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Upon waking up the morning after he had to share his bed with his daughter (who couldn't stand his touch for some reason without the insect in reach), he left his bed without disturbing the two on it and went downstairs, taking periodic breaks. Once he reached the kitchen, he slumped into an empty chair, head bowed waiting for food. Once breakfast was placed in front of him with a cup of coffee, he took notice of the boys that were surrounding him. Each one seemed to be planing something or had been discussing something with the others. "What are you boys up to?" He asked.

"We were discussing the two upstairs," said Kyoya putting down his notebook that he was looking through.

"And what about them?" He asked again.

"We know they are close," said Hikaru.

"But we don't know if they have admitted it to the other," said Kaoru picking up for his brother.

"He was the only one that she told about her nightmares," said Kyoya pushing up his glasses up before he looked at everyone. "Out of all of us, Tamaki has been the only one able to comfort her with most the success."

"And Haru-chan lost all that weight during that time," said Honey before stabbing a piece of pancake covered in a chocolate hazelnut spread.

"My daughter lost weight?" He asked the boys.

"Yes," said Mori, softly.

"I told you about her attack," said Kyoya, and he continued on after Ryouji nodded. "She happened to be released before Tamaki was, and fearing for her safety, I sent her to her grandparents. None of us were able to visit her on the other side of town, but I checked in a couple times and learned that she wasn't eating properly. When Tamaki was able to visit her, she ate breakfast for the first time in a long while."

"What else about her and the insect?"

Kyoya sighed and picked up his notebook before turning to a particular page. "Tamaki has had the most luck with getting her distracted during thunderstorms. He has spent the most time with her. He knows her limits of concentration better than the rest of us."

"Limits of concentration?"

"Although it looks like she is fully okay, Haruhi does have some concentration problems that are the result from what she has been through," said Kyoya as he looked at his notebook. "I told her that she will have problems because of the head injury that she had, but I didn't tell her the extent of them. I wanted her to learn those boundaries so that she can learn to deal with them herself."

"Is there anything else I need to know?"

"Well," said Kyoya as he flipped to a new page, "I wrote down everything that the doctors told me, and they have told me things that we need to watch for because I had informed them about her dedication to her goals. At this moment," he paused and flipped to another page, "the thing we need to be most worried about her is her being under too much stress. That's what I'm worried about most because I'm sure she has been under stress because she has been trying to make up for those two years."

"Haru-chan wouldn't be Haru-chan if she didn't study, Kyo-chan," said Honey trying to release the tension in the room.

"I guess so," said Kyoya closing his notebook again and leaning back in his chair. "However, Tamaki has told me some interesting things."

Ryouji raised his eyebrows and looked at Kyoya. "Interesting things?"

"I don't know if any of you will understand this, but I will tell you any way," said Kyoya pushing his glasses back up his nose. "Tamaki has been able to get Haruhi to tell him almost everything that Hikaru and Kaoru has told us about that day after he had played the piano for her."

"She remembers all of that?" Hikaru asked looking up from his food.

"Isn't that bad she remembers?" Kaoru asked.

"It would be bad if she does remember, but I have talked to her about that day in question and have only one conclusion about those memories," said Kyoya before pausing and looking at everyone at the table. "Those memories are very jumbled up because of how her brain remembers them because of the injury that she suffered. She must be completely calmed and relaxed but not sleepy for her to remember them clearly. Tamaki has confirmed that this state is how she is when he played the piano and was able to recount the events more clearly."

"Haruhi...," Ryouji trailed off slightly before continuing, "she can't stand my touch."

"Oh? She isn't able to tolerate your touch?" Kyoya asked.

"Yes," he said sadly.

"Recently, I had my brothers look over her records," said Kyoya before opening his laptop and starting to mess with it. "They have told me that there was a couple of things that they don't understand about the medicines that was being given to her while she was in her coma. I asked her doctor why they were given, but he was able to tell me that he hadn't ordered those medicines to be give to her. Currently, my private police force is trying to find the paper trail that is very well hidden about who ordered those medicines to be given to her.

"The medicines given to her would have made it impossible for her to show that she was in awareness. Coma patients tend to gradually wake up and not wake up all at once, which she didn't, but the medicines that were given to her could explain that."

