The shuttlepod landed in the wooded area not far from Mount Roontian. Mr. Kark had instructed Briank to land in the same area they came down in the first time, as it was pretty isolated, and they didn't want to risk being seen by other Saurians in The Great Valley or The Mysterious Beyond.

Inside the shuttlepod, the cockpit's sliding doors opened up as Briank and Yolanda walked into the lounge area of the craft where Little Foot and his gang were waiting.

"Well, kids! Here we are! Back on Terra!" Briank announced. "We'll now just step outside and see you off."

"However, we must confiscate all of the items you've found... We can't risk other Saurians being curious about them. Besides, you really have no need for them." Yolanda said.

A few whines of dissapointment were heard from the young dinos.

"But it is such a pretty shiny flat rock! It is! It IS!" Ducky cried.

"Give it up, Ducky! It's of no use to you, ANYWAY!" Cera said.

With a heavy sigh, Ducky handed the gold coin to Yolanda.

"...And neither is this hollow grey tube thingee..." Cera said as she handed the fawcet head to Briank.

"The golf club and balls, too..." Yolanda said to Chomper, extending her hand to him.

"Aaawww! Do I have to!?" Chomper asked as he held both objects close to himself. "It's such a fun game to play!"

Spike nodded and warbled his agreement.

"I'm afraid so..." Yolanda said sadly.

A heavy whine was heard from Spike as Yolanda took the objects from Chomper. Chomper himself look real sad at giving up the things he had come to cherish as his.

"Actually, dear..." Briank intervened. "I think we can make an exception, in this case..."

After eyeing her mate for a moment, she smiled, nodded and handed the objects back to Chomper. "Oh, thank you, Mrs. Rainbow Face! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" he cried in joy.

Spike showed his gratitude by reaching up and licking Yolanda on the cheek. "You're quite welcome!" she giggled.

"Now that that's settled, if you'll follow us, please..." Briank said as he led them outside.

"You young Saurians remember your way back to The Great Valley, don't you?" Yolanda asked.

"Yes..." Little Foot said. "Except it's getting late! The bright circle's already low in the sky. We'll NEVER get home before dark!"

"Hmmm..." Briank thought. "Maybe we can be of some help in this matter." He brought out his communicator and opened it.

"Computer?" he said into it.

"Computer ready..." came the flat robotic voice.

"Transport nine over to coordinates 114 mark three six..." he ordered.

"Acknowledged. Stand by for transport..." the flat robotic voice said from the communicator.

"Don't move..." he said as he closed the communicator and put it back on his belt.

"What's gonna happen?" Little Foot asked.

"You'll see!" Yolanda smiled.

Moments later, everyone shimmered as they were caught by the transporter beam. "WHAT THE?..." Cera was heard exclaiming just before they dissapeared.

The next thing they knew, they rematerialized on the other side of what was left of The Hoosier Dam. They looked around once they've rematerialized and were quite astounded to find themselves suddenly back in this place.

"WOW! That was neat!" Chomper exclaimed.

"COOL!" Petrie exclaimed in turn.

"So THAT'S how you got back from Threehorn Peak so fast... and went back up to your Stone of Cold Fire!" Little Foot said as he put two and two together.

Both rainbow faces smiled and nodded at the same time. "Probably our most extraordinary feat of technology ever since sliced bread!" Yolanda joked.

Everyone laughed heartily at this.

Then sounds of roaring in front of them brought their laughter to an end. What they saw frightened all of them.

"OH, NO! IT'S RED CLAW AND HIS FAST BITERS!" Chomper exclaimed.

Indeed, it was the big tyrannosaurus Red Claw and his two velociraptor henchmales Screech and Thud standing roughly 20 feet away from them and snarling.

"OH, NOOO!" Petrie exclaimed as he hid behind Little Foot and shivered in fear.

"Stay here, kids!" Briank began.

"We'll handle this!" Yolanda completed as they both stepped forward to put themselves between the sharptooth and the young flattooth.

Screech and Thud charged the two rainbow faces. Little Foot saw them pull out each their own oddly shaped device from their belts. They both pressed a button on the devices and aimed them at the two fast biters. All were surprised as the devices let loose a high pitched screeching sound as a green beam of light came from each of the devices and hit both fast biters, falling them to the ground instantly.

Seeing this, Red Claw was quite astonished; but he wasn't gonna back down. He roared and charged the two rainbow faces himself. They both fired their strange devices again. Again the high pitched screeching sound was heard as the same two beams of light came out and struck Red Claw. He made a face as he went down unconscious right next to Screech and Thud's still forms.

