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Chapter 5: Bad Day/Good Day

"I hate this place," said seventeen year old Cooper Tomlin. He was sulking and talking to himself while sitting in detention. As he said, he hated this place. He hated it to heck. He didn't make any attempt to learn, he was already failing all his classes by the fourth week, and got a couple detentions each week. He was already the kid the teachers talked about in dread at the teachers' lunch table. No one wanted him in their class. But they couldn't expel him because then their school would lose a great amount of donations. Cooper's parents had a large amount of money. Not as much as Bill Gates, of course, but the family still stood at the top of the donations pyramid. The school couldn't afford to lose the family.

Although, Cooper couldn't care less about this. He hated school. He hated his parents for making him go. The only things that kept him coming and willing to get up in the morning were his car and his girlfriend, Eilma Gifford. She was smart, but wasn't obsessed in getting good grades. She was a good student, but not the best. But the thing that really attracted Cooper to Eilma was her involvement in a small local group called the Hanging Mile, which is a group that helps troubled teens either in group therapy, or separately from the others. Apparently, they were both involved in this and met each other there during the summer. They later discovered they went to the same school.

The second hand finally reached the twelve and the minute hand moved to the six on the wall clock. Cooper practically exploded out of his desk and half-walked half-jogged over to the door, the escape.

"Hold it!" his supervising teacher said firmly, putting his arm in front of the doorway.

Cooper visibly shrugged, sighing. He needed to get out of this hellhole. He looked at the teacher.

"Cooper," the teacher said calmly. "We cannot keep having these two-hour long detentions. I have a family I need to get to and I am sure that you would rather be somewhere else other than here. The only way that that's going to happen is if you study, pay attention in class, and do something productive during school." He looked at his watch, as if testing Cooper's patience.

Cooper still stood there, getting fidgety. "Can I go now?" he asked impatiently.

His teacher sighed. "Yes, Cooper. You may go."

"Thanks," he said, waving and walking out the door. He didn't have a smile on and didn't look at his teacher when leaving. So much for manners.

As he trod out to his car he dug out his cell phone and dialed 375-8328, Eilma's number. It rang five times before Eilma's voicemail answered.

Hey, this is Eilma, the recorded message said. You have reached my voicemail. Sorry I can't pick up right now. You know what to do.


"Hey, Eilma. It's Coop. I'm calling to know if you wanna get together now? … I'll call back later to ask that same question." Cooper pressed the END button and closed his phone. He passed a couple more cars, probably belonging to students still staying after. He wasn't the worst kid in school.

Putting his cell phone in his pocket, he felt around for his car keys. They weren't where he put them. "Shit." He stopped, thinking that maybe he had left his keys in the classroom. Part of him would rather walk home than go back up to that room. He sighed, knowing three miles was too much for a guy who went to gym class two times a week.

He turned around and walked a few steps, but out of the far corner of his eye, he spotted a man he hadn't seen before sitting in his car, staring at him. It gave him chills. Cooper didn't let the stranger see that he had noticed his presence. He just kept on walking towards the building, hoping that the doors hadn't locked themselves or that a teacher would be on their way out, keeping the door open for him to enter. He kept his hands in his pocket, grasping his phone in one hand, just in case he needed to quick-dial 911. He reached the school doors, tugged at the bars, and the door gloriously opened before him. He walked in, went up the stairs, across the floor, saw his keys in the open room, walked out and back across the floor, back down the stairs, and finally back outside. This only took six minutes. He didn't see the man or the man's car anymore. He felt safer, knowing that the creep was gone.

He walked to his car, pressed the button on his keys to unlock the doors, and was about to open the door when he realized something; did the locks come up or were they already up? He couldn't remember if the doors were locked before he went to retrieve his keys. It was longer than five minutes that he was gone, of when the car should have locked itself.

Cooper pushed the thought away and got inside, closing the door behind him. He put the keys in the ignition and turned.

Ditditditditditditdit, the engine sputtered.

He turned the key again.


"Come on, car! Start!"

Ditditditditditditdit, resisted the engine.

"Shit shit shit," Cooper cursed in disgust of today having to be a bad day. He got out of his car, leaving the door open, and walked in front of the car, lifting the engine cover. "What's wrong with you?" he complained to the inanimate object.

All of a sudden, something shoved him against the car, his head bumping the car engine cover. He was facing away from his assailant, so he couldn't see anything besides dirty engine parts. The last thing Cooper felt was a knife giving a quick, clean slice to his throat, immediately cutting off the airway. His body jolted a couple times, then went limp.

Cooper's killer dragged his body a short ten feet around the corner to the back of the school, leaving a heavy and thick blood trail. The man towering over the lifeless body took out his carving knife and examined his meal, deciding where to start first. The cannibal knelt down on his knees and started on Cooper's stomach, slicing a little too deep for pleasure. But it wasn't for pleasure. It was a meal; it was for survival.

At least, that's what he planned to say to the cops if he was caught, adding on the tidbit claiming that God made him do it.

The last car besides the predator's car beeped. The light flickered on and off, on and off. Someone was coming out. Before the cannibal could run and hide, the teacher that had looked over Cooper's detention walked out of the building, struggling to carry all the school work to grade.

He stopped dead when he saw the trail of blood and a man leaning over a bloody body. He couldn't move. His brain screamed for the body to move, but the muscles seemed to not notice and have a mind of their own. Before he knew it, the man that was towering over what looked like a boy – "Cooper," the teacher breathed, - was holding a knife to his neck and leaning in close.

"Listen," the stranger said to his face, his eyes ice cold. "Leave now. You have no business here. And if I hear anything about you going to the police about this, I'm coming to get you and your family." The man jerked back, taking his knife with him. He chuckled as he walked away. "Your daughter looks delicious, Mr. Rifaldo. You don't want that taken away from you, do you?"

Mr. Rifaldo was stunned. Why would this person know about his family? He had to get home safe and take care of his family. He had to take this threat seriously. He couldn't lose anyone; they were too special to him. He waited until the man covered in blood had walked away a couple more feet, then walked hurriedly to his car, letting the papers and books fall onto the car floor.

He turned left out of the school parking lot, even though the faster way was to turn right, the way he always went to get home. But going left meant that he could go around the police station. He didn't want this man to come kill him and his family. He took one last look in the rearview mirror and saw the bloody figure and his face staring back at him, getting smaller and smaller.

The cannibal laughed. He knew which way the teacher's house was. He knew what the teacher was doing. But he didn't care. He had his three meals for the day.

He just had to do one last thing before he left the scene: he used the spilled blood and his finger to write "DINNER" right above Cooper's "head".

It had been a good day for Mr. Cannibal.


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