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Many know of the legendary rivalry between the Senju and the Uchiha clans. What few know is of the rivalry between two different though smaller clans. They where famous for there own rights. The first was the bloodthirsty Kaguya clan. Blessed with the power to control the growth of there very bones. They where able to turn there very bones into any weapon they could imagine. There reign of terror was without equal. Yet just like the Senju and Uchiha. The Kaguya had a rival.

The clan held a simple name. The Howlett clan held another power that allowed them to challenge the kaguya at every pass. A power that also resided in there bones and there flesh. There bones where made from an organic alloy called Adamantium. The metal was in all words indestructible. No force in the world could harm it in any way. With this came the power of healing. No wound could kill them short of decapitation. Even then death was no guarantee. These two clans battle with savagery that would be the things of nightmares for ages. There war would only end with there deaths.

High atop a mountain pass the land was stained red with the blood of hundreds. As the last remnants of the ninja forces fled. Two continued to battle. One had pale skin and grey hair. On his brow was two green dots. His weapon was a pair of bone scythes. His opponent was a woman with long red hair. Her eyes burned with a fury like no other. As her weapons where a pair of chains whips. With a primal roar the two clashed. Only for there weapons the fail. Resorting to bare hands the two grappled. Tumbling on the ground the two where merciless. Only for something to happen. Something neither would ever suspect.

The moon was high ever the village hidden in the mist. As the Woman moved threw the night. A small bundle was in her arms. Stopping at a large mansion she kneeled at the door. Setting the bundle down she moved a piece of the cloth away. To reveal the face of a perfectly healthy baby. Her red hair and green eyes almost glowing in the moonlight. With teary eyes she placed a scroll by the infant. With the last of her strength she said sadly. "Please forgive me my dear Kushina." With that she knocked on the door. Only to flee in absolute terror and pain.

In the village hidden in the leaves all was peaceful and tranquil. As the second great ninja war had just ended. In a large bar one woman was drowning her sorrows. With tired eyes the slug sannin Tsunade drank bottle after bottle. Morning the loss of her lover. While nearby a man with jet black hair looked on like a predator. His eyes turning into the feared and legendary Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan. This was none other then Madara Uchiha. Despite being in his sixties he looked no older then thirty. Moving over to her he looked her in the eyes. Less then ten Minutes later the two where in a hotel room. The actions of that night would create a legend. His name would be Minato Namikaze.

The moon was high over the hidden leaf village. Nearly every last villager was sound asleep. In soft beds with there family and loved ones. Yet one child was not so lucky. His name was none other then Naruto Uzumaki. While to the adults of the village he was simply the nine tails in human form. They paid no mind to the poor boy they where torturing. There glares sharper and worse then any knife. Tonight his destiny would change. With a whimper the five year old boy was huddled in a hollow tree. Having just been thrown out of the orphanage for the third time. The crisp fall air piercing his skin like a knife.

As he was on the verge of sleep he was snapped awake by the sounds of feet. Scared he looked out of the tree his blood ran cold. As he say a pair of cloud ninja. Between them was a burlap sack. Despite being only five he could tell a child was in the bag. Listening in on them he was mortified by what on ninja said. "Damn man that was easy. Now were going to be living large that to this brat." With that he opened the bag to reveal the heir of the hyuga clan Hinata. A gag was in her mouth as her eyes showed her fear. The girl was one of the few to treat him nicely. Even standing up for him once in a park.

Without thinking he leapt from the tree. Landing he said as fierce as a five year old could. "Let her go!" Looking at him the two chuckled. Stepping towards them he said. "Let her go now or else." This caused one of the two to glare at him. Cracking his knuckles he was ready to kill the pour boy. Only for the second one to stop him and say. "He's just a kid man." The glare he sent to his partner made him back off. With a crazed grin he raised his fist high. What followed was a savage beating. He showed no mercy as he beat the poor boy.