Then they turned to face the young dinos, who all had surprised looks on their facial features.

"It's okay, kids!" Briank began.

"You're safe now!" Yolanda completed.

They all remained silent for a few moments longer.

"What... was... THAT!?" Cera asked as she finally regained her voice.

Briank smiled. "We call them 'phaser pistols'. They're quite practical, really!" he said as he showed his to the young dinos.

"It's probably our SECOND most extraordinary feat in technology ever since sliced bread!" Yolanda said with a bit of humour.

"Humpf! Fascinating!" Cera said as she examined the one Briank was holding. "We could SURE use a thing like that next time we face a sharptooth!"

"And it can be set to stun or to kill..." Briank said.

"We had ours set on stun against those sharptooth..." Yolanda said.

"They'll be out for a while yet, and you'll be long gone by the time they regain consciousness." Briank said.

"And now..." Briank said as he put his phaser pistol away. "We must part company. We are due back on the Enterprise, and you must go home..."

"Mr. Rainbow Face?" Little Foot said as he approached. "Thanks again... for everything!"

Briank smiled down to the young longneck. "Our pleasure, Little Foot!"

Little Foot smiled back, then hesitated before he finally decided to give the male rainbow face a hug. Everybody else gathered around the rainbow faces and Little Foot for a group hug.

"We'll miss you guys!" Chomper sadly said.

"Us, too!" Yolanda said as she stroked the smiling young sharptooth's cheek. "And remember: never cease to wonder... and imagine... what you may find 'Beyond The Mysterious Beyond'." she then said to all of them.

Eventually, the group would separate. Briank brought out his communicator and opened it. "Computer?"

"Computer..." the female robotic voice could be heard.

"Transport two to the shuttlepod..." he ordered.

"Acknowledged..." the robotic voice said.

He then closed the communicator and put it away again.

Both rainbow faces smiled and waved as they started to shimmer out of view.

"GOODBYE!" all of Little Foot's gang cried as they waved themselves at the dissolving rainbow faces.

Once they've dissapeared, the entire gang sadly headed back toward The Great Valley.

A few minutes later, the shuttlepod's engine could be heard approaching. Everyone looked up and saw the silvery blue glow of the craft and the light trail it left in it's wake as it flew by. Then it made extraordinarily sharp turns in the sky as it moved out into orbit. It literally looked like the Stone Of Cold Fire Little Foot saw those few seasons ago, only this one was moving and maneuvering at odd angles.

"Show off!" Cera humpfed.

It was starting to get dark by the time they arrived in The Great Valley. They saw all the adults were gathered around Little Foot's nest that he shared with his grandparents. Since The Secret Caverns were on their route back, Chomper and Ruby had stopped off there to retire for the night to leave the rest of the gang to head back to where the adults were gathered.

"Little Foot!" Grandpa longneck exclaimed when he saw his grandson approach. "We haven't seen you all day. We were getting worried! Where were you?" he asked as he leaned down to face Little Foot.

"Oh... We were playing Hide And Seek in the hiding grass..." Little Foot answered.

"All day?" Grandpa longneck asked in astonishment.

"Yeah! It FUUN playing Hide And Go Seek THERE!" Petrie said.

"Well..." Mr. Threehorn spoke up. "Come on, Cera! Let's go home. It's getting late, and you must be hungry."

"Not really, daddy." Cera said. "We've been munching on greens pretty much all day."

"Oh?" Mr. Threehorn eyed his daughter curiously.

Cera simply nodded.

"Yes! And Chomper ate some grubs and things! Yep, yep, YEP!" Ducky said.

"Well, anyway! Let's go, Cera!" Mr. Threehorn said as he led his daughter back to their family nest they shared with Tria and Tricia.

"Well, Petrie! It's time to go home! You had us worried sick!" Petrie mother said as they flew off.

"Yes, mummy!" Petrie was heard saying.

"Come on, Ducky! Spike! Time for bed!" Ducky's mother said as she led them back to their own nest.

"Well, Little Foot!" Grandpa longneck began. "You must be very tired after a long day of playing in the hiding grass..."

"You're right, grampa! I am!" he said as he let loose a yawn.

"You sure you're not hungry?" Grandma longneck asked.

"Actually, I AM kinda thirsty..." Little Foot admitted.

"All right, dear! I'll be right back!" she said as she marched off towards the nearby river.

As he and grandpa longneck began to settle down for the night, grandma longneck returned with a tree star filled with water. "There you go!" she said as she get it down before Little Foot.

"Thanks, grandma!" he said as he took a draught from it.

"Grandma? Grandpa?" Little Foot said to get their attention after he had finished drinking.

