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"please help me"




"huh?" ichigo replyed "please pay attenton kurosaki" the teacher yelled

"this is the fourth time this mouth you'v fallen asleep in class one more time and your in detention!"

the teacher continued to yell.

"yeah yeah sensei ill(yawn) stay awake""tch" the teacher mummbled to himself as he turned his attention back to the calkbored what was that dream i just had...and that voice i know it from somewhere' ichigo thought as the class continued.

"Finally class is over with!" yelled a tall red head with strange looking tattos.."damn is it just me or dose class seem longer these day?""TRU'DAT RENJI! WHO'S UP FOR A PARTY!" kiego yelled at the top of his lungs"nah ,bro i got somethings to do"renji said looking at a petie black haired girl"Wha?! no fair!...fine well have a party without you!"kiego said sticking out his tounge.

"whould you kindly SHUT UP!" Tatsuki yelled at kiego."tch what crawled up your butt tatsuki?" kiego questioned"nothin im just not in the mood for your crap,alright?""awwww tatsuki you can tell me whens its 'the time of the mouth'" kiego said as he noged tatsuki with his elbow..."ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSSIENESS!" tatsuki screamed as she pumbled keigo for his keigo was getting the life beating out of him a certin orange haired'stawberry'

was looking out the window lost in thought."Hey ichigo whats wrong"rukia said as she glanced at him

"nothin c'mon we sould head home before dad thows a fit" "ummm bout that im going home with renji,,.can you tell dad for me?"

rukia said as she gave her brother puppy eyes"i promise to make it up to you!"

ichigo scrached the back of his head..knowning full well if he didn't tell his dad and she got in truble hell will break lose."fine" he grumbled'gezz shes such a pain in the ass' ichigo thought as she jumped up and walked twords the door to leave before saying

"Yo renji take care of my sister!" ichigo called as he left the class room

...It was raining and he didnt have an he walked in his school uniform home...he was passing by the park when he saw something in the distance...

'A girl'

ichigo thought as he walked was beautiful her long arburn hair danced around her and the over sized black shirt that also danced in the wind.

"Hey..what are you doing here in the rain?"

As ichigo got closer he stoped not only was she clompetly dry but what shocked ichigo the most is that she was glowing with a light blue ora.

"what the hell is she"

Ichigo said got closser untill he was withen arms reach.

"hey are you okay..miss?"she didnt reply

'okay think ichigo...most likely shes not okay shes glowing like a chirstmas light ichigo thought'maybe i could take her home? i dont even know her!'

the glowing stoped and ichigo looked at the girl in the eyes for the first time(she has her eyes closed)

"hey...miss can i AHHHH-!"

ichigo was interuted when she fell into his arms"hey miss wake up!" he shoock there but from what he could tell she was out cold.


Ichigo cused in side his head as he picked her up to bring her to his house.

'dads gonna love ths' ichigo thought satcastily

...Ichigo desicsed not to go threw his front he went with his bedroom window,which is on the second floor and its still pouring AND he has to carry an uncoinosue girl along with his school books.

'dose the world hate me that much?' ichigo thought as he climbed up to the window after a few minutes of pulling him self up and getting the girl i his room safely he sighed.

"okay first things first you got to wake up" ichigo said as he pointed to the still knocked out girl


ichigo put a hand on his shoach"damn im really hungry" he said and with that he took one last glace at the girl and walked out the room to get some food.

It's been ten minutes since he left his room and know he cooking so ramen or trying to.
"damnit this is takeing forever!" ichigo glare at the water that refushed to boil or even get hot for the matter then he relised he forgot to trun the stove on"i think im losein it"

he said laud while rubbing that back of his head"well this is gonna take some time might as well check on the girl"ichigo started walking up to his room when he heard a "CRASH" then he started to run until he grabed his doornob then twisting it...

what he saw he will never forgot...ever

"wha..the..hell are you?' ichigo said still knocked out girl was not very knockedout.

as she jumped up and down on his bed but thats not what shocked him...

cat tail?

the girl stoped jumping and let out a small "eep!" while she fell to the ground.

"h-hey! are you okay?" ichigo said getting over the mental shock that the girl has tail?

"y-you startled me" the girl said poking her head over the bed.

" what are you?"

"oh! im a shinigami! nice to meet you im inoue orihime" orihime said as she bowed her tail wiped around her.

"ehh shinigami?"

"uh huh! whats your name!" orihime said as she hoped over the bed right in front of ichigo.

"kurosaki i-ichigo" he stuttred.

"ohh nice to meet you kurosaki i-ichigo!" she said happily ichigo looked away with a little pink tint on his cheeks

"whats a shinigami do?" he asked looking back at her,she spon aorund and smiled brightly at ichigo.

"ill show you kurosaki-kun!' with that she pulled ichigo by the arm and out the window.

he opened his eyes he wasn't sure if he was dead..but he looked at the ground below him then looked up to see he was still being pulled by the shinigami girl...

"h-hey where are we going!"

