for America to study. As she was riding with Kyoya and Renge, Haruhi was thinking about how she enjoyed the craziness that seemed to follow her rich friends. Being forced to join the Host Club was probably the best thing that had happened in her life. The friendships she had with everyone was something that could not disappear over time, even if she wanted them to do so. As the limo stopped, it was enough to jolt her from her thoughts and back to reality to notice Kyoya offering a hand to her to help her out of the limo. She took it and he led her into the restaurant while Renge walked behind them. Being the first ones to arrive, they sat down at the table that had been reserved for them and they began to converse, mainly it was Renge talking with Kyoya while Haruhi was starring off, thinking.

After a few minutes had past, Hikaru and Kaoru showed up and sat down at the table. With the twins, Haruhi had found it more interesting to listen to the conservation around the table than think. Once Mori and Honey arrived, they ordered their food and then ate. They chatted about the good old days in the host club and the things that have changed. Then they talked about the things that didn't changed. After paying the bill and leaving a tip for their waiter, they exited the restaurant and spent a few minutes on goodbyes. Mori and Honey were the first to say goodbye. Kyoya didn't bother with a long goodbye, but Renge did. Then the twins teased Tamaki about something that Haruhi had no clue about before saying goodbye and wishing him luck. Then Tamaki and Haruhi left together for Tamaki had offered her to show her around the University before going to his last exam at the University before he would leave to study in America.

After showing her around, Tamaki had led her towards a public library nearby and told her that she could wait there for him while he was off taking his exam. She agreed to wait for him at the library and after he left, she found a book that she began to read.

Tamaki was hurrying towards the library that he had left Haruhi at a mere hour and a half ago. His test had went well and he had finished earlier than most of his other peers. Upon entering the library, he looked around for Haruhi and found her still reading. Sitting down nearby, he decided to let her finish the book. A few minutes past and then the soft sound of a book closing was heard. As she laid the now closed book down, she noticed Tamaki. "When did you get here?"

"A couple of minutes ago. I didn't want to interrupt you," said Tamaki. "Are you ready to go?"


They both got up at the same time and Haruhi took the book she was reading before placing it on a cart for a librarian to refile it at a later time. Then they walked out of the library and started to walk to the 2nd Suoh mansion.

The night had been calm and interesting. Dinner was delicious and the conversation had centered upon the changes that both of them would be experiencing. After dinner, Tamaki had played a few songs for her on the piano. Then he had shown her to his personal library and told her if she wanted to read any of the books he has, she could borrow them if she wished. Tamaki had watched her for the rest of the night as she looked through the books, picking a few she wanted to read. When he noticed she was starting to get tired, he led her up to the guest room that was hers for the night. He had bid her good night before leaving her alone. Now, she is in bed thinking about what tomorrow would bring as she fell asleep not noticing that Tamaki was watching her from the doorway.

When she woke the next morning, it was dark outside and Haruhi picked up her cell phone flipping it open to check the time. Once realizing it was indeed morning, she got out of bed and then began to get change. Her wardrobe had not changed much since high school, but she had more other clothes that were nice looking that were not dress. She smiled thinking about how the twins had listened to her about not wanting dresses. It had seriously surprised her, but when the twins had done so, it surprised her even more so.

Turning to look at herself in the mirror, she was pleased by how she looked in blue flare jeans and white and black striped t-shirt. Now, she needed to find her Senpai.

Tamaki was waiting for Haruhi in his room. Looking out of the window, the clouds in the sky were omionous. Hoping that it would not thunder was a cause that became lost as a crash of thunder was heard. Tamaki jumped and looked around, but as soon as he heard a whimper outside his bedroom's door, he knew where the androgynous young woman was. Opening his door and looking to the side, he spotted Haruhi. Carefully, he went over to her and picked her before he began to walk, all the while he was whispering words of comfort to her.

When he stopped walking, he was next to the piano. With care, he let Haruhi down on the bench, whispering encouragements for her to sit properly. Then he sat down and began to play the song he had played to her the day almost three months ago. He threw himself into the music and every few measures, he would look over to see how Haruhi was doing. Every time he saw her being fully absorb in the piano music and not realizing the thunder was still came once in awhile, he smiled knowing his music was helping. As he moved into another song, he could hear the thunder was slowing and becoming softer. Within the final measures of the current song, only rain could be heard and Tamaki played out the last measures with grace, letting the final notes ring and hang in the air after they had been played.

As the notes faded, her thoughts became free to wander, but she felt hungry. "Senpai," she said addressing him with the honorific, "will there be breakfast?"

"There should be," said Tamaki as he groaned inwardly at the use of that honorific. "My chef knows that I expected him to make breakfast today, but I don't know if he put it away or not since there was the storm."