"Yes, Little Foot?" Grandpa longneck asked gazing back at his grandson.

"I've been thinking... You remember those rainbow faces we encountered a few seasons ago?..."

Meanwhile, back on the U.I.S.V. Enterprise, Briank and Yolanda were on the Bridge, chatting with Mr. Kark, who was still sitting in the Captain's chair. They were recapping the day's events when the slidings doors of the turbo lift opened to reveal Captain Kirkland. He was holding a cup of coffee in his hand, and he looked a little groggy still as he came up to assume his place in the Captain's chair, which Mr. Kark relinquished to him immediately.

"Well... Anything interesting happened while I was off duty and dead to the world?" he asked his First Officer.

"N... nothing worth reporting, Captain." he answered as he crossed his hands behind his back.

Captain Kirkland smiled and nodded. "Lieutenants!" he said, turning his attention to Briank and Yolanda. "You were down there an awful long time. What took you so long?"

Yolanda spoke up. "They needed a lot of convincing before they decided that everything they've seen and found was completely natural."

"Y... yes! That's right, Captain!" Briank chimed in.

Kirkland smiled. "Good! I'm anxious to see your report!"

"You'll have it in the morning, Captain!" Briank announced.

"I look forward to reading it!" Kirkland smiled again. "In the meantime, I've received a communication from Starfleet Headquarters. We're being recalled! We're to head back to Terra Beta for our scheduled maintenance, and some much needed shore leave. The U.I.S.V. Excalibur is due to arrive shortly to pick up where we'll leave off. I'll make the announcement to the crew!"

Both Briank and Yolanda smiled at each other. "It's going to feel good to go back home after all this time!" Yolanda told the Captain.

Kirkland smiled. "That's all! Dismissed!"

Both bowed as they headed to the turbo lift which will take them to their quarters.

As Kark made his way to his science station, Dr. McLelland- who happened to be on the Bridge giving a young Ensign treatment for a small headache- approached him. "I thought your race was incapable of lying!" he told Kark.

"We ARE incapable of lying, Doctor." Kark stated matter-of-factly.

"Really?" the Doctor said in disbelief. "Then how come you lied to the Captain JUST NOW!?" he whispered harshly.

"I did not so much 'lie' as 'omitted certain facts', Doctor."

Dr. McLelland was dumbfounded. Finally, he shook his head and just walked away to take the turbo lift back down to the Medical Bay.

Meanwhile, Captain Kirkland made a shipwide announcement to the crew concerning their recent recall.

"Take us out of orbit, Mr. Chang; and ahead Ultra Light Speed factor 4!" Kirkland ordered.

"Aye, sir!" Mr. Chang replied as he pressed a few buttons on his console. You could hear the hum of the maneuvering engines kick in as the Enterprise broke orbit to head out into deep space.

"It's been a most productive day, hasn't it, dear?" Yolanda asked as they entered into their quarters.

"Indeed it has, darling!" Briank smiled and answered.

"Before we call it a night, though, I'd like to hear that 'Song of truth' you love so much!" Yolanda smiled.

"AH, YES! I know which song you're referring to!" Briank said as he moved to grab the tape off of the shelf and place it in the slot of the desk console.

The song in question was by an ancient rainbow face group from Britania called "Meekal and The Musical Mechanics" titled "Word Of Mouth".

Briank came up behind his mate and embraced her as the soft rock beat of the song began, kissing her cheek in the process as a show of affection.

Briank sang the lyrics of the song in Yolanda's earhole in time with the male singer on the tape:

Now the world is getting older

There's a few things to be said

Do you believe the things they've told you

Do you believe the things you've read

There's a rumour on the corner

But it's always been denied

'Cause they don't want you any wiser

You're just towing the party line

From the West side to the East side

From the North side to the South

You'll never get fact information

If you believe in the word of mouth

Look out for those who still want to hang on

Look out for those who live in the past

Get out and listen to the whispers

Because the times are changing fast

From the West side to the East side

From the North side to the South...

The next day, in The Great Valley, Chomper was seen building a small mound of dirt. He placed one of the white golf balls on top of it and grabbed the driver. "Ready, Spike!?" he called to the big spiketail.

Spike warbled and nodded with enthusiasm.

Chomper swung the club back and let loose a powerful drive that sent the gold ball flying a long ways away. Spike cried in joy as he ran off after the ball.

Little Foot and his gang all laughed with joy as they then got into an improvised game of tag while Chomper cried and danced around holding the driver up in the air. It would be another fun filled day in The Great Valley, where the bright circle was shining down it's warm rays, and not a cloud in the sky could be seen for miles around!