"calm down you wanted to see what shinigami do right?' she asked.

"yeah but what would people say if they saw us flying like this!"

"you worry to much...and dont worry noraml people cant see me and when im holding on to you same thing for you"ichigo just looked at her 'is she the girl i`ve been having those dreams about?'

"were here!" she said as they came to a stop and lowered to the ground.

"and wheres here?" ichigo asked.

orihime who just looked at him and'shushed' him.

A loud scream came out of no where and a giant looking monster with white mask appeard in front of them.

"WHAT THE IS THAT!" ichigo yelled

"a hollow" orihime said nonchalonly


"relax thats an butterfly conpaired to the ones i uesaly get."

ichigo stared at her like she grew a sceond head but she waved it off.

"okay kurosaki-kun watch and learn" with that orihime dashed at the hollow at a sword appeard and with one flick the moster was gone.

"holly shit" ichigo gasp as she walked twords him"how did-"

"its my job" she said as she patted his sholder


"hehe sould we go"


"huh what!"

"I LEFT THE STOVE ON!" ichigo said as he stared to run away but orihime cought up with him

"Take my hand ill get you there!"


They arrived at ichigo's house lucky ichigo put it on 'Low' so it was a little over cooked but at least he still has a kitchen.

then went to bed early he disided it was best orihime sleep in rukia's room since shes not soon as he closed his eyes he heard his door open his vision still a little fuzzy from sleeping he didnt know who it was until they spoke.

"hey it okay if i sleep in here?"


"cause im scared"

"the girl that took on a moster by herself is scared" ichigo said while raising a sleepy ,she nodded.


she crawled he to him on his bed and feel asleep

'i must be growin soft' ichigo thought as sleep caught him.

the next morning ichigo fond himself spooning the young shinigami with a beat red blush he untangled there legs to get off the bed.

"hemm?' she mumbled half asleep

"go back to sleep"he ordered as soon as he was sure she was sleep he got his uniform and went to the bathroom to shower and when he returned she wasn't there but his younger sister was.

"what is it yuzu?" he asked.

"i thought i head something comming from your room when you where in the shower"yuzu said placeing her hands on her hips

"its most likely nothin yuzu" with that she shurgged and left the room.

"hey inoue? wherd you go?"ichgo said as he seached the room only to come to a stop when someone shouted at his window.


"ill be down in a minute!"ichigo called back then he turned to his room 'i wonder where she went?' ichigo tought as he went down stairs.

"hey ichigo where's rukia?" isshen asked'shit im in truble'

"oh well she went over to renji's house"ichigo said as he ran for the door the only thing he heard was his father crying'Masaki our oldset daughter is sleeping over a boys house!'then he slamed the door shut'damn this always happens when she hangs out with renji'.

ichigo caught up with his friends(keigo,tatsuki,renji,chad), well rukia was there as well as ishida but i dont think i can call that jerk my friend, were all sitting in class when a 'crash' was made by the door

"did someone just run into the door?" tatsuki asked.

"HAHA what a dork!" keigo laughed but it quickly stoped when a beautiful arbun haired girl walked in wearing the grey uniform with her hair down and blue flower hairclips that ichigo never saw her wear before with her long bangs swept to one side of her face the only thing that came to ichigo's mind was 'H.O.T'she giggled and walked to an empty desk and set her things down she turned to look at ichigo and his group of friends . all but the taned one chad had there mouth hitting the walked up to them and bowed,

"hi im inoue orihime an im your new classmate"

"hi im rukia!" rukia said in a girly way

"this is my boyfriend renji and this is tatsuki and keigo,chad and ishida" rukia said as she pointed to the people she was adressing'a clearing throat came from ichigo.

"forgetting someone rukia?"ichigo asked raising an eyebrow

"why would i introduce you..youll might scare her away!" rukia commented'

"hehe its okay i already know kurosaki-kun" orihime said with a smile

"how is that?" renji said with a smirk.

"she slept with him last night"rukia said with a smirk

"WHA!? how did you find out!?" ichigo yelled turning beat red.

"huh? i was making a joke...but it seems as it was a fact" rukia said with an evil smile.

"so hows the frist time huh?"renji whispered to ichigo

"nothin happned"ichigo whispered back angrly

"Wha!? you two share a bed an...nothin!"

"i just meet her!"

"whatever man,when you die a ver-"

"renji ,I think its best you re think your last comment before it becomes your last"thankfuly knowone heard what was going on between renji and ichigo they were still in shock.

"nothin happened between me and kurosaki-kun its just my house burned down and i didnt want to stay alone"orihime said

"hope you dont think bad of me"orihime said while giving the group the sadist face she could muster.

"so where were you from anyways inoue-san"ishida asked eyeing her'' 'crap he can since me! think orihime think!'

''oh i came from Tokyo i lived with my uncle but he had to go cross sea's so i moved to karakura but the flat i lived in got burned down and then i bumped into kurosaki-kun and he offered me to stay with him''

To be Continued…..Bleachbabe03