Down on the ground Naruto was in the worst pain he had ever felt in his life. As bone where broken he didn't even know he had. Yet threw it all his eyes never left Hinata's. All he could think about was protecting her. The desire was so strong it awakened the power within him. The power of both his blood and the Nine tails sealed within him. His body surged with red chakra. The sheer force caused the man to pause. As his bones reset and mended. Crawling onto his hands and knees he howled in pain. His whole skeleton felt as if it was on fire. As he looked at his hands he felt something move within them. With one last howl of pain six razor sharp metal blades shot out of his hands. The blades where only five inches long. While the trees seemed to double in size around them. Yet what shocked the two the most was his eyes. For glaring at them with raw fury was the Sharingan. Fully formed and spinning fast. Only instead of red his Sharingan was a sea forest green.

Running on raw instinct he took advantage of the man's shock he leapt at the man. His claws impaled the man in his chest. As the two fell to the ground His eyes then locked onto the other man. Leaping threw the air he slashed at him. It was only at the last second that the man dodged just enough to evade a fatal blow. The slash instead left the man with three diagonal gashes across his face. The sounds of pursuers echoed threw the air. Not liking the odds the ninja ran. Leaving behind his prize. Naruto was in complete and total shock. All he could do was stare at the claws. Looking at Hinata he saw the terror and fear in her eyes. Without a word he fled. Not once did he hear her pleas to stop.

Running threw the forest he was on autopilot. Not once did he bother to look where he was going. As he moved like a wolf threw the trees. His mind was a complete and total blank. Where his feet took him was anyone's guess. Yet the village hidden in the leaves would not see Naruto for many years to come.

Ten years later in the land of lightning. Two people in large brown cloaks walked towards the hidden cloud village. Hoods hid there faces from view. Walking towards the village there goal was clear. With a gruff voice the one on the right said bluntly. "Scout out the area and look for the target." The one on the left nodded there head. Only to vanish with a soft bamf followed with a plume of smoke and brimstone. While the first simply kept walking as the village came into view.

Far to the west in the hidden mist village. The forth Mizukage Kushina Uzumaki looked over her village with sorrowful eyes. As memories of her life before came to her. With her crimson hair in a top knot she was the desire of nearly every man in the village. In a black battle Kimono she was the single most feared female ninja alive. Her only rival was Tsunade Senju the fifth hokage. Yet there was one thing she failed in life. That was to avenge her husband and son. By slaying the nine tails that she believed to have taken over her son's body. The sole reason for her failure was the intervention of the third hokage. Now that he was dead she could finally continue her plans. Even if it meant making a deal with the devil.

Looking out upon the city she didn't look back as her second in command entered. With a low bow he said nervously. "There here my lady." With that she closed her eyes and said softly. "Soon my love." With that she walked out of the room to meet with the most feared men alive. The elite of the notorious Akatsuki organization.

Deep beneath the Mizukage's fortress was a chamber spoken of only in whispers. A place made by the fabled sage of the six paths himself. That allowed him to see anywhere in the world. A domed chamber thirty feet in diameter. While on a pedestal was a green crystal orb. The orb seemed to radiate an otherworldly energy. Many have gone mad from simply staring at the orb for to long.

Standing on both sides of the pedestal was two people in black cloaks with red clouds on them. One was a man standing at just under six feet tall. With short spiky hair his face was hidden by an orange spiral mask. The center of the spiral focused on his right eye. This was the Akatsuki member known simply as Tobi. While the one standing beside him was a woman with short Blue hair. With an origami flower in her hair. With a dull hollow look in her eyes. It was clear this beauty of beauties was disillusioned with the world. Her faith in humanity was lost. This was the angel if the hidden rain Konan.

With a soft grinding of stones a panel lifted on the edge of the dome. As the Mizukage entered she glared at the two. With a chuckle Tobi said happily. "Ah the red death has come. What ever shall we do?" With a sigh Konan said bluntly. "Try showing some respect Tobi. Lady Kushina has gone threw all the trouble of joining us to capture nine tails." Walking into the chamber she said fiercely. "Enough of this farce. Lets just find the beast or else." With that she clenched her right hand. Only for two metal sharp claws to shoot out. Seven inches long they ran parallel. Nodding Konan looked at the orb coldly. "The process is simple really. Place a drop of the person's blood on the orb. Then all we must do is infuse our chakra. The orb will cast a genjutsu around us. To us we will be able to watch the target as if he was standing here before us." Reaching into her dress Kushina drew a small vial of blood. Taken a mere six hours before the fox attacked. It was the last thing she had of her son. "Now my vengeance will finally come."

