Lost family

This is the first time I've written a story, so please bear with me.

Summary: After discovering his inheritance and that he has a younger twin he immediately went to search for him. Only to find himself on a whole new adventure

This story is a Harry Potter and 07-Ghost crossover.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or 07-Ghost

Chapter 1: Discovery

Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, The-Man-Who-Conquered, child extraordinary defeated the dark lord at the tender age of sixteen with his birthday just a shy of 2 months.

Harry's pov

It's been 7 months now since I've defeated Voldemort and their still so irritating. For those who don't know who they are, they are the reporters, fans, etc. though now that Voldemort is dead I don't know what to do in my life. I mean, he used to be my reason to live but now I don't have that anymore. Ron and Hermione are married and are expecting while I'm still single. Not that I'm trying or anything but I just have the feeling that something is going to happen.

Author's pov

Harry sighed in resignation. He just knows there's going to be something for him. He sighed again, something he's been doing a lot. Ah well he'll just wait it probably be worth it.

The next day

After harry woke up and did his morning activities he starts to eat his breakfast when suddenly an owl flew in. Harry took the letter and gave a bacon to the owl. When he opened he got the shock of his live.

Mister Potter-Black

We would like to have a meeting with you as we, at Gringotts, have discovered something that may interest you. That and we would like to remind you that you have yet to claim your inheritance. We await your owl with your convenient date.


Lord Ragnarok

President of Gringotts and king of the goblin nation

Harry frowned as he writes a date for the meeting. He wondered what would interest him. As far as he knows there are no relatives or other beloved ones alive. Harry bit his lip and gave a great heave. He'll wait no need to be impatient, though the suspense was practically killing him.

Next day at Gringotts

I hope nothing bad has happened. I don't think I can handle it right now. Harry thought. He walked up to the counter and said "Hello, I have a meeting with president Ragnarok." The goblin looked at him and sneered. 'Griphook! Take him to the president!' the goblin yelled in Gobbledegook. Harry blinked at the familiar goblin and asked "Oh Griphook. How have you been?"

"Quite alright Mister Potter. Though I must ask how you know me."

"Well, I'll always remember the first goblin I've met." Harry replied. Griphook just looked a bit skeptical while leading him to Ragnarok's office. After many turns they finally arrived. Griphook knocked the door.

"Come in." came the reply. Griphook opened the door for harry and closed it after him.

"Ah Mister Potter, it's good to finally meet you."

"Please sir, call me Harry. I hate all he formal things."

"Very well harry. You may call me Ragnarok then. Please have a seat. Now first things first, your inheritance. This is the file of the house of Potter and this file of house of Black."

House of Potter

Liquid asset: galleons 5268 sickles and 569 knuts


Cottage in France

Potter Manor under Fidelius charm

House in Godrics Hollow

Castle in Italy




711: trust vault

145: Potter family vault

632: Evans family vault

1: Merlin's vault

2: Griffendor's vault

3: Slytherin's vault

4: Ravenclaw's vault

5: Hufflepuff's vault

House of Black

Liquid asset: galleons 125 sickles 62 knuts


Cottage in Germany

Black Manor under Fidelius charm

House in Grimmauld place 12

House in hogsmead

Castle in Spain

Le Fay's Manor



458: weapon vault

125: Black family vault

332: jewelry vault

6: Le Fay's vault

7: Thanatos' vault

8: Rothwood's vault

9: Mikhail's vault

10: Raphael's vault

Holy shit! I'm freaking rich! Omg I'm the Founder's heir and Merlin's and Le Fay's heir. This is bloody unbelievable! Harry's thought were stopped when Ragnarok looked at him with amusement.

"Do you need something to drink Harry?"

Harry scowled cutely because he looks like a girl even though he's a guy. When he found out the hard way (which means almost every guy flirting with him) he was rally angry since his pride as a male has been squished like a bug.

"Anyway, on with the business. Here are the rings for you to become the head of all the houses."

Harry put on the rings and to his amazement all the rings melted into one ring.

"Also the discovery we made. While looking into your family file we found out that you have a younger twin brother who is still alive."

Harry' eyes were wide open after the statement. He even began to shake in excitement.

"But after a lot of searching, we found out that he's isn't in this world but in another dimension. Apparently your brother travelled to that dimension when Voldemort attacked. The backlash was strong enough to transport him into safety. If you wish so, we can send you to your brother."

Harry frowned thoughtfully and said "Yes I would like that a lot but before that I want all my properties except Avalon, Camelot and Le Fay's Manor to be sold. Then I'll empty all the vaults except vault 711 and 458. Gringotts can keep those vaults and sell the contents within and keep the money."

"Very well, I already knew you were going to go and take everything but I didn't expect you to leave two vaults for us."

They continue the preparations for Harry's voyage until late at night.

The day Harry cross' dimension

Harry stood in the circle of Gringotts ritual room and took a deep breath then let it go.

"Are you ready?" Ragnarok asked.

"Yes" Harry answered determined. He had no regrets because he already said goodbye to everyone and because they all supported him.

They began to chant the ritual to transport him to the new dimension. When the chanting reached the peak, a bright light covered Harry. As the light disappeared it took Harry along with it.