Naruto: Kiri no Rei

A/N: This is another challenge that I got from Kojiro Kun. The pairing will be Narutoxharem with 3-4 girls. As with my other fics, things in bold at the bottom are original and if you wish to use them then ask permission and give me credit. There will be a slight mention of rape in this chapter but just that it happened and nothing more. Naruto will be smarter, stronger, and will not be the jailor of the Kyuubi. But Naruto will have an ace up his sleave to compincate for the loss of having the Kyuubi's endless chakra. I will not reveal it early but he will have a lot of his own chakra.

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[Kirigakure no Sato]

A young Naruto Momochi stared out at the water. He had been an orphan since his mother's death in childbirth. His 'father' had abandoned his mother nine months before his birth and had never been seen again. Zabuza, his mother's older brother, had taken care of him since birth and trained him. He had found a scroll that his mom had left him and started reading it.

Dear sochi,

By the time you read this I will already be dead thanks to your 'father' and I use that term very lightly. Your 'father' is Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime of Konoha. After the Third Ninja War, I was just a genin and he was very drunk. I know it will be hard to know this but your father raped me thinking I was his 'Kushina' in his drunken stuppor. Know that even though I hate you father for what he did to me, I wish that I could have the chance to actually see you and raise you myself. Your uncle Zabuza is mostly raising you so make him and me proud. I will always love you.

Your Okaa-san,

Ayako Momochi

He started to cry as he now knew the truth. "Mark my words Minato Namikaze, 'father', I will make you pay for what you did to my mother!" With that he went to see his uncle with a burning desire to become stronger. In the trees a figure with whire hair paled at the information that he had just heard. ' could you? I cannot allow this boy to suffer for your cowardly decision.' The man disappeared into a swirl of leaves.

[Konoha, Hokage tower]

Minato sat in his chair without a care in the world. He had a five year old daughter, a one year old son, and a loving wife. A swirl of leaves appeared in his office and revealed Jiraiya of the Sannin. "You cowardly asshole!" Minato was shocked by his teachers words. "What are you angry at me for, sensei?" Jiraiya hit Minato in the gut. "I'm talking about the woman that you raped in Kiri after the Third Ninja War and the son that you left without a parent. I saw him there and saw the scroll his mother left him. He looks like he could be your clone."

Minato looked to the side at this. "There is no proof. There a plenty of blondes in this world and the mother was probably lying." Jiraiya shook his head. "If this is how your going to be then you can consider me gone. That child deserves so much more than what he has and if you won't be a man then I will." With that Jiraiya shunshin'ed away from Konoha. Kushina came out from the corner of the office.

"Is what Jiraiya said true? Did you rape a woman in Kiri?" Minato, suprised that he didn't notice Kushina, stutter. "W-well I was drunk that night and we had just won the war..." He tried to explain but Kushina wouldn't him. "I can't be with you anymore. I'm taking my daughter with me. I'm just glad that she has none of your blood in her."

Minato stared at her in shock. "How does she not have my blood?" Kushina smiled. "When she was conceived, I was healing from battle wounds so my bloodline went into overdrive and eliminated all of your blood and genes from her except for the bloodline. She is, biologically, my daughter and not yours. I feel sorry for Keiji but I can only take Kaya since your blood doesn't run through her veins." With that she walked out of the office and out of Minato's life.

[In Kiri one year later]

Naruto was was slashing at a tree with his twin daggers in a reverse grip. A man with long, spiky, white hair dropped from the trees. "Your Naruto Momochi, right?" Naruto sheathed his daggers. "And your Jiraiya of the Sannin. What is a Konoha ninja doing here and what do you want with me?" Jiraiya sighs. "I'm here to do my best to correct what my student did by helping and training you."

The K.I. surged from Naruto. "So your 'his' sensei. I will have my revenge on him." Jiraiya nodded. "And I understand that. I cannot stand what he did but I can't change the past but I can help one of the two people his cowardly actions hurt the most. I will give you everything that would have been yours if he hadn't have been a coward and taken care of you like he should have. I will teach you Minato's Rasengan and will train you for as long as you want me to." Naruto had a mix of anger, confusion, and deep thought on his face and after a few minutes he nodded. "I accept. Zabuza is training me but I can only learn so much from him."

Naruto was trained by Zabuza and Jiraiya and for the next two years until Zabuza attempt to kill the Yondaime Mizukage. In the past few years the Mizukage had begun the Bloodline purge and had been ruining Kiri. Naruto grew stronger and graduated early at age ten and became a genin of Kirigakure. One year later Naruto was a chunin and checking a nameless island near the border of Mizu no kuni.

He saw twenty Kumo ANBU looking like they were prepared for an operation. He saw that they had several Kirigakure uniforms and headbands. 'Ninpo: Kirigakure no jutsu' The area filled with a incredibly thick mist. "What the hell is going on?" "Theres someone here." Naruto jumped into the mist. 'Suiton: Mizu oshi.' Water from the air gathered and crushed random body parts with the pressure equal to one thousand leagues under the water. He rams his eblow into a nose, sending bone into the victim's brain. Two deep stabs to the spine of another. A third is stabbed in both kidneys. All but one is left but both legs are broken and several poisoned kunai in his body. All of the bodys were found with the kanji for 'ghost' etched into their bodies. This was the birth of the Kiri no Rei.


This is the prologue but the next chapters are longer. Naruto will be more 'shinobi-like' but will still have a good heart.

Suiton: Mizu oshi (Water pressure)

Kiri no Rei- Ghost of the Mist


What should his Seven Swordsmen sword be?:

A red Zanbato like Ichigo's original sword.

A wind charka sword.

His twin daggers.