In the heart of the hidden cloud village. Rested a small bar popular amongst the ninja of the village. Sitting at a barstool was one of the most sought after women in all of the village. With strait blond hair reaching her shoulders. With a figure most women could only dream of having. She was dressed in the usual battle dress for female ninja. With a drink in hand she looked at the stool next to her. There sat the man with the brown cloak. Only now the hood was back. Revealing a young man with long spiky blond hair. With three whisker marks on each cheek. He calmly took a drink from his glass. Knowing the man from the description of her sensei.

With a sly grin she leaned towards him. From where he was sitting he would have gotten a flawless view of her chest. Looking at him she asked seductively. "Hey there you new to the village handsome." Looking at her he could only grin and say. "Not really just passing threw. What's your name beautiful." Winking at him she said playfully. "Samui so how long you staying here. Surely long enough to have some fun." The others in the bar where shocked. Not a single man in all the village had gotten half this far with her. Just as she was about to speak a tremble shook the earth. A common thing due to the unique ninja of the village. The man glared as he said annoyed. "Blast there already here!" With that he bolted out of the room. To shocked to think it took her a moment to realize what he meant. Looking at the other ninja in the bar she said with a commanding voice. "Alert bolt we have trespassers in the village!" With that she ran out after him.

At the outmost edge of the village was an abandoned area. Once a factory district. It was abandoned after the second great ninja war. Now it was a training ground for the villages secret weapons. People with the power of tailed demons sealed within them. Not many ninja dared enter for fear of there lives. This also served as a double edged sword. For at the moment one of the two vessels where under attack. At one side of the area was the vessel of the two tailed hell cat. With dirty blond hair and an elegant figure. Yugito Nii was an elite jonin. One of the strongest in the village. Only six where stronger then her. While she had near flawless control of her demon.

While attacking her was two members of the feared Akatsuki organization. One was a man with short grey hair slicked back. Armed with a three blade scythe with a long cord on the bottom of the shaft. The man's skin had turned coal black. With white markings looking like bones over his body. With no fear he attacked her. Swinging the scythe with expert ease. While his partner was an equally odd man. With the appearance of being stitched together with thick black cords. While on his back was four masks. Each was with different designs. While on each of there fore heads was a scratched out forehead protector. Signifying that they where rouge ninja. While the stitched man unleashed devastating jutsus. While the skeleton man showed no fear as the jutsus hit him as well. Yet didn't seem to harm him.

The two proved to be a devastating duo. As they quickly overwhelmed the two tailed vessel. As she fell limp onto the ground beaten the man with the scythe grinned insanely and said. "Fuck man that bitch was vicious!" Walking over to her he looked at her weakened form. Nearly half her clothes had been destroyed by her transformation into her tailed state. A dark idea came to him as he said with that same insane grin. "I'm going to make her pay for putting up a fight." As he took on step closer he stopped. Looking down in shock he found the tips of six metal claws sticking out of his chest. With a twitching move he looked back to find the man. Both his hair and cloak where swaying in the wind. With a gurgling voice he said. "Who the fuck are you?"

Pulling the claws out he kicked the man in the back. Sending him clear across the destroyed field. Standing tall he looked at the man's partner. The stitched man looked at the claws. Interested he spoke calmly as he asked. "Who are you boy?" The claws slowly slid into the cloak. The man's hand came out of the cloak. With a black fingerless glove with slits between the knuckles. Gripping the collar of his cloak he threw off the cloak. The man was frozen in absolute shock. As memories from his early childhood came forth. Standing alone on a battlefield. Flames where all around him as the man looked at him. His long black spiky hair flowing in the wind. As he came back to the present. Looking at the boy he said scared for the first time in ages. "It can't be Madara?"

