Little Ocean, Smallest Sea

Summary: During a fight between Kronos and the Demigods, Percy was turned into a 5-year old! With no memory of who he is, Percy is stuck with…Luke.

Pairings: LukeXPercy, and others…

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson books, if I did, I'll probably screw it up. *cackle*

Time: Between 'The Battle of the Labyrinth' and 'The Last Olympian'. Some things are going to be a bit…different.

WARNING: Contains YAOI and some potty-mouthing. Just to let you people know. =3

The weak flashlight flickered, throwing haphazard shadows on the labyrinth's walls. The demigods kept moving, throwing wary glances over their shoulders with a hand on their blades.

The one in the front, her red hair now muted to a dying candle flame's color by the shadows, was human. She stopped and froze, eyes squinting in the dim light. The others, demigods, froze also. The boy with messy black hair and sea-green eyes stepped up.

"What is it, Rachel?" Percy asked softly, his hand on his sword which was in pen form. Rachel squinted again, answering in a quiet tone, "We're almost there. I can see a room." And with that last word, she walked on.

Percy was about to follow when a hand clamped on his arm. He turned around and was met with fierce gray eyes.

"How do you know if she's not going to lead us in a trap?!" Annabeth hissed. Behind her, Grover the satyr bleated in a muted fear. Nico hung back, the shadows bending in his direction, while Tyson shivered.

Percy pulled his arm gently away and began walking to catch up with Rachel. "I trust Rachel, Annabeth. And anyways, she has gotten us this far, right? She won't betray us."

The others began to follow Percy; the flashlight's light dimming even more. Annabeth stood still, glaring at the ground. Then she sighed and ran to catch up with her friends.

Kronos and Luke walked in the labyrinth with a small line of monsters behind them. Kronos flexed his fingers and walked deliberate steps, testing out his new body with a child-like amazement.

Luke watched in hidden fear, thankful that he had backed out of the deal right in time, for that might have been HIS body Kronos was testing out.

The body that Kronos now inhabited, was tall and muscled with dark black hair. The person use to have blue eyes, but now it changed to a liquid gold that represents that Kronos, was now the host. Yes, Luke is VERY grateful.

"Why exactly did you backed out of the bargain, Luke Castellan?" Kronos said, a wicked sneer on his face, deeply amused at the flash of minute terror in the teen's face.

Luke jumped at the sound of his last name and cursed himself for showing such weakness. Luke straightened and replied. "Because I wanted to kill Percy Jackson myself, sir. He owes me his death for all those times…" Luke trailed off in silence. He didn't know why, but his chest throbbed in pain when he said those words. Especially on the younger boy's name…

Kronos nodded, not noticing Luke's mental musings. "Yes. Percy Jackson has caused much trouble for me. I suppose I'll leave him to you…or maybe I'll kill him myself." "NO!"

Kronos and his monstrous soldiers froze in shock, as Luke stiffened in horror of what he had screamed out.

"No? What do you mean 'No'?" Kronos questioned, narrowing his gold eyes.

"I-I mean, I want to kill him myself. That's why I didn't accept the bargain, because if I did, it wouldn't be me that would kill Jackson. It'll be you. I'm the one who has to kill him. No one else." Luke stumbled, sweating bullets.

Kronos stared at him closely, Luke held his breath. Then the titan brushed it aside and walked on. "Keep walking, my servants."

Luke let out a relieved breath. 'That was close.' He thought. But he didn't know what he was so afraid of for- him. 'I just want to kill him. He is the death I will cause.' Luke reassured, but he knew that deep inside, it wasn't that.

Shaking his head, the scar-faced teen walked quickly to reach his master's soldiers.

"Is it just me, or is the flashlight getting dimmer?" Grover asked, his hooves clopping unevenly on the dirt ground. Percy shook the flashlight and replied," Nah, it's not dimming at-"

Psssst. The light hissed out before it went dead.

"-all." Percy finished lamely, staring blindly in the dark. Everyone stood still.

"Tyson thinks it is time to get out swords now." Tyson said in an oh-so-wise voice. Nico snorted, but complied nonetheless, with Percy following.

The swords let out light, and the corridor shone darkly. Everyone shivered.

"Umm…well, let's go now." Rachel muttered. They all turned to go when a new sound rose.


"W-what is that?" Grover squeaked. Annabeth just swallowed.

"I-it's nothing. Let's move it." Percy weakly said. They were about to move again, when the sound came again.

Click click click click.

The kids froze and looked at each other. They didn't need words to tell what they were thinking. The clicking noise said everything. 'Let's ditch it.' They thought, before they took a deep breath…and ran down the hall screaming so loud, Hades would've probably heard it.