"Kyoya-senpai, why are you telling us this when he told you about her not being able to have him touch her?" Kaoru asked.

"All shall be made clear, Kaoru," said Kyoya before turning attention to Ryouji. "Do you remember that day when you had collapsed while holding her hand?"

"I do. I don't think I let go of it too gent-is that why she isn't accepting my touch?" He replied back.

"That's my assumption because it would make sense for that to be the case. The only way you probably can get her to not associate your touch with pain will need you to get Tamaki's help to get her in that state that is needed for any of those jumbled memories to be remembered," said Kyoya. "If Tamaki will help you, I will probably be able to tell you what you need to do for her."

"What are you guys talking about that is involving me?" Tamaki asked as he entered the room.

"You are the only one who can fix our little problem," said Kyoya as he pushed up his glasses. "As I told the others, Haruhi was given some medicines that impeded her from waking up or showing the typical signs that a coma patient should show during the waking up process."

"Mon ami, what's your point?" Tamaki asked as he looked at Kyoya from behind him.

"Tamaki, she probably has more memories that she isn't fully aware of, and one of those memories is needed to be recalled," said Kyoya.

"You want me to get her to remember those memories," said Tamaki.

"Yes. Since you have the most luck out all of us of getting her to open up about these things," said Kyoya.

"I'll do it," said Tamaki before he sat down at the empty chair.

"Good. Then there will be a few things you need to know," said Kyoya as he closed his laptop and turned his focus on his best friend. "You will need to give her feedback to help her be able to make sense of these memories because time gaps will be between these memories." Kyoya then turned his eyes onto Ryouji before continuing. "When she talks about that specific memory, you need to touch her then and be gentle about it because your touch will be disassociated from the memory."

"Kyo-chan, if Haru-chan was given medicine to keep her in a coma, then wouldn't she probably have awaken sooner?" Honey asked.

"That probably would've happen, but I don't know how earlier it could have been for her to awaken," said Kyoya as he looked at Tamaki. "Tamaki, when we get back to Japan, my brothers will have the full report about what medicines she was given during her coma and their effects."

"I would like know as well," said Ryouji.

"I will probably give you a summary of it," said Kyoya before writing something in his notebook.

"Haru-chan probably would not like to find us talking about her," said Honey.

"I agree, Honey-senpai," said Tamaki before the group at the table began to talk about random things.

The day when his daughter had left to go back to Japan was just a very sad day, but today only two weeks after she had left, he was shaken awake by Annie with a grim face as she handed him a phone. "Hello?"

"Ranka-san, Haruhi's in the hospital and the doctors are wanting medical history," said a frantic Tamaki.

"What happened?"

"She fainted and when I got to her, she was barely breathing. In the ambulance, they had to help her breath."
"Is she still breathing on her own?"

"The hospital's running tests on her right now, but they have some special breathing tube that doesn't go through her vocal cords in throat when they last told me about her."

"Is she still out of it?"

"Yeah, but when they put in the special breathing tube, they gave her a sedative and used some numbing medicine to get it in. I don't anything else about it, but if the tube is left in, it will be the first time she woke up with one."

"She has never waken up with the breathing tube?"

"No. All the times before, the doctors determined that she was able to breath on her own with something to encourage her to breath."

"Ah. What are they wanting in regards to medical history?"


"There not much you probably don't know. She was very healthy before everything," said Ryouji as he began to list off all of the medical history.

He was so happy when a week ago he and Anne had went sightseeing in Paris, but today he was super happy. He was going home. Home to his daughter and where he belongs, although, he did admit that he wanted to see more of Paris before he had to leave. Once they boarded the plane, he took the medicine the doctors wanted him to take, and before the plane took off, he was asleep. He only woke a couple of times during the flight, and he woke for the last thirty minutes of the flight. Watching the plane land was the most interesting part since he had never seen it before.

Getting off the plane with Anne, Ryouji began to look around to try and find his daughter except he found the Ohtori boy. Ryouji felt the pit of his stomach drop. Kyoya, instead of his daughter, meant bad things. "I hope you two enjoyed your flight in," said Kyoya.

