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He started walking. Walking away from his meal. Away from his prize. He was thirsty now. He was also dirty.

He looked up at the sky.

He had to leave. He had to escape. But only after he did what he had come to do.

He dug out his knife from his belt. He leaned over the dead boy that he had earlier become friends with. He leaned over him, using his knife as a shaver cutting way too deep.

The body had been cold for a couple of hours. The knife started at the stomach, digging in until the man was sure it had gone past the outer skin. He then maneuvered the knife down one side of the boy on the ground. As soon as the knife had reached the toe, the man came back up to the stomach and started going down the other end.

The sickening sound of the muscles and skin tearing from the body made Central Park seem dark. Cold. Silent. Alone.

He completed the front side of the boy, although leaving the family jewels in its place. He kicked the boy over onto his stomach. He took his knife again, starting at the top of the shoulders, then moving slowly down the back, down the legs, and off the feet. He repeated this sequence until the boy was completely skinned.

He stood up.

He smiled, satisfied with his work.

He kicked the lifeless and now skinned body, just enough to make the arm barely visible under it.

He looked around, checking for anyone who might be roaming the park. No one.

He smiled again.

He silently walked over to the nearest bathroom. He washed his hands, clearing them of any signs of blood. He took out his knife, and cleaned that, too.

He dried his hands.

He put the knife back in his belt, then covered it with his shirt.

He walked away unhurriedly to the parking lot, got in his car, and drove away, smiling.

"I did this for you."


"Gross," Detective Olivia Benson said, looking at the body, completely skinned.

M.E. Melinda Warner came up to her side. "Luckily, the boy was already dead. There would have been a lot more blood than this if he was still alive when he was skinned."

"I still think it's gross." Olivia bent down, spotting something on the ground. She picked up what looked like a pill.

Melinda bent down next to her. "That looks like a sleeping pill. My guess is that the perp and the victim knew each other."

Olivia nodded. "They went out to get some pop, the perp somehow got the pills into his drink, the vic felt sleepy, went outside, perp attacked him."

Melinda looked down again, and noticed that something was carved into the boy's body. With gloves on hands, she lightly moved the boy's arm, and found writing on the outer part. LUNCH. Melinda breathed deeply, not expecting something like this.

"Ohmigod," Olivia said, turning around. She covered her mouth. "That is sick."

"What do you think it means?" asked Detective Elliot Stabler, coming up behind Olivia.

"It means that a sick bastard had a good time tasting this body and ripping him limb from limb," Melinda said.

"Unless," Olivia said, "he's keeping it as a trophy."


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