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Full Summary: Akito's rehabilitation of his arm from America is over so he traveled back to Japan to see Sana. Sana's mother said that Sana is in Gakuen Alice so Akito followed her once he discovered that he have an alice himself. When he is finally in the said Academy, he met Mikan and claimed her being Sana considering her looks and her aura! But is Mikan really Sana? The true revelations will appear on later chapters! NOTE: Someone is really jealous in this fanfiction! NxMxAxS

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Birds chirping, trees are swaying…Ah! Everything's so peacef—

"AAAAAHHHHH! I AAM LAAAATEEEEE!" Scratch that introduction..Our little protagonist here is mumbling colorful words under her breath as she turn off the alarm that said 6:45 and the class is going to start at 7:00. Indeed, she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She ran along the narrow hallway. Unfortunately, she was busy running, that she hadn't noticed a raven-haired lad walking (oh-so-casually), causing her to bump onto him, falling on her butt in the process. And thus, the whole routine started.

"Itai! Gomene" She muttered as she stood up, rubbing her waist.

"Hey! Watch it, polka!" And that's it. When Mikan heard the last word that escaped the mouth of the firecaster, she snapped, emitting a deadly aura around her.

"I don't have time to bicker with you right now Hyuuga! I'm late in class, dammit!"

"You're such an idiot as usual Polka! Today is Saturday for God's sake!"


"Can you low down your voice strawberries? Better have an ear checkup later"


"Oh well, see you later Natsume!" Mikan said, quickly changing her mood to a sweet one whilst causing Natsume to blush a little.

"Whatever" Natsume said while hiding his blush with his bangs.


Hotaru's Laboratory

"Mou, Hotaru! Let's go to the Central Town please! Please! Please!" Mikan pleaded to her bestfriend.

"I will say this for a millionth and last time, Mikan. NO!"

"Please! With a chocolate cake and cherries on top?" Mikan pleaded again with those irresistible puppy eyes that can melt every person's heart. But unfortunately for her, Hotaru is already used in those eyes, which she find irritating.

"You can ask Anna or Nonoko to go with you." Hotaru said as she glared at the brunette.


"Or do you want me to test this Baka Gun Version 6 to you?" She said grimly.

"Then fine! I'll go to the Central Town alone! Humph!" Mikan stomped heading outside Hotaru's laboratory.


Central town

Mikan sighed for the umpteenth time. She is downright bored as she strolled around the Central Town while looking at her untouched Fluff Puffs.

"Geez! Howalons is not delicious when you're eating it alone. I hope Hotaru's here with me." She let her feet walk not knowing where she is heading. And when she look around the unfamiliar place, there is one word that escaped her mouth,



All of a sudden, someone hugged her from behind. Mikan was very surprised that she didn't realize her Howalons dropped. She couldn't speak nor move. She was about to call for help but stopped when the stranger's cold breath tickled her neck.

"What are you doing here?" said the stranger's voice. Its voice is deep, cold and menacing. Mikan felt like she was standing in an unknown place in Antarctica.

"I said, what are you doing here?" The stranger repeated.

"W-who are y—" Mikan said in a whisper but was interrupted when the stranger turned her around. Her lips touched the stranger's lips. Mikan felt like falling apart. A million questions flooded into her brain. 'Wh-what the hell? Why is he kissing me? Why can't I move? What will I do? Who is he? Would I die?' and so on, and so forth. But when his tongue inserted her lips, she found her strength again. She pushed the stranger very hard. The stranger was slightly taken aback. She doesn't have the time to look at the stranger's face. All she knows was that the stranger is a boy and have piercing golden eyes. She ran with all her might. Leaving the stranger and her untouched Howalon box behind. Unknown to her, there was a one pair of crimson eyes watching the whole scene in front of him; evidently not liking the whole situation he witnessed.


