"Where am I?"

Said orihime as she looked around to see nothing but blue flowers that seemed to go on forever.

"Do you like it?" A sinister voice called.

Orihime eyes widened.


"Oh you remember my name young princess?"

"Is that supposed to some sick joke of course I remember your name, you bastard!"

Orihime screamed as she got up from her lying state.

"My, my what language the little princess has"

Aizen cooed as he appeared in front of her.

"And after I save Ulquiorra-kun's life"

"You didn't save him! You mad him serve you!"

"You got me there"

"What do you want?"

"Oh you know want hime-chan" Aizen walked gracefully over to her and placed his hand on her cheek.

"I'd rather die"

"I'd do anything for the hime-chan but I can't afford that so how bout the life of that orange cat?"


Aizen smirked at her reaction. "Good we have a deal them?"

"Not on your life! Or wait better thought how bout you rot in hell!"

Orihime yelled as she slapped his hand away and attempted to punch him but it went right through him.

Aizen smiled but did nothing after a while he stoped looking at her and stared off in the distance behind her.

Growing curious orihime tuned around to see Ichigo's bloody body falling to the ground and Ulquiorra standing over him.

"ICHIGO!" She cried running twords him and catching him before he hit's the ground.

"H-hime?" Ichigo coughed.

"Please hold on I'l-"

"You'll what?" Ulquiorra asked with no hint of emotion.

"Why, why Ulquiorra ichigo didn't do anything wrong"

"Are you going to betray me to be a mate with a half breed orihime?"



Suddenly it was just Orihime and Ulquiorra alone in a field of dead flowers.

"I Still love you! But."

"Your in love Ichigo kurosaki am I correct?"

Orihime only nodded while tears pour through the brim of her eyes.

"I see. then there is no reason why to hold back on lord Aizens orders."

Ulquiorra stared down at orihime with cold unforgiving eyes.

'I still love you. Woman.'

Orihime herd before she sprang up from her horrible dream.

Orihime looked around only to spy a certin 'Orange cat' Sleeping on the floor next to the bed.

(Yuroichi orders Xp)

"What's wrong hime?" Ichigo said yawning

"Ahaha I had a nightmare"

she said in a false cheerful tone that even dense Ichigo could pick up. Shifting carefully not to trigger the stun beam that Hisagi 'kindly' put up last week to prevent 'Sudden urges' as Yuroichi-chan said.

'Lord help me if I get another 20,000 volts like last time'

Ichigo inwardly cringed at the awful memories. Ichigo sat on the bed next to her.

"Is it about that Ulquorra person" Ichigo said down cast.

"What how did-" Ichigo cut her off. "Your not a very quite sleeper"

"I see"

"What was he to you"

"We've been friends since I was six he was a year older then me yet even then he was always more mature when I was 13 I told him I had feelings for him he called me a weirdo and kissed me."

"Jerk" Ichigo mummbled to himself yet orihime heard it and smiled.

"We were together since. But 9 years ago that changed they're were hollows sighting going on so Ulquiorra and I were assigned to destroy them, I truned out to be a trap and.."

Orihime trailed off Ichigo slung an arm over her shoulder.

"It's okay. You don't have to tell me" Ichigo said with a downcast expression.

"No it's okay it's better to get this out. You're the first person I told about it. Well anyways"


"ULQUIORRA!" Orihime cried as she saw her love be impaled by a giant hollow claw.

"Im alright!" He yelled. He raises his sword and it glows a bright green.


(Growl green claw Hey that's all I got!)

Ulqurorra's claws became long and black but glowed green he sliced through the hollow with ease.

He came to orihime's side fending off the rest of the hollows.

"Are you okay orihime?" Ulquiorra asked.

"Yeah little beat up but I'll live" Orihime said while pumping one fist in the air.

"Good. It would be a pity if my future wife was to be in a cast for the rest of her life" Ulquiorra said off handed.

