Hey everyone, it's been some years since I last posted. Sorry for not doing this sooner... Anyway, I've been getting many reviews and private messages pertaining to this story so allow me to answer the main one concerning the continuation of it.

Initially, I was going to discontinue the story and leave it at that. However, I got a pm that wishes for the story to be promoted to get the story out more. I haven't answered back and to the person who gave me the pm, I apologize. I'm having mixed emotions about the whole thing, honestly. I feel like the character development could have been far better and with Okami in the mix of it, I know for a fact that I can run this story better than how it is now. Hell, I have a better plot on it now than what I had four years ago, lol. I did keep this story on here because it was my first written story. Sentimental? Partially, but mostly because it shows where I came from. But let me get back to the point.

Because of that pm, I will not discontinue it but instead put this on hiatus to decide what to do concerning it. Should I rewrite this or continue this as it is? If I continue it in its current state, I will most definitely go back and revise the chapters before all else. Let me know what you think.

And to those who are reading my other story, Last of the Human Sacrifice, I am still continuing it and nearly finished writing the next chapter. I had to really think of how to go about it too as I placed it in a potentially pivotal spot. Smh, the struggle's real and don't let anyone tell you different.