Natsume's POV

I was walking around the Central Town to buy the latest shounen manga that I always read. While I was walking, I saw the brunette girl. The irritatingly cheerful and annoying brunette girl. Tsk. It's so typical of her to fall in a long line for just a box of Fluff Puffs. And for my great astonishment, she is disappointed. It is very obvious in the emotion plastered in her face. Maybe she has a problem. What could it be though? Not that it's my business, but—hey! It's already her turn. I watched her as she get the Howalon box then placed the payment on the vendor's hand. I followed her until she entered an empty and dark alleyway. What is she thinking? Is she crazy? Well, I don't know the place. It's my first time going here. But I'm not an idiot. Of course I remember the path when I go back. And seeing the horror on her face, I knew she's lost. Serves her right. I was about to leave when some boy suddenly hugged my girl from behind. Wait, let me rephrase that; I was about to leave when some boy hugged the idiot from behind. I felt anger throbbing to my veins. I felt like punching the boy. How dare he touch the idiot? I hate it. Not that I'm jealous of course. Even though I'm a delinquent, I am still a gentleman. I would never do that to a girl. Okay, so now I was worried. A couple of seconds passed and still, she didn't call for help. Does she know him? But she hasn't turned around. Perhaps she knows his scent. But scents don't work for idiots. She will easily forgot it. But who knows? I'd never been an idiot. (A/n: are you sure about that, Natsume?) Sooner or later, she will call for help. I know it. Just a couple of seconds and she will shout. But a bold move coming from the boy interrupted my thoughts. He kissed her. I felt anger rising again, more than ever before. A great feeling that I had never felt. I fought the urge to burn the boy. And to my great relief, the idiot found her strength again. She pulled the boy and ran. Next thing I know, I'm here on my bed, reminiscing what had happened a while ago.

I'm jealous and I know it.


Mikan's POV

I pushed the stranger with all my might, not bothering to pick up the wasted Fluff Puffs. I wanted to get out of that place right now so I ran. But even so, I felt a strange feeling inside me. When the stranger kissed me, I never really wanted to say that, anyway, when the stranger kissed me, I felt that there is a hidden meaning in that er—movement. I felt that maybe he is not bad. I felt that if I just didn't have that kind of first impression with him, we might get to be good friends. Sweat prickled down my face as I run. I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn't notice a bus almost run over me. And that's when I realized that I escaped from that dark and creepy alleyway. I sighed in relief. Who knew what could have happened when I'm still stuck in that isolated area? Sheesh. I better go back to my room and rest for a while. Though it's a good thing I'm not in a trauma. Well, I'm kind of used to it. Many of the AAO members still desired to get their hands on me. My friends don't know that I have a powerful alice. An alice that can destroy the whole world in a blink of an eye. Well, maybe not in a blink of an eye but I could. I can have all alices in the whole world, do you want to know what my second alice is? It's S.E.C, stands for stealing erasing and copying alice. Only the headmaster and Narumi-sensei knows about this. Therefore not one of my friends knew about this secret. No, not even my best friend, Hotaru. Phew. At last, I'm back in my room. In my special star room. Since the headmaster knew what kind of alice I have, and discovered that I'm his nephew, he decided that I should be special star. Narumi-sensei mixed up different stories why I became a special star. Some stuffs like I worked hard, somehow passed and achieved a high grade in examinations. And to tell you the truth, I really don't know whether they believe it or not. Well, I can't blame them, Hotaru is a genius and works so hard yet she is still a triple star. Natsume is a genius and have a powerful alice so he is a special star. Therefore, I tell you, there are only two special stars in this academy, it's obvious, right? Me and Natsume. Damn. Why can't this bloody door just open! I'm so exhausted, I am nearly out of my mind. And for the first time ever of that day, I looked at my watch. It said 7:45. Oh, how the time flew so quickly.

Normal POV

"Oi, Polka. That key said it's for a diary. Can't you read your own handwriting? Or are you really just a stupid little girl?" Natsume mocked but not having same kind tone of voice.

"Eh! I-I know that. I'm just experimenting." Mikan opened the door. "Good night, Natsume" Mikan smiled brightly at him even though she is exhausted.


Natsume's POV (as Mikan's door closed)

How can she smile like that to me? She was close to having a rape (A/n: I think he's overreacting. Though, I don't really blame him) yet it felt like nothing to her. Yes, I know she's exhausted. I can feel it, but it's still wrong. It's just wrong. Fine, I know I just admitted that I am jealous but I still don't know whether my feelings are true towards her. Tch. Stupid adolescence. Why did God invent such a thing?



Title: One Heart

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: She don't want to leave him but she have to. He loves her but he have to let her go. NatXMikan •TwoShot•


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