"Thank you, Tamaki-senpai, for playing those songs," said Haruhi.

"It was no problem," said Tamaki. "Besides it seems to help you."

"In these past three months, I've noticed somethings," said Haruhi with a thoughtful look. "I can't multi-task as well as before and my vision, somehow, is better that I don't even need contact lenses."

Tamaki wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. "If you want more details, Kyoya should be able to tell you," Tamaki said whispering into her ear. "I'll be only doing this vaguely, but first a question. What was the last thing you can remember before waking up?"

When he had put his arms around her, Haruhi didn't react because at that moment her mind was warring with her heart that wanted her to react. She didn't even comprehend what he was speaking until a full minute had past. Blushing at hearing the concern laced in his voice, she closed her eyes, glad that he was behind her. "The last thing I remember...," she began as trying to use them conjure what she could remember about that day. She closed her eyes as she attempted to see if there was something else beyond the twins' faces of horror. The memory came to her faintly, but it was vague, "is of pain all over my body especially my eyes, but the rest is all jumbled up. Why do you ask?"

Tamaki smiled, noticing she didn't even realized why he had asked that question. "It does relate back to what I will tell you. One of the numerous injuries you had was to your eyes," said Tamaki in the same whispering voice. "It was quite bad considering the worst case was blindness, but the best case is what happened."

Now she understood why he had asked that question. "I don't think I want to know the details," she said.

"Good. Now we should go eat," said Tamaki rising from the bench and taking her hand before leading her to the find some food.

The day had went by quickly and Haruhi did not want it to end. For lunch, Tamaki had taken her back to the restaurant of Chef Franc. Franc had pulled out all the stops for them and when they had finished, he had came out and wished Tamaki good luck with his studies in America. Then he had taken her around the city to various parts. When dinner had come around, he took her home and fixed her the stew, making sure there was plenty of leftovers. Then they played a couple of rounds of Super Smash Bros Mellee before watching TV. "Haruhi, would you like to have your Christmas gift from me come from America?" Tamaki asked.

"That would be nice," she replied after some thought.

"Then I will get you a gift there," said Tamaki as he looked to the clock. "I think we should get to bed. I will probably be gone by the time you wake up, but I will email you when I arrive in America. I will try to email you the times when you can call me since there will be the time difference. I'll be giving Kyoya the spare key."

"Speaking of the Shadow King, would he know where Mei happens to be?"

"Mei has been busy. Her skills at designing clothes got noticed by the fashion world and the rest is history," said Tamaki as he began to ponder. "I think Kyoya said that next week is when she was planning to visit you."

"It will be interesting to see her again," said Haruhi as she remembered the first time she had met Mei.

Mei, the daughter of Misuzu, had come to stay with Haruhi and her dad because she did not want to stay with Misuzu during the summer. To say it was interesting with Mei around was an understatement. The host club had went about with a plot to get Mei and Misuzu to reconnect and Haruhi, without a say, was forced to play a small role. On one hand, it had distracted her from the awkwardness that had been created between her and Tamaki because of him being a kissing fiend while sick. As she now lays in her bed, still think, she realizes that feelings were starting to surface back then and she didn't even notice it.

Looking over at the clock, she noticed that she has been in bed for a good twenty minutes and her thoughts of Tamaki leaving before she woke up was keeping her up. Without her mind screaming at her to stop, she got and grabbed one of the blankets from her bed before going to the room that Tamaki was sleeping in. Carefully, she went over to his bed and laid down next to him before covering herself with the blanket she had brought. Closing her eyes, she began to attempt to drift off to sleep, but couldn't until Tamaki, in his sleep, place an arm around her and brought her closer to his body like a child would do to a stuff toy. She opened her eyes in surprise, but slowly closed them as she laid her head on Tamaki's arm before starting to drift to sleep. She was now sure that she loved Tamaki, but at the moment, she didn't think she could handle confessing her feelings openly, at least not yet.

When Tamaki awoke the next morning, he was surprised to find Haruhi was in his arms. He kissed the top of her head before sitting up. He looked at her and then picked her up and then carried her to her room. Laying her down on the bed, he covered her up before kissing her again on the forehead. Allowing his gaze to linger on her sleeping form, he knew things will be interesting the next time they will talk face to face. Leaving the room and then going to the kitchen, Tamaki took out a pen and a sheet of paper. Knowing what he wanted to write, he began to write in English on the paper "Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow" and then below it he wrote the translation for the line in Japanese.

Stepping back, he looked at the paper and then came up with another ideal. Bringing out another sheet of paper, he scribbled a quick message in Japanese before he left for the 2nd Souh Mansion. He just hope that his ami would be up to buying the flowers he wanted to give to her.

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