Meredith and Derek were in the limo on their way to the Emmy awards, their driver informed them that would be arriving in five minutes, giving them time, to tidy themselves up, their driver had learnt over the years to keep quiet, about his employer's activities.

"Derek, i have sex hair"

"I like it" he teased, pulling her close to him, once again running his fingers through her hair.

"Derek..." He silences her with a kiss.

"I love you"

"I love you too, now i need to fix my hair and makeup, thanks to you "

"Sorry, i couldn't help myself" Derek grinned at her.

"You can never help yourself, Derek" Mer giggled.

"Well, i can't help it if you drive me wild, Mrs Shepherd" god he loved her giggle.

"So it is my fault now"

"Yep, you shouldn't be so damn hot"

"Well, for the record Mr Shepherd, i can't help myself either, you are pretty hot yourself" Mer said kissing him before reapplying her lipstick, as the car came to a stop.

"Do you want to make a run it for it, Mer, our children will never know?"

"Of course they won't, they are not all sat at home, watching the TV, waiting for daddy to win. Now get your ass out the car, and let's get this over with". Derek stood climbed out of the limo fist, holding Mer's hand. The camera bulbs going off in Meredith face blinded her at first. This was the only thing she hated about being with Derek but she loved him that much she was willing to deal with it; it was a part of her relationship with her husband that she couldn't control. Derek placed an arm around her, holding her close.

"Well, it is a nice ass" Derek whispered in her ear, has they stood for photos, Derek hand not so subtle sliding his hand down to cup her bottom.

"Derek Shepherd, you did not just do that" she muttered to him, looking at him, Derek feigned a look of innocence, before leaning down and capturing her lips with his own, making it clear to the world, who was his only interest was. Meredith giggled when he pulled away, and they continued to walk up the red carpet, stopping for more photos and interviews before finally entering the building.

Passions was in its fifth season, and the show was nominated for five awards that night including Best Drama. The last five years had been good to them, in a variety of ways. They had two more children, twins, a boy and girl Aaron Liam and Jasmine Anne, who were all at home with Ellen, who was now 21, and a budding actress in her own right. Derek practically had a hissy fit when Elle came home at 18 and told her parents that she wanted to be an actress, Ellen didn't speak to her father for days, after that and it made the household unbearable, which at the time, Meredith did not need, not when she was six months pregnant with twins. They moved away from Los Angeles, but staying living in California, and after some discussion they sold the vineyard, Ellen has no interest in living there but they kept the beach house, for their little getaways, and Ellen often stayed there while working.

The lights went down, and the ceremony started, they were sat at the same table the some of the cast, and the crew, not that either of them really noticed, everyone who knew them were used to it, and they all swore it got worse the longer they were together. They made themselves focus on the ceremony, has they announced the nominees for Best Drama, all though the show had won, best actor, best actress, best supporting actress, and best casting for a drama series this was the one they all wanted to win.

"The nominations for best Drama Series are Brothers and Sisters, Lost, CSI, Grey's Anatomy and Passions" Hugh Laurie said on the stage.

"And the winner is ... Passions" the table erupted in cheers, Derek pulled Meredith close to him, and kissed her deeply, Meredith whispered congratulations to him, has he pulled away to go up on stage to collect the award. Back at the house, Elle, and Megan was crying with joy.

"There mommy, and daddy" Aaron and Jaz screamed excited to see their parents on the tele.

"I have to admit i didn't expect to win, Passions has been a major part of my life was the last 7 years, and this is the ultimate award, i want to thank the wonderful cast for bring my dream to life, and they all deserve this. To my children who are home watching this, i love you guys so much, and lastly my wife Meredith, who without Passions would have never exists, i love you so much baby, this is for you" Meredith could feel the tears in her eyes, and when they got back to the table, Meredith kissed him.

"I love you too"

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