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Just summarize his adventures like a rocky montage, snappy one line scenes.

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So that's what I'll do,, I'll time skip and give your a summary on what happened

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Story begin

~Time Skip 4 years~

Naruto is now 12, being overlord for 4 years really made him bad ass, but he kept up his charade of being a dumb ass so people wouldn't get suspicious of him.

After he got rid of the heroes that killed this predecessor, but as he was fighting them he realized something, that each of the heroes represented 1 of the 7 deadly sins of man. Melvin was gluttony, Oberon was sloth, Sir William the Black was lust, Goldo was greed, Jewel was envy and Kahn was wrath, and the wizard who was the previous overlord before his predecessor was pride.

As he was taking quests and such he met beautiful lady named Rose, who along with her sister, womb both became his mistresses, were the daughters of the previous overlord, weird. The current overlord takes the daughters of the previous overlord as his mistresses, ironic.

But he still loved Kira with all his heart and she remained his first and main mistress, and instead of killing jewel like he planned he made her into his concubine, a sex slave.

After he got the crane he fixed the tower to its former glory...with deadly add ons to it. He made the walls unable to walk up with charka from a seal he learned in a book. He also retrieved all the hives, Rose upgraded his blues and browns while Velvet upgraded his green and reds, all this happened in 2 years, the other 2 years he want into hiding to build up his forces into the 100 thousands.

The land he now conquered was on another island, not to far from the elemental nations, but the previous overlord's land reach father than the eye can see, but for some reason, never conquered or even try to conquer the elemental nations, so Naruto planned on doing something the previous overlord's didn't accomplish...enslave all of the elemental nations. In the past 4 years he learned many jutsu's that were very powerful, not as many as Kakashi but close, But being around a hormonal demon that seems to be in constant heat made Naruto a bit...perverted, so about 1/5th of the justu he knows are perverted.

He also has jutsu that would make Nrochimaru bend over for Naruto(if you know what I mean HA). He was also very powerful physically for a 12 year old, his strength rivals that of Tsunade on a bad day, his speed matches Maito Guy with his weights on, his intellect and strategic moves is on par with Shikaku, shikamaru's father and shino's dad(whats his name?). Naruto is also constantly wearing weights, but due to his healing factor he gets used to them every 10 minutes and ups them 50lbs a limb, and a 75lbs on his chest each time he gets used to them. All his training was supervised by Gnarl and Kira, with the help of Kage Bushin he had decades of training in just 4 years.

(AN: if anything confuses you, just pm and I'll clarify for you, but if not then lets get on with the story)

~Konoha, genin graduation~

Iruka called his students up 1 at a time and told them to do the basic 3 jutsu of the academy and 1 justu that they didn't learn here. After everyone was almost done, he called up Sasuke.

''Sasgay, your up!'' Iruka exclaimed

''ITS SASUKE!'' yelled the kid with the raven black hair and the hairstyle that is shaped like a ducks ass. Ever since Naruto called him that name all the guys kept calling him that, even the teacher's and even those who thought he was god. Sasuke did the basic henge, bushin and kawarimi(substitution technique, or what ever the Japanese word word), at the end he did the fireball jutsu he was taught when he was younger.

''Huh so thats how you got soot on your croth, you were trying to blow your self you fag''(I apologize for any gays who read this fanfic, but you gotta admit...Sasukes a fag and is gay...almost every woman is whoring them selves out to him and he shuns them away as he focuses on his brother)

Said Naruto while laughing, over the years he became more handsome 12 year old boy, the day he walked into the academy he instantly had a fan club, Ino was, surprisingly the president of his fan club, Sakura being the whore she is was Sasuke's president. Everyone laughed while Sakura and Sasuke scowled along with several other(4) Sasuke fan-girls.

''SHUT UP NARU-BAKA! YOUR JUST JELOUS THATS HE'S BETTER THAN YOU!'' screamed the banshee whore, Naruto's along with everyone's ears started to bleed at the sheer volume of the scream, after a half hour of the medic ninjas fixing up everyone and putting a whole role of duck tape wrapping around sakura's head to shut her up the exams continued.

''Alright now that the whore is done yapping we can-'' Iruka was suddenly interrupted by four kunai break through the window and planted themselves in the ceiling and the floor, with a banner saying ''ITS TIME FOR HELL!'', a purple haired lady burst through the broken window and and screamed.

''Alright I'm Anko and its time to get ready for the second-'' she started

''Your early!'' screamed iruka, ''YOUR NOT EVEN SUPPOSE TO BE INTRODUCED FOR AT LEAST 5 CHAPTERS!'' screamed iruka with his big-headed jutsu

''Really? Fuck, well that sucks, OH WELL! See you kiddies later'' anko left, and iruka sighed

''what fuck is wrong with this village? Alright Naruto, its your turn'' iruka said as Naruto sighed and walked up and performed the basic 3 jutsu, and did a few hand signs and said ''Steel skin'', naruto's skin turned shiny.

''Nothing can cut me or hurt me as long as this jutsu is activated, but as a I catch, I am very limited in mobility'' Naruto said as he went back to normal, Iruka congratulated him and handed him a black head band with long straps that if tied around the forehead the straps would end at the bottom of his shoulder blades. Mizuki cursed as he watched his plans crumble before him from the background.

''alright everyone, come back tomorrow for your team assignments'' Stated Iruka happily as he looked out the window and saw a crazy old guy carrying a detached head from a corpse while laughing like orochimaru when he found a young alone boy.


also for not saying this earlier, when you guys first saw that talking black cat it was yoruichi from bleach...fucking hot piece of ass. She was their doing her job, collecting souls for soul society, yes she is still with them for now, but she was not the shinigami of Naruto's world

just to clarify

anyway I hope you all enjoyed this chapter as much as I hated writing it...fucking hands hurt and my necks sore lol

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