The old room was empty (save for some glowing boulders and other shining rocks) and silent. But it was a tranquil kind of silence, the kind that people with 3-year old children wished to have. That nice silence was brokened as Percy and company blew right in screaming bloody murder.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH- hey, we're in a room filled with big glowing rocks!" Grover said in bewilderment, scratching his horns. The demigods gave him a stare that said, 'Dude, that's so random.' If Juniper could see him now…

A shrill noise broke them out of their reverie as Annabeth shrieked out loud. "Where's Rachel?!" She flushed. 'Why did I just said that?! I-I don't even like her!' Annabeth thought angrily.

No one noticed as Percy also exclaim, "Where's Tyson?!" A stomping sound came from the corridor they came from. Nico, Percy, and Annabeth raised their swords and knives, while Grover slipped out his reed pipes. They waited in silence as…Tyson ran in carrying Rachel. Everyone relaxed.

"Where were you guys?" Annabeth demanded, checking in account of Rachel's slightly pained face. For some unknown reason, that sight made her heart hurt.

"While we ran in the corridor, I tripped and fell, so Tyson doubled back to get me. Thanks Tyson." Rachel explained.

Tyson nodded and gently set Rachel down. "Tyson likes to help."

Rachel smiled and tried to stand up, but she quickly sat back down gasping in pain. Annabeth quickly crouched down and grabbed Rachel's shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"I-I think I sprained my ankle." Rachel breathed out, her face white.

No one got a chance to answer as the clicking noise sounded again. "Oh, come on!" Nico groaned. Annabeth stiffened. "It could be Luke and company." Percy froze. 'L-Luke?!' The demigods readied their weapons as…a furry animal strolled out into view. Their jaws dropped.

The animal had think spiky fur, little black eyes, a long snout and tail, and long claws that gleam like it was made out of…metal.

"This whole time, the thing that was chasing us was a-a-a- a mouse?!" Nico said, waving his pale hands around.

"Umm…I think it's a shrew." Grover guessed, staring warily at the animal as it scratched its snout.

Nico narrowed his eyes. "Mouse."

Grover narrowed his eyes back even though he was kind of afraid of the pale boy. "Shrew."









"OH FOR THE LOVE OF THE GODS! IT'S A MOUSE, DAMN IT!" Nico yelled, stomping his feet. Everyone went silent. Said mouse/shrew thing walked pass them, uninterested in the episode over it.

"Umm-mmm-mmm-mmm! You just said a bad woooord!" Grover squealed, pointing a finger in Nico's general direction. Everyone sweat dropped. Yes, If Juniper could see him now…

Percy didn't hear any of that. He was still thinking about Luke…how he thought the older teen was his friend…how Luke betrayed him and the camp in the end…how he lo-

Percy mentally slapped himself in the face. 'Snap out of it! It would NEVER happen. And even if it did…' Percy snapped out of his thoughts as he heard a gasp. "Oh my gods." He slowly turned around, and wished he hadn't.

Percy choked on his saliva. 'How- where in Hades's name did they come from?!'

The others, hearing the gasps from Annabeth and Percy turned around, and promptly, their jaws drop.

The three Fates sat there. Their ancient faces staring firmly at them as they knitted a GIGANTIC pair of socks, one of them knitting a sock on the left, the other knitting on the right, and the middle held electric-blue socks. They sat in rocking chairs, bony arms sticking out of bleached looking cotton dresses, and silver hair pinned up with a bandanna. Just like the last time Percy saw them when he was twelve. He shivered.

"Why a-are you h-here." Percy managed out, hating how he stammered. The Fates didn't answer, only knitting and sitting quietly, their ancient power radiating off of them.

Before Percy could say anything else, Grover and Rachel stiffened.

"What's wrong?" Annabeth questioned.

Grover sniffed the air and bleated. "I-I smell…monsters." Rachel nodded. "I can see a small group of monsters…with Kronos and Luke."

Everyone froze once again. Tyson was the first to react.

"Let's hide behind those big rocks." He gestured.

Percy nodded and began leading them to the boulders, ignoring the three Fates. Tyson scrambled up and behind the rocks, carrying Rachel. When they all settled themselves behind the boulder, they wait. They didn't have long to wait.

A steady stomping noise issued throughout the corridor, then someone or something exclaimed and some rustling could be heard. Silence ensued. Everyone let out a slow breath…and was not prepared for what happened next.

The mouse/shrew thing from earlier flew out of the corridor screaming, as droplets of blood rained on the luminous rocks. Nico placed a hand over Grover's mouth as the goat boy choked in fear and anger. Rachel covered her eyes while Annabeth stared at the scene in horror. The Fates calmly watched. Percy felt sick.

A laistrygonian strutted out, grinning manically. The giant saw the mouse/shrew thing still squirming on the floor and the grin on its face grew even wider. Then it pounced.

The mortal kids drew their eyes away as the pitiful screams and vicious, amused laughter, mixed with crunching noises rang throughout the room