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The Halliwell kitchen was like always, with the daily newspaper on the table, and the smell of coffee in the air.

Phoebe traipsed into the kitchen, going straight for the coffee. "So, Piper, what did you think about yesterday's battle?"

Piper, who was sitting at the end of the table relishing the silence, opened her eyes. "It was…eventful. Yes…eventful."

"Not just eventful," Phoebe put in. "it was interesting! It was unseen! Who would have known that we would meet a long lost family member, have a sister kidnapped, have Cole appear out of nowhere, and vanquish a whole clan, not to mention one of the most powerful demons out there, all in one day! I'd say yesterday was amazing!"

Piper nodded. "Well, if you put it that way, I'm surprised my brain still works." Piper grabbed the newspaper and looked at the front page. "Do you know where Paige is?"

"Yeah," Phoebe said, putting slices of bread into the toaster. "She's in the attic talking to Leo. He said she wanted to talk to him about something earlier. About what, I don't know." Phoebe looked up towards the attic, wondering herself what the urgent topic was.

Paige sat down on the old-fashioned sofa, listening to her brother-in-law.

"You did a really great job yesterday, Paige. And I'm not saying that because I'm your brother-in-law. I'm saying it because I'm your whitelighter. A very great job actually, considering you're newer to the craft than your sisters. You've excelled exceptionally well and know exactly what to do in certain situations. I know everyone's proud of you." Leo smiled that adorable smile he's always had.

Paige nodded. "I'm proud of Posten. She was practically forced into the craft just yesterday, and she's already learned how to control her powers 90% of the time. Now that's really impressive."

"In fact, I think that we should go visit the Jamesons' today," Paige said. "See ya!" She walked down the steps, through the hell, and down the second staircase and joined her sisters in the kitchen.

"Hey Paige! How are you?" Phoebe asked, cleaning up the table.

"I'm great, to say the least." Paige grabbed a chair and sat down. "Hey guys. I was thinking."

"About what?" Piper asked putting the newspaper down in front of her.

"I really like Posten. I think we should go visit her today and see how she's doing after yesterday's adventure. What do you think?"

Phoebe and Piper both paused, looked at each other, and both answered, "Definitely!"

All three sisters laughed all the way out the front door, while Leo orbed Up There.


"Hi Willa!" Paige exclaimed when the Jamesons' door opened. "We're just dropping by to see how everyone is."

Willa smiled. "Well, hello there, Paige. Hello Piper. Hello Phoebe. We are doing fine. And how are all of you?" She moved away from the door so the Halliwell sisters could come inside and make themselves comfortable.

"We are doing just fine," Piper answered.

"How's Posten?" Phoebe asked, curious.

"She's doing better than you would think," Willa responded. "I'm the one who hasn't quite got used to the whole power/witch thing, yet. She's going along fine with it. Controls it very well, to say the least."

"Very good," Piper said. She was smiling. "Do you mind if we go see her?"

"Oh, sure!" Willa said, stepping out of their way. "Go right ahead!"

"Thank you."

The three sisters and Willa walked up the carpet-covered stairs and found their way into Posten's room. Posten was practicing her power; first looking at an object, hiding it, and then making it appear in her hands again.

"You are controlling it very well!" Paige exclaimed.

"Thank you!" Posten said, grinning at her achievement. "I've been practicing it for a while, now. I think I'm getting the hang of it."

"Can you show us again?" Phoebe asked.

"Sure," the little girl said. "Choose an object. Any object."

Phoebe looked around and spotted a cute plush toy shaped as a giraffe. She stood up, took the plush toy, and returned back to the mini-circle. "Is this alright?"

"Yeah. Now hide it."

"Paige, you can hide it," Phoebe said.

"Okay." She took the giraffe and walked down a couple stairs and put it in between two of the wooden beams. She made sure it stayed there before she went back to Posten and Phoebe. "Done."

Posten nodded. "Okay. Now watch." Posten closed her eyes, and breathed deeply. She inhaled sharply when the images started racing by her, then slightly blinked to make the rush stop. There, in front of her, was the giraffe that had been hidden. She saw it. It was stuck in between two of the rods on the stairs.

"Okay," she said, keeping her eyes closed. "Ready?" Posten put her hands out. She counted to three in her head, and on four the giraffe disintegrated from the stairs and formed back into the giraffe. Posten was holding it.

Phoebe and Paige started clapping, who were joined by Willa and Piper, who had been conversing with each other.

"Very good!" Phoebe awed. "That's wonderful!"

"Thank you," Posten said politely. She never forgot her manners. She leaned in slightly, and motioned for Phoebe, Paige, and Piper to come join her. They did.

"Do you remember that man, Leo?" she asked.

All three nodded.

"He was kind of cute."

Phoebe and Paige laughed, while Piper's eyes widened, but with happiness.

"Whoa, back away, sister! That is my man, right there. Forever and always."

"Really? Forever and always? That's nice to hear."

Piper and her sisters looked behind them. Leo stood there, smiling with a twinkle in his eye.

"I know," Piper said.

Leo bent down to Piper's level and gave her a quick kiss. "I love you, sweetie."

"I love you, too," Piper said as Phoebe and Paige were making a face as if they had seen something gross, sticking their tongues out.

Posten just smiled.

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