"What?" Orihime said thinking her ears were stolen by the little blue men 'Again'

"I don't want to repeat myself" He said playfully He tugged on her cheek "Is that a yes?"

When she blushed a tomato red.

"Yes I-" Orihime was cut off when Ulquiorra captured her lips in a long kiss.

"I love you Ulquiorra!" Orihime cheered happily as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"And I love you, you clue less girl"

"Well isn't that sweet!"

A male voice said.

Orihime and Ulquiorra tuned around to see Aizen a few feet from them.

Ulquiorra pushed orihime behind him and charged twords Aizen.

"Orihime! I'll hold him off make a run for it!"


"No he's after you now go!"

Orihime paused but started for the other direction.

'I'll get help' Orihime thought as she ran through the forest.

Orihime was running through the forest searching for somebody, anybody to help but she found no one.

'I need to hurry' orihime thought as she picked up her speed 'please hold on Ulquiorra!'

Orihime was broken out of her thoughts when I large hand swiped at her.

"I see we meet once more, orihime"

Aizen said as his hand retruned to its normal size.

(A/N: He can change form and size)

"Where's Ulquiorra?"

"Taken care of" Aizen smirked at her horrified expression. "Of don't worry im sure he'll live if you hurry" Then with that Aizen disappeared.


"when I fond Ulquiorra he was still alive but barely, I managed to carry him back to the palace but"

Orihime hugged her legs closed to her chest. "He died not long afterward" Orihime was trying to hold back tears.

"Orihime, I know it's not my place but you shouldn't cry over him anymore, I mean he betrayed you. Right?"

"No I betrayed him."


"I fell in love with someone else"





Ichigo moved closer to orihime and cupped her cheek. "Im probably going to get beat up for this"

"what?, wh-" Orihime was cut off when Ichigo captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

"I love you, orihime"

"I love you, my strawberry"

They both started to laugh softly.

_Outside the bedroom_

"Quit pushing!"

"Move your foot~!"

"Awwwwww that's so cute! Renji how come your not romantic"

"I am to romantic~!"

"Shhhhh this is getting good~!"

"Mama tell hisagi to stop shoving~"

"Would you guys knock it off!~"

"How dare he kiss her!"

"Oh hush hisagi~!"

"Hold on dose this mean they are an item?"

" …"





Renji, Rukia, Rangiku, Hisagi And Yoruichi looked at one anther.

"Good question" Rukia said taping her finger on her lips.

The small group put there ears back on the door to hear.

"Are you sure we should be doing 'this"

"This' is what people in love do"





"Ahh~! That hurts Ichigo"

"It's okay it hurts at first but It'll feel good once you let go"

At this point Renji is holding Hisagi down while Rukia and Yoruichi and staring blankly at the door while Rangiku is silently cheering for the arbun haired princess.

"Im goanna kill him, Im going to kill him, Im going to kill~!" Hisagi chanted he tried to get free from Renji.

"Ohhhhhh Ichigo~!"

With that hisagi was able to get himself free and busted in the room.

"YOUR DEAD KURO-!" Hisagi was cut off when I fist came crashing into his face.

"20 seconds!" Orihime called stopping a stop watch.

"I guess you win then" Ichigo said as he went over to her and handed her a Ten.

"Told you so~!"

" Whats going on?"

Rukia said coming into the room.

"Oh well we both knew you guys were out there so we decided to made a bet to see how long it would take for you guys to blow your cover"

Orihime said as she put her money in her shorts pocket.

Everyone got really quite. And looked at one another.

"Well this is awkward~ I think it's time for us to leave don't you think hisagi?"

Rangiku said breaking the silence.

"Right behind you!"

As soon as the was cleared out of noisy kitty cats Ichigo took a seat next to 'his' princess.

"Our family is an odd one" Ichigo said wrapping an arm around orihime.

"hehe I would say so"

Ichigo and orihime cuddled up to one another Ichigo was the first to fall asleep.

"I'll protect you Ichigo, I promise" Orihime vowed as she to closed her eyes and fell asleep.







To be continued…

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