Summary: After discovering his inheritance and that he has a younger twin he immediately went to search for him. Only to find himself on a whole new adventure

This story is a Harry Potter and 07-Ghost crossover.

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Chapter 2: New world and first meeting

07-Ghost dimension

Teito Klein and his best friend Mikage were walking to their class peacefully when suddenly a source of light so bright, that it blinded them, appeared. When the light disappeared they saw a person lying on the ground. Some student went directly to a teacher to inform them of the appearance while others, among them Teito and Mikage, went to the person.

"Mikage, what should we do?" Teito asked.

"I don't know. Maybe we should wait for a teacher to come. Or else we'll be the ones in trouble." Mikage replied. Teito nodded. Not moments longer a teacher came.

"What's going on here?" the teacher Minatsu asked.

Mikage replied "Ah, sensei! Ano, this person just suddenly appeared an-"

"Oh, my head. Does anyone have the bus' license number 'cause I'm going to sue." The person said.

Harry's pov

The moment I saw the light coming to me, I just knew I was going to lose consciousness. The next I knew is that I have HUGE headache because of the rush of information. It felt like a major hangover times 500. I can also hear noises and someone speaking. I better wake up or this situation might get worse.

Teito's pov

"Ano, are you alright?" I asked. Of course he's not alright what a stupid question of mine. I opened my mouth to apologize for my stupid question when he replied.

"Not really, I have a huge headache."

"Oh. What's you're name?"

"Harry Potter. What's yours?"

"I'm Teito Klein. The blond next to me is Mikage, he's my friend."

Harry's pov

Teito Klein, he's my brother. I just know it. We have a similar aura after all. Thank god he's alive and well. I even smiled when I heard he has a friend.

"Can you help me up? I'm still a little dizzy."

"Ah! Of course!" my brother replied.

Normal pov

While Teito and Mikage helped Harry up, Minatsu looked suspiciously at him.

"Potter-san, can you tell me why you suddenly appeared here?" Minatsu asked.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you the reason. Though I can promise you that I mean no harm unless you wish me and someone who's important to me harm." He replied.

"Very well, let's go to the chairman's office." Minatsu took Harry's arm and led them to chairman's office.

"Ne Teito, doesn't he look familiar?" Mikage asked.

"Aa, he looks like me." Teito replied.

With Minatsu and Harry

"So how old are you Potter-san"

"I'm 18. So do you like being a teacher?"

"Yes I do. Very much even, because when they become successful I feel my accomplishment and pride of being one who is responsible."

"I had a teacher that hates me simply because of who my father was."

"It's people like him who give teachers and instructors a bad name." Minatsu growled. Harry nodded in agreement. They walked the rest of their walk in silence. When they were there Minatsu knocked on the door.

"Come in." Miroku said.

"Miroku-sama, this is Harry Potter. He's the one caused the commotion." Minatsu said.

"Explain." Miroku commanded and Minatsu obeyed.

After the explanation Miroku offered Harry a place as student which is exactly what Harry needed so he agreed.

That evening

At the dining hall Miroku explained everything to the students of what happened.

"May I introduce Potter Harry-san. He will be a new student here as of now. Everyone please welcome him."

Harry stood up and walked to Teito as everyone clapped their hands relunctly. Harry sat down next to Teito and said while smiling "HI! We meet again." Teito just nodded.

"Can I speak with alone?" Harry asked completely serious. He nodded again and said they'll talk after dinner.

After dinner

Harry and Teito stood in an empty hallway saying absolutely nothing. Just standing there and watching each other until Harry broke the silence.

"Aren't you curious about why I look like you?"

"Now that you mentioned it."

"Do you know of your past?"

"No, I have complete amnesia. I knew nothing except for the language."

"Do you want to know?"

"Of course I do!" Teito said indignantly.

"Well I'm your brother and before you say it's impossible just listen okay?" Teito nodded though wary.

"Okay when I say I'm your brother I'm not lying. Well sort of. You see, we came from another dimension where magic exist. When you were just a few months old, an evil man tried to kill us all with the killing curse. He succeeded for a part. He managed to kill our parents but just as he was about to kill you I took the curse and used both his and my magic to transport you to a safe place where you'd be happy. I also used it to rebound it so he'd be the one dead. I wanted to give the family we could never have so instead of just transporting you to another dimension I also de-aged you into a fetus so the lady giving birth to you would be your mother. Sadly I couldn't change your DNA completely so you still have your original DNA making you very unique because you have 2 sets of parents."

Harry continued his explanation until all Teito's questions were answered. They started to get to know each other and told all their secrets. Harry even removed the sklave mark.

(AN: I'm too lazy to write the rest. Basically everything from the beginning till Mikage gets captured is the same as in the anime but with Harry as support.)

Mikage's interrogation

Ayanami smirked when he sees Mikage and said "Are you still going to that you don't know anything?"

"Yes! There is no way in hell that I'm going to betray my best friend! Even if you kill me and threaten my family!"

"I'll give you one last chance think about I'll come back tomorrow." Ayanami said and walked away with Hyuuga following him.

Mikage glared at them until they were out his eyesight and sighed. When the night came the door opened revealing Harry.

"Harry! What are you doing here? And why didn't you help us?!" Mikage asked/yelled.

"Maa maa, don't be so angry. The reason is because I wanted to see if you were truly loyal to my brother. Now that you've proven it, I'll help you escape."

"B-brother? Teito?" Mikage couldn't believe his ears. Harry is Teito's brother?

"Come quickly unless you like being tortured." For the first time he noticed that he's free from his bindings and how hot Harry is. He snapped out of his daze and followed.

"This way Mikage! There's a hawkzile waiting for you."

"What about you? I can't leave you behind. Teito'll never forgive me."

"It's okay. Unlike you I have a way to escape. Teito's in 7th District. Go there and you'll be safe. I want you to tell him that I'll be there later."

"Fine. But you better come or I'll tell Teito to come and kill you"

"Don't worry! I'll be fine. Ah here we are. Now off you go and see you later." Harry smiled.

Mikage sighed and took off.

"Sate to (1), how about you come out Hyuuga-san?" Harry said playfully.

"Akan (2) Harry-chan. You shouldn't have let him go."

"Oh? And why not? He's Teito's best friend after all and Teito is someone very important to me. So I'm afraid I have to let him go."

"Shall we fight then? I haven't fought a good fight for a very long time."

"Maybe another time. I need to go to Teito's side you see. "Harry smiled again and jumped.

Hyuuga looked over the rails to see if he's dead or not only to find nothing to his big surprise.

"Yare yare. So dramatic. Oh well, I'll just tell Aya-tan that he escaped."

Well then

That's not good

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