Wafia, Meet Namimori

Hey guys! It's the Wafia sun guardian here! I rewrote this (thank god...) and am probably going top rewrite the others, too! So no worries! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Before we start, I should probably tell you what the Wafia is and how it started.

The Wafia is a group of teens from ages 13-14, but all in the same grade. Yes, we are the Wafia. We started the Wafia after seeing KHR and loving it so much. We made the guardians and such, and played on from there. We started writing fan fictions about ourselves and somehow ended up getting the Vongola rings to match the guardians (I got everyone one for the December holidays). And yes, we are real people with real personalities.

The Wafia

Sky: Jenny

Rain: Wonyoung

Mist: Isabella

Storm: Harrison

Sun: Meagan (me)

Lightning: Chiara

Cloud: Cindi

Sun Arcobaleno person: Nancy

Disclaimer: I don't own KHR!

*Yawn*...I need caffine free soda...

As we boarded the plane and took our seats, we looked out the window both eagerly and nervously.

I was the first to talk. "Remind me again why we're going to Namimori..."

"Because we felt like it, thats why", Jenny, our boss, said in an aggrivated tone of voice.

"No, really," I replied.

"It has something to do with the Mafia. Apparently we need to meet the Vongola for something. So annoying..." Wonyoung, the rain guardian, said.

We all sat there either sleeping or doing other time consuming things like counting numerous lint balls.

Jenny and I got bored, so we started singing London Underground. What would you expect? The plane ride from New York to Namimori is a long plane ride.

Everyone facepalmed (over and over and over again).

Facepalm - Palm meet face, face meet palm, repeat, repeat... you get the picture, right?

Finally, an announcer spoke.

"The plane is under attack. Please take out the parachutes from underneath the seats. Your seats may be used as floatation devices."

The entire Wafia had the same response.

"WHAT!*Que long pause* ...The mafia..."

Then, at that moment, Jenny took out her Dying Will Umbrella and shot a hole through the plane.

"Why did you do that?" Wonyung shouted as we were all being sucked out.

The plane started to plunge downward as we all grabbed onto the umbrella and while Isabella, the mist guardian, created some illusions to save our butts (and the rest of us, too).

Thankfully, everyone was safe, including the others that were on and in the plane. We can not garenty absolutly no injuries, though.

All of the Wafia was safe, for now.

"Why don't we find a house for now, " Nancy suggested. She's like the Reborn to the family.

"No need. I already made arrangements," Jenny replied.

"Sweet. Now for school matters," Chiara, the lightning guardian, stated.

"It's a weekend, so there's no school," Wonyung stated.

"Genius," Harrison, the storm guardian, said.

"What was that?" Wonyoung replied angerly.

"Oh, nothing. I was just commenting on how smart you are," Harrison saved his own life for once.

"I'm sure you were," I remarked.

Chiara said something intellegent, as usual.

"Should we go tell the school board that we are going to go to their school?"

" Yeah, we should, or they wont let us in and they would obviously notice that we dont go to their school. God only knows what Hibari would do to us," Nancy stated sensibly.

"Let's go then," I said.

As the Wafia walked along, they all thought about what would happened and grinned.


Me:Hey guys, wuz up?

Jenny:Hey, Meagan. I cant wait fo-


Jenny:I was just going to say the new chapter...WAFIA!

Isabella:Jenny, stop with the random outbursts!






Harrison: Oh yeah, what was with the caffine free soda thing?

Me: At my sleepover party last year I got a 12 pack of caffine free Coke. We finished the whole thing off and didn't fall asleep until about 5 a.m. It was quite interesting, actually.

Isabella: It was so fun! Especially the hyper pillow fights!

Me: Yeah! So there are a few party ideas, guys! See ya soon!

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The wafia finally go through school, and guess what class they are in... Well, I'm sure you can, but still, guess anyway...