DISCLAIMER!: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS STORY….heck I don't even own my own life….stupid parents….lol

Mature: Blood, Possible Gore and maybe some Lemons, And Language

No Flamers aloud you don't like it don't fucking read

There once was a magical place called Konoha. The birds were singing, children playing, rainbows shining, unicorns frolicking the field, a giant 9-tailed fox massacring the people outside the city gates….wait…WTF!?


''OMG WE'ER ALL GOING TO DIE!'' Said a random ninja just as his eye balls melted out of there sockets because there was to much youki in the air cuz the most power fullest bijuu of the 9(yur probably wondering why I didn't say he or she…well im going to tell you at Quarter past never)

''We need to hold it off until the Yondamie arrives!'' Said another ninja. Said ninja then look towards the other guy who got his eyes melted. ''IT GOT BOB! KILL THE DEMON!'' He said.(oh yeah btw a shit full of randomness will go on and crossovers)

Just then the 4th hokage arrived holding a baby child(Guess who…main character bitches lol) ''EVERYONE FALL BACK!'' Screamed Minato(4th Hogake). As everyone left he did the a forbidden jutsu and summoned The King of Shinigami(as in more then one shinigami will appear…guess u can figure it out by now if you cant then you r an ass muncher).

''Who summons me!?'' said the shinigami. ''I have and I wish for you seal the kyuubi's soul into my son!'' Said Minato. ''Very well young one but for the price your soul shall belong to me'' He said. He then ripped out kyuubi's soul with little difficulty as it was to shocked seeing the shinigami here, it then proceeded placing it into the naked baby. As the sealing was done the shinigami left. Hiruzen(3rd hokage) appeared, ''Hey old man'' says minato weakly as he is dying, he then looks at the baby.

''I hope you have a great life my son…my naruto''(pfft yea right like tht would happen) says minato even more weakly. ''Make sure they see him as a hero old man''(HAHAHAHA THTS FUNNY AS SHIT!..lol srry) says minato.

''I will my boy I promise'' says Hiru(Hiruzen). Hiru then takes the naruto and holds him. ''Good…bye kushina…..chaaan'' minato says as he dies(finally!). Hiru the lets a few tears out like a little bitch who lost her teddy then walks back to the tower then realizes some thing

''DAMN YOU MINATO FOR NOT GIVING ME HOW TO BEAT PAPER WORK!'' screamed Hiruzen thinking about all the paper work he's going back to and cries like the littlw bitch he is.

A black cat with yellow eyes watches as hiruzen walks away and thinks 'That boy will be strong one day'


Well thts it for now

A few things:

1) this is going to be a naruto/harem

2)bashing will take place


4)I have high school to do andother things to do so I might be slow with updating


I hope my favorite authors read this and tell me what to do like Kyuubi-16(or whatever his name is now a days I think its celestial kyuubi but w/e)

Oh its gonna be a big harem