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-Mistaken Love Triangle Chapter 4-


Mikan's POV

I woke up from my slumber and take a glimpse on my surroundings. I am in my room. Wait. I AM IN MY ROOM? Who brought me here? I wish I knew my saviour. I really owe her or him my life and virginity. How I wish I didn't pass out. I looked at my clock, it reads '4:25'. I can't sleep. And the best thing to sleep is to stay awake. Sigh. I am sure I would be late to my class today as well.


Next Day

"Brightly! Brightly! The Sun is glowing brightly today…" Sang Mikan as she senselessly skipped towards the classroom.

"Ohayou, minna! Lookie here! I am not late today and I'm so happ–"

"You're saying, Ms. Sakura?" Sir Jinno said as he glared at the brunette teenager.

"–py. I-I mean, gomene for being late!" Mikan cried as she bowed numerous times.

"Detention for you, Sakura!"

"H-hai" Mikan groggily stated. As Mikan walk back to her seat, one thing caught her attention.

"H-Hayama-san! W-Why do you have bruises on your arms?" Mikan shrieked, thus, catching the attention of the whole population inside the classroom. (Excluding a certain fire caster, hanging around somewhere)

"Tch. None of your business." Akito sneered nonchalantly.

"Mou. I'm just concerned, you know!"

"Seems like Mikan had earned a company for detention. Hayama, you shall join her! And stop disturbing my class!" Jinno stated angrily, his eyes full of disdain.

"Gomenesai, Jinno-sensei."

"Whatever." Akito stated as if he doesn't care. But if you looked closer, you could see his golden pools swimming in satisfaction. 'This is going to be interesting' his last thought before he fell back, once again, to his slumber.



Normally, Akito would care less even if he got a detention nor will he have bad grades for skipping it, but this time is an exception. Why? Because seeing that he have a familiar, annoying and interesting girl to be with, he's not willing to hesitate in attending. Now, back to the real plotline, shall we? Under the circumstances of Jinno's rules, they can't sit beside each other. Jinno asked–no, ordered the both of them to write 5 sentences to why they must not get the attention of the class, or on Jinno's language, why they must not disturb ongoing classes. Though, Mikan is an idiot, she didn't dare to anger Jin-jin by her idiotic answers. Due to her experiences with detentions–which is a LOT–she already prepared an answer to satisfy the said teacher. But who would have ever thought that Akito would answer in a very implausible manner? Want to know what his answer was?

'Because. Disturbing. Is bad. Especially. when you're sleeping.'

"Mr. Hayama, can you explain me this piece of crap?"

"Oh. That piece of crap has 5 sentences. I don't remember you saying that we should emphasize it in 5 complete and proper sentences do I?"

"Why, you!–" Jinno stood up from his mahogany chair and prepared his stick, readying for an attack.

"Sensei, calm down!" Mikan cried to Jinno. Jinno calmed down himself and glared at Akito.

"Hayama, detention for one whole week. End of detention today." Jinno stated nonchalantly.

"Whatever." Akito muttered as he abruptly walked out of the classroom.

"Hey, wait!" Mikan quickly stuffed her supplies into her bag, and dashed towards Akito.

"What now?" Akito asked. Annoyance clearly laced in his voice.

"Sorry. I am very sorry because if it wasn't for my loud voice, you don't have to attend a detention now, and the whole week on that matter."

"I'm not going to attend anyway."

"Eh? But you must attend Hayama-san, you might have bad grades."

"Tch. Like you care, BA-KA"

Ignoring the nickname, she replied, "But seriously, what happened to your hand? It is bruised yet it is not bandaged."





"Oi, woman! Can't you just shut up for a freaking second! You sounded like a pig ready to get slaughtered in the chop-chop room!" Akito hissed.

"Gomen. But it's true right?"

"Fine, you are a genius, alright. Mikan Sakura for the win." Akito stated sarcastically.

"You still haven't answered my question, how did you get that bruise?"

Mikan's POV

"You still haven't answered my question, how did you get that bruise?" I didn't know why I was so adamant to know the reason behind the bruise etched on his hand. Possibly because I was assuming that Akito was the one who saved me last night. Well, it's not impossible, right? I could see that Akito was a fairly strong lad, after all. Why not keep my hopes up? Besides, I got this fluttering feeling in the pit of my stomach that he helped me, but at the same time, he didn't. Who knows? Many said that I'm an idiot. So maybe my instincts are not that goo–what the! I was too busy with my thoughts and the next thing I knew, he pinned me on the wall, caging me like I was a kind of a cockroach, ready to die (a/n: I know, it's an inappropriate analogy, but deal with it.)

Normal POV

While Mikan was busy with her thoughts, she hadn't noticed that the usual poker-faced Akito formed a small smirk, indicating that some ominous thought passed by his unpredictable head. He held her wrists and pinned her on the nearby wall. On a deep, and the most menacing voice that he could muster, he whispered on her ears–

"Do you really want to know, Mi-kan?" A horrified expression was etched on Mikan's small, baby face. She nodded slowly. Curiosity, eagerness and determination replaced the horrified expression. After seeing Mikan nod, Akito whispered softly–

"Then you must ask me properly, right?" Then, indignation and fury invaded Mikan's thoughts and all hells break loose.

"Look, Hayama. I admit that I'm very curious as to why you are bruised but that gives you no reason to bully me, taunt me, and whatnot. I am not your slave for you to order nor am I one of your growing fan girls that suck up to you. And if you don't free me now then I'm sure as hell I will kick you hard where it hurts the most." Mikan spat angrily. Lips curving into a smirk, he only loosened his grip on her thin wrists but still there, nonetheless, and brushed his hair with his free hand.

"You really want to know why? It's you." He quickly let go of her wrist and walk off to only-god-knows-where. But one word remained in Mikan's mind leaving her looking like a fish:



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