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"WHY? Why must you torture me so?"

"Because you deserve it. Now, beg for mercy!"


"Beg or perish!"

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"It snowed last night, so I'm burying Gaki-kun~" Wonyoung said cheerfully.

"Please save me," Harrison pleaded. It was funny, actually.

"Nah, I'm busy," I replied and walked away.



We were all sitting on the couch drinking hot chocolate, marshmallows piled high. We all suddenly saw the light bulb appear over our boss' head.

"What? What is your new life-threatening idea?" Nancy asked.

"Snow. Ball. Fight. Us and the Vongola. Emphasis on fight," She replied.

"Like I said, life-threatening," Nancy replied calmly, but you could see the terror in her eyes. Oh yeah.

"Sounds like fun"

"Sure, why not"

"I'm scared"

"We're dead"

"We should tell the Vongola," Chiara said, knowing that it was the most logical thing to do.

"Nope. Surprise attack. They'll never see it coming," Jenny said. Ah, our devious boss.

"They probably will. They know us, remember. Anyone who has met us clearly knows that we would do something like that," Cindi said. She had a point.

"I don't care. Plan Banana Dogshark is a go."

Cue strange looks.



The forts were built and the Wafia was ready for battle. The snowballs were piled high.

Quickly, we started throwing snowballs at the Vongola. Sadly, we stink. Ryohei punched them away, Yamamoto caught them and threw them back, and Gokudera exploded them.

"Well, since they're using their weapons, I guess we can use ours," I said with a smirk.

Suddenly, it was just white stuff flying back and forth.

We all attacked vigorously until only 2 were left.


"Geez, that was so unfair."

"Yeah, why do you two get to win?"

"Because we have years of training. You are still young."

"REBORN! You're a baby!" Tsuna screeched.

"And Nancy, you're our age!" Wonyoung said.

"Stop acting superior," Jenny said.

"Anyways, it was still fun. We should do this again some time," Chiara said. Cindi nodded in agreement.

So, the day ended and such, and our adventures shall continue quite soon.


Wafia Wonders!

Me: Hey, everyone! It's been a while hasn't it.

Izzy: The short one grew!

Wonadon: Yup. She's taller than us now.

Izzy: But she still has a short aura~

Gaki: What do you mean?

Wonadon: She may be tall up close, but from far away, she still looks short.

Me: Mean…

Gaki: Haha!

Me: Go get hit by a bus.

Gaki: Go drown in a deep dark abyss.

Me: Go get roasted over a fire until barely alive, and get tossed off a cliff so you feel the pain as you die on impact.

Gaki: Who knew there could be so much anger in such a tiny person?

Me: I did~

Izzy: Haha!

Me: Hey, why did the cookie go to the doctor?

Wonadon: He felt crumby?

Me: No, he had high cholesterol! HAHAHAHA!

Everyone except me: Wao…

Me: Hey, is there such thing as a fish cloth?

Gaki: Wtf…

Me: Well, there's a thing called a cheese cloth, so is there a fish cloth? And why is it called a cheese cloth? What is a cheese cloth? And why is the world round? I mean, it can't be perfectly round, so it's not a sphere, or else it would be a really messed up sphere. But, why? Why not a trapezoid? Is there something wrong with trapezoids? Does the universe have something against trapezoids? And why do we drink milk? It's something that came out of the inside of a cow. We don't drink cow pee, so why milk? And-

Wonadon: MEAGAN!

Me: What?

Wonadon: Did you have mango before you came?

Me: Yeah….

Wonadon: Oh my gosh…

Izzy: Alright, since Meagan is hyper off mango, bye everyone!