"Where is Tamaki?" Annie asked before Ryouji could ask anything about Haruhi.

"He is getting things for Haruhi," said Kyoya pushing up his glasses. "Earlier today, Haruhi ran into some trouble, and the guard that I have assigned to her was too far away to stop it from happening. She has several bruises, but nothing more than that. The doctor has ordered her to rest and not to do anything for the rest of today."

"Is she really okay?" Ryouji asked.

"She is. I was able to see her before Tamaki took her back home after the doctors had checked her over," said Kyoya.

"Can I see her?"

"Yes," said Kyoya before they went to go gather the luggage from the flight.

"You say you were surprised that Tamaki-kun and your daughter had entered a relationship?" Misuzui asked.

It had been a very nice day, and Ryouji had taken it to meet up with Misuzui while Haruhi was off at school. Once they had caught up on each others lives, Ryouji had began to talk about the changes in his daughter. Leading to what his friend said after he told how shock he was when he noticed that they were in a relationship. "Not necessary about the relationship, but how deep it already is. I hope those two haven't done anything funny at not," said Ryouji before taking a sip of his tea.

"Oh, they are that far along in their relationship that they could possible have done the birds and the bees kind of stuff," said Misuzui.

"Oh, they probably haven't done that. I probably should give my little girl a talking to about the birds and the bees sometime."

"Then what really surprised you about them?"

"I knew they were together, but not that affectionate," said Ryouji as he began to think about what he walked in on one time.

"Explain, Ranka," said Misuzui defaulting to the genjina.

"I walked in on them kissing...fairly deeply."

"And you weren't expecting that?"

"Every time, I had seen them before that time they were holding hands, curled up together, or hugging each other. Never did I see them kiss."

"And the kiss you saw was not what you would call a first kiss?"

"That is right Misuzui, but I found out why I hadn't seen them kiss."

"Do tell, Ranka."

"After they finished that kiss that I saw, Haruhi buried her face into his chest and then ran off with a red face. I was able to get out of the boy that they make sure that they are alone when they kiss. They even had a kiss back when they visited me in France," said Ryouji before taking a sip of his tea and then looking back at his friend. "So what have your daughter been up to?"

"Oh, Mei, she has..."

He was sitting down to have lunch with Tamaki at the guest mansion that he had been living at with Haruhi for awhile when the phone rang. He left Tamaki to continue cooking while he went to answered the phone. Once he answered the phone, he heard English in the background as he uttered the greeting and felt dread. Haruhi had taken time off from school because her doctors were having a hard time trying to get the rest of the poison in her system out and had refereed her to some doctors in Boston in the US. "Hello, would happen to be someone who knows Haruhi Fujioka?" Someone asked in heavily accented Japanese.

"I am her father. What do you want?" Ryoujii asked trying to keep the dread out of his voice.

"I'm with the hospital here in Boston that she was refereed to and would like to know if someone could come here to be with her," said the person.

"Why is that?"

"Please wait a moment," said the person before the sound of shuffling pages could be heard. " it is. The test results about how much poison she had in her system that was sent to us and the test results that we did here have shown that she has had an increase in the poison."

"If there was increase, why did it happen?"

"She might haven gotten another dose of poison in Japan."

"However, that was yesterday. Today, she was brought by some who works at the place that she is staying at and she was having a hard time of getting enough breath."

"She is staying at the Suoh vacation residence in Boston, and from what I've been told, the poison was responsible for her breathing trouble when she had fainted," said Ryouji. "What is her current condition?"

"Ah, it says that she is being given supportive care for her breathing problems. Nothing too invasive, just a positive air pressure mask. When she was able to respond clearly, it says here that the doctors got her permission for them to use a catheter. The doctors have already started a treatment to get the poison out of her system, but they don't know what to say about her behavior. That is why they want someone that knows her to be by her side," said the person on the other end.

"Uh...sir," said Ryouji figure out that person he was talking to was probably a male. "I need to go talk to her boyfriend."


Ryouji laid the phone next to telephone and went to find Tamaki in the kitchen. "Tamaki-kun," he said as calmly as he could. "Haruhi needs you to be in Boston with her."

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