Chapter 2: What'cha Thinking?

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Buffy's hospital room

Dr. Karen Matthews finished examining her patient, asking seemingly random questions while she did so. But from Buffy's answers, the doctor was able to ascertain that Buffy's amnesia was limited to personal information. Other than those questions, Karen found the young woman to be very intelligent and somewhat witty – despite her profound fear.

After reassuring Buffy that everything looked good, Karen stepped out to talk to the people who had been sitting at her bedside the last few days. She explained about Buffy's memory loss, and was surprised to see suspicion flash in several of the people's eyes. She warned them not to push her too much; even though she just woke up, she shouldn't be over-stimulated.

They made their promises, yet still rushed to Buffy's bedside, hugging and touching her. They kept exclaiming how happy they were that she was better, and not to worry, she'd get her memory back. Even Cordelia joined them, albeit somewhat reluctantly.

The only two to hold back at first were Giles and Oz. They just stood there, watching her, worried for her mental well-being now that her physical injuries were better. Eventually, the doctor nudged them forward, curious about her reaction to them.

Buffy's POV

What could have happened to me? Was I in some sort of accident? Did somebody beat me up?

The doctor said those people are my friends and family, but they don't look familiar to me. Wait! There is something about that older guy! The look in his eyes seems…I wonder if he's my dad. It seems as if he loves me.

Not like the lady the doctor is talking to. I guess she must be my mother or something. Oh, I get it, they must be divorced and she got custody of me. The way she's looking at me, I wonder why she wanted it – unless it was just to hurt him. Yeah, she's saying she loves me and how happy she is that I'm okay, but the look in her eyes doesn't match her words. Was she the one who hurt me?

Except…the kids are doing the same thing she is: saying one thing, but meaning another. Okay, not the redheaded boy. For one, he's not talking at all. And I can't tell what he's thinking. There is something about him, though. He makes my insides feel kinda tingly. Maybe he's my boyfriend? But if he were, wouldn't he say or do something? I bet I just have a crush on him; he is awfully cute.

I wish they would stop touching me! Can't they tell it's making me uncomfortable? The only two that aren't doing it are the ones that I wish would.

My mother must have my dad pretty scared if he won't even touch me. And they have different last names; she must have gone back to her maiden name – or gotten remarried.

Maybe I can just plead with him using my eyes. I doubt that she would be happy if I asked for him verbally. Success! Wow, his touch is way comforting! Maybe if we have a chance to be alone I can ask him to fight for custody of me. If the way I feel around them is any indication, I'd much rather be with him.

Double success! Apparently getting my dad to comfort me, made my crush guy feel like he had to try, too. I wonder why he looks nervous about it. Could he feel the tinglies like me? They seem to be getting even bigger the closer he gets. Huh, his touch is sorta like my dad's – in the way that it makes me feel better. Not that it is brotherly at all, 'cause my thoughts are not like that. Unless I'm into incest…which, EWWW!

But the two girls, the dark-haired boy, and my mother…it's almost as if they are angry at me for something. For getting hurt? For surviving? What?

Doctor's POV

Interesting…Of the six people in the room, she only maintains eye contact with the two that brought her in. The other four…I wonder what it is that she sees in their eyes that makes her eyes flicker in fear. Not to mention the way she flinches slightly at their touch. Even her mother's. I wish she could tell me why. Is she abused?

I know the other two brought her in, claiming she had been mugged, but what if it was her mother? Or maybe one of the others. All of them look like they had been fighting. I should get Nicki to come check this out. We'll do the 'specialist' routine, and she can make her shrink diagnosis. There is something strange going on here.

At least she feels safe with Mr. Giles and Mr. Osbourne. That's a good sign.

Joyce's POV

I can't believe that she's acting like this – even without her memory! I bet she's just faking it. Does she think I can't tell that she prefers that man's attention more than mine?

It's just like it was with Hank! She's 'Daddy's little princess', and I'm the evil Queen for wanting to be more than window-dressing. I really thought when I convinced her that Hank didn't want anything to do with her and vice versa, that finally, I'd get to be the most important person in someone's life.

Then he came along, spouting off about her 'sacred destiny' and everything. Suddenly, I'm pushed aside again! Well, not this time! I will do whatever I have to get rid of him, one way or another. Hmmm, I have just the way to do it, too.

Oz's POV

Why are they doing this? Buffy is clearly upset by all the people in the room, staring at her like she owes them something. That if she really cared, she would remember them. It's just like them to be so selfish at a time like this. I really misread Willow; she seemed so sweet and loving when I first met her.

I wonder what happened last spring. There had to be more going on than we knew. The pressure of being wanted by the police, expelled from school, and kicked out by her mom might have been enough to make one of us fold, but not Buffy. Okay, adding in her friends being hurt or killed might have done it…except I don't think so. It had to be something to do with Angelus.

Willow was so sure that the spell worked, and we saw the light show. But if he turned back to Angel and left, she wouldn't have run away for months. A few days maybe, to get him set up someplace new. But months? No, it was something else.

Okay, what could it have been? Of the options where he's gone and she's alive, there are three. I've just discounted the first one. The second one would be that we were wrong about the spell working and she dusted Angelus. That still wouldn't explain her leaving, though.

Shit! That leaves the worst one: the spell worked and she killed Angel. Was it accidental, or did she have to in order to stop Acathla? Have to talk to Giles about this idea later. He'd be the only one to care right now.

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