The man was dressed in the loose battle robes used by ninja nearly sixty years ago and beyond. With long spiky blond hair that reached his waist. He stood tall and proud. As his eyes where a fully formed Sharingan. Only sea forest green instead of red. With an aura of power about him. Only proven by his ripped yet lean frame. He looked at the man with cold fury. Yet was still excited about facing a strong opponent. Yet what the man had called him had caused him to blink.

The man looked at him confused as his Sharingan seemed to pierce into the attacker. With a confused look he said. "No my name is Naruto. Who the hell are you?" Shaking off his fear the man said. "The name is Kakazu. Move aside before I kill you boy. That girl is coming with use." With a grin Naruto said calmly. "Oh and just why would I hand over one of my own kind to the Akatsuki?" Not another word was said as the man unleashed a powerful water jutsu. The torrent of water rushed towards him. Running threw his own hand signs Naruto called out. "Wood style dome barrier." Between the jutsu and Naruto erupted from the ground a half dome of slid wood. The dome shielded the two from the water jutsu. When the attack ended the wood sank back into the ground. As Yugito was still severely weakened from her battle. All she could do was stare in awe at the man before her. While an aura of somehow having a bond with him came to her. A feeling she had from only two others. That was how she knew what he was. The only question was witch one he held.

Kakuzu was frozen in shock. As more memories came back. Of the first man to ever bring him to the brink of death several times came to mind. Without realizing it he said aloud. "Wood style Ninjutsu and the Sharingan. Could he be there descendent?" That was when he began to laugh to himself. Catching the Naruto attention he said loud enough for him to hear. "So Madara and Hashirama's heir. I must say this is a treat. To think those two clans would put aside there hatred to produce such a child is amazing. A pity you must die here and now!" With that he underwent a shocking transformation. As the masks on his back erupted from his back. Made from twisted black cords. They moved with a mind all there own.

With a mocking voice Kakazu said boldly. "Tell me boy can you surpass the only two to defeat me?" With that he attacked Naruto mercilessly. Unleashing jutsus of every main element. Unsheathing his claws he looked behind him as a three bladed scythe carved into his right side. With an insane grin Hidan sent him clear across the rubble into one of the few remaining walls. "Ha take that you cheap shot. Fall before the might of Jashin!" Kakuzu glared at his partner as the chance for revenge was gone. Just as he was about to recall the creature back into him he froze.

The area around Naruto was engulfed by swirling crimson chakra. As Naruto calmly stood the chakra took shape around him. As the outline of a fox appeared. Only to vanish as he popped his claws. He moved in a blur towards Hidan. With one swift slash he took hidan's head clean off. As the head landed with a thud next to his body Naruto stopped behind where Hidan had been standing. Looking at the decapitated head he looked unimpressed. Only to step back as the head burst out into a long string of swears. Looking on shocked and disturbed. Naruto did the only thing he could think of. Looking at the swearing head he said bluntly. "You should have quit while you where ahead." With that he kicked the head as hard as he could. Sending the head sailing he then charged Kakazu. Five jutsus where unleashed at once. One of each element the chakra behind it was beyond the levels of most jonin.

With any fear he leapt into the brunt of the attack. As the jutsus slammed into him he roared. Leaping further he spun in mid air. Turning into a drill of savage fury. Heading strait for two of the creatures he tore threw them with ease. As they turned into a puddle of black ooze. He landed hard on the ground as he glared at Kakazu. The ancient ninja looked at Naruto. As experience from his youth told him to do one thing. To cut bait and run. Looking at his target he found her surrounded by Bolt black ops agents. Led by Samui herself. Looking at Naruto he reabsorbed to remaining creatures and said. "Next time boy you die." With that he vanished in a column of fire.

As the Bolt agents tended to Yugito and recovered Hidan's head. Samui moved towards Naruto. With a dark growl she said fiercely. "How did you know?" All Naruto did was raise his hand up. Making a sign to wait a second he looked around. Only to step to the right as a plume of smoke and brimstone appeared where he was standing. There was the second person with a large man with them. Standing at just over seven feet tall he was nothing but pure muscle. With bronze bracers on his arms. He was one of the strongest ninja alive. This was the Raikage himself Kongol. Though at the moment he looked ragged as if he had been in a fight.

With a grunt he limped towards Naruto and looked the young man over. Half his clothes had been destroyed in the final attack. While his Sharingan eyes where still active. Crossing his arms the Raikage grunted and said. "So you the punk that beat my brother Kirabi. So what do you want Uchiha?" With a saddened look in his eye Naruto looked away and said. "I'm no uchiha lord Raikage. Do uchiha have these?" Raising his right arm slightly he then popped his claws." The Raikage was clearly impressed. As he remembered the rant from one of his ninja from years ago. His gaze went to a shocked Samui for a brief second. Only for him to look at the boy again and say. "No they don't. So why did you save Yugito? While your friend here bailing me out of a trap set by rouge cloud ninja."

Retracting his claws Naruto looked at Yugito and said solemnly. "Several months ago while training I learned of the Akatsuki. When they took gaara of the desert. I knew I had to stop them. So we came to there next target. It was pure luck we found out there plans. To distract you with an assault while there elite took there prize. I couldn't risk another of my kind taken." At that the Raikage raised an eyebrow and asked aggressively. "Witch one boy?" Looking him square in the eyes he said annoyed. "The ninth though those leaf bastards didn't think to tell me. I had to find out on my own after nearly killing my teacher. So could you please drop it."

Nodding the Raikage said calmly. "Understandable I know it's a touchy subject among your kind. Though there is one thing I would like to know." With that he grabbed the robed figure. Before Naruto or his companion could react he ripped the cloak clear off. All those there where frozen in there places. Even the Raikage was awestruck as he said with a whisper. "Impossible there extinct." There standing before them was one of the last of an ancient clan. One that ended at the hands of the sage of the six paths himself.

Standing at just over five feet tall was a sixteen year old girl. Yet what set her out was several things. Her hair was a long platinum. While her eyes where a solid dark green with a purple pupil. Her skin was also a pale almost white color. While purple tribal marks gave her a feral look. She was in a loose style of robes like Naruto's colored green with a leaf pattern. Only slightly less loose to show off her figure. Witch in itself was a head turner. Strapped to the back of her waist was a pair of Katanas. Her belt had pouches shaped like decks of playing cards. There where ten of these pouches total. While she stepped back nervously Naruto appeared between her and the Raikage. Popping his claws he took a defensive stance. While the girl's hands moved for two of the pouches.

Realizing what he had done the Raikage bowed and said as gently as he could. "My apologies. Had I know I wouldn't have done what I did. Please forgive me. I owe you both a great deal. Rest and recover in the village. Together we have a better chance to deal with the Akatsuki." Slowly retracting his claws Naruto looked back at his partner and said. "It's up to you Hydra." Looking at the Raikage her eyes seemed to glow for a brief second. Nodding her head was all he needed. Looking at the raikage Naruto said calmly. "We'll stay for awhile. Until the head spills his filthy mouth anyway." Nodding The Raikage smiled and led the two to his mansion.

In the hidden mist village the spying jutsu had run out of power. Leaving three shocked and stunned people. All three couldn't believe what they had seen. Kushina was staring at her hands. Since the day of the nine tails. She had been cursed with those claws. Yet what she had seen was impossible to her. Not only did he have claws as well. But he had the two bloodlines known to tame and control the nine tails. The wood release of the first hokage. As well as the Sharingan eyes. For the first time in years she had doubt. Doubt that her son was possessed by the fox. If so then she had forsaken her own child. Out of fear and shame.

The normally wisecracking and childish Tobi was dead silent. What he had seen had caused old memories to come back. One was of his one night stand with a certain sannin. The possibility floating in her mind was to risky to be true. Already he was thinking of a way to test it. Throwing away his act he said more to himself. "So Hidan is captured and Kakazu fled. We must deal with this as quickly as possible." Looking at Konan he saw a shocking sight. Konan the ice angel of the Akatsuki was openly shocked. While a light blush was on her cheeks. It was only his trained ninja hearing that allowed him to hear her say. "It can't be him." He filed this away for later. As he was already busy with his own plans.

In the raikage's mansion Naruto was in a garden used to entertain guests. Sitting under a tree was in his spare robes. Nearby Hydra was sleeping next to him. Watching her sleep he smiled and said. "You want to know where she's from don't you?" Looking to his side he watched as Samui walked up to him. Arms crossed she looked first at him then at Hydra. Her gaze was one of a seasoned solder. "Yes I thought all the Viera where killed by the sage. Yet here one is are the legends true?" With a small grin Naruto was calm as he said calmly. "Oh yes every last one you've heard. Though I don't have the slightest clue where she's from. My first true sensei found her as an infant on his doorstep. When he died she followed me. Where like family brother and sister."

He then frowned as he said looking at Hydra. "Who was he?" Samui was confused at his question. "What do you mean?" With a sigh he looked out at the garden. "The man I killed that night." The air went still. As not even a fly moved. Samui was still and silent as she looked down at him. Her eyes burned with pain as she said softly. "His name was Faust. He was my father." Naruto didn't speak just stared into the distance waiting. For soon the flood gates released as she dropped to her knees crying. "I know. I know he was a bastard. But still why did he have to die? Tell me now!" His arms wrapped around her as he said gently. "Because where all animals. We try to fight it. Try to deny it but in the end where all animals. The true test is how to become something more."

With a chocked sob she looked up at him. There eyes locked as time seemed frozen for the two. Throwing her pride and care to the wind she leaned in. Slowly the two drew closer. Until there lips locked as the two shared not a kiss of lust. But one of two long lost lovers. When they finally parted he said softly. "I can't stay in cloud forever." Closing her eyes she rested against him. Wrapping her arms around him she said mournfully. "I know but for now make me feel alive. Make me remember what it is to live. If just for today." He then held her tighter and said. "Only if you do the same for me."

Nearby the raikage looked on with a rare happy smile. Since Faust's death he had personally cared and trained her. Seeing her long broken heart finally begin to heal was a happy sight for him. The fact he may stay to be with her only made better. The moment was broken as a messenger appeared. Kneeling the man held up a sealed scroll. On it was the symbol for the hidden leaf village. Taking the scroll he broke the seal. Swiftly reading the contents he frowned. "So the leaf has called a gokage summit." Looking at the two he frowned and said. "Very well we move in two days. Prepare the head for transport."

In the hidden rain village the leader of the Akatsuki was with the two who had watched the battle for the two tails. His legendary Rinnegan eyes widened as Tobi told him everything. Only for the masked man to finish by saying coldly. "It would also seem that you dear angel knows the young man." during the whole recounting the woman was silent and distant. As the god of the hidden rain looked at her. All he had to do was say one word. "HOW?" The silent Konan looked at him. Her eyes showed the storm of emotions in them.

Walking for a doorway. She was gone for several moments. Knowing that the room she had entered had no exit and held the one thing she now fought for. They waited for her to return. There wait was short as she returned with a bundle in her arms. The sky blue cloth had an opening. Revealing a young infant with spiky blue hair like his mother. As the infant stirred she looked up at them. Pain's eyes had shot open as he realized what she was about to say. Yet it was her words that sealed his fear. "Because he is Cloud's father." The two had nothing to say. They had known that Konan had desperately wanted a child. Yet due to reasons to painful to speak of. She had left the group in search of a person to father her child. When she had returned with Cloud all she would say was that the father saved her from a now dead group of rock ninja.

Tobi was in deep thought. The possibility running threw his mind was to great to ignore. Taking off his mask revealed the aged face of Madara Uchiha. Now looking to be in his late forties. It was then that the two knew that the man meant business. Walking up to her he spoke as gently as the man could. His eyes never leaving the sleeping baby. "Konan there is a very good chance this child's father is my grandson. If so we need a blood test to find out. We can do this the hard way our the easy way." Looking at the child she said scared for the child's father. "If he is what will you do? Do to him what you plan with Itachi?" All he did was look at her. Unable to answer her no matter how hard he tried.

For nearly two days Naruto and Samui never left her room. The two had made none stop love. Only stopping to rest. While Hydra was with the elders of the village. Due to the village being near her ancient clans homeland. The elders had a great deal of knowledge on her clan. She had learned more in the past few days. Then in her entire life. Thus it was on the second day that the two lovers stood before the Raikage. He had told them of the summit in the land of iron. With a serious look in his eyes he asked Naruto. "Will you come as one of my guard?" Looking at the two he seemed to be in deep thought. Only to grin and say. "Sure why the hell not."

In the village hidden in the leaves. The fifth Hokage Tsunade Senju looked at the shin obi council with cold fury. Overstepping there authority they had called a gokage summit. Now she would have to go to the land of iron and make a case worthy of the five shadows. All this was due to there inability to find one man. The sole heir of the forth hokage and fifth Mizukage Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. When the third had revealed his true heritage after his saving of Hinata Hyuga. Tsunade had come with the fury of a mother. In a single day she had filled the entire hospital with every person the ever harm her grandchild. She then used an ancient law her grandfather made to remove the third from power and become the fifth.

Since that day nearly every clan has offered there daughters to her grandchild.

When the last of Uchiha clan sasuke had gone to orochimaru. Few even cared while some where even glad. Tsunade didn't even bother sending a retrieval team. When word that Naruto had trained under several of the most feared ninja alive. The council's hunt for him only doubled. As news of his claws reached them they had formed a special team behind her back to capture him. While a secret order to the female ninja to seduce on sight to bare his child. Now she was in need on guards for her trip to the land of iron. While the council tried to choose for her. She was adamant that she take just two people. Hinata hyuga and her sensei Anko mitarashi. They where to leave at sunrise. Leaving Jiriaya of the sannin in charge in her place. Little did they know the one they sought with such frenzy would soon walk right into there laps.

At the gates to each of the hidden villages the kages where leaving for the land of Iron. The one truly neutral land. It was ruled by Samurai with there leader being the feared Sephiroth. The only man to truly master the sword. At the gates to the hidden cloud village Both Naruto and Samui stood before the raikage. The raikage was in his kage robes. While a large bundle was strapped to his back. Behind him stood two people in light brown cloaks. One was clearly thin standing just under six feet tall. The other was slightly less built then the raikage. While from the two radiated one thing. An odd otherworldly power. With a simple nod the five set out.

Halfway down the road Naruto looked at Samui the look in his eyes showed he was both nervous and serious. "Samui there is something you should know." Curious she looked at him concerned. "About a year ago I went to the sand village. Stuff went down and well lets just say the Kazekage's sister is going to be very friendly when we get there. I mean very friendly like us friendly." With a small glare she looked at him and said bluntly. "Just how many women have you slept with." With a small blush he looked away and said. "Quite a few to be honest." Samui just glared at him as he said to defend himself. "Hey it was thanks to them that I'm as good as I am."

Deep in the hidden rain village Madara stood nearby Konan. The angel of the hidden rain held onto her child almost fearfully. The infant was sound asleep in her arms. While the two where anxiously awaiting the results of the blood tests. The doctor performing the test was a loyal servant of the akatsuki. As the door opened the doctor entered. An elderly man in his sixties. His experience was grand and his loyalty came from Rain's defeat of Salamander Hanzo. Who had killed his family decades ago. With a folder in hand he bowed to Konan as he said humbly. "Lady Konan the tests are done" The two waited with held breaths as he read the results. "Having gone threw every test we have we have confirmed that Lord Madara is the child's direct ancestor. How is beyond me. But it is without a shadow of a doubt true. Not only that but the child has both your bloodline and the father's. This child could be the very first to hold five active bloodlines. How is beyond me but it is."

Madara looked at the child in awe. While Konan held one of worry. Should the Akatsuki fail in there goals. Her only son would know only war and bloodshed. Without a word she swore to herself she would protect him at all costs. Looking at the stunned face of Madara she watched as he looked to have been hit with a sledgehammer. Stumbling back he realized a truth he didn't want to know. Dropping to his knees he whispered to himself. "Minato was my son?" His eyes showed pain for the first time in ages. As he mourned the son he never knew. The son he killed when he sent the nine tails to attack the leaf village. Looking at the infant he swore to himself to never repeat the same mistake with this child. Yet there plans had to continue. The life of one man couldn't be worth more then there plans. Even if that life was his only grandson. He would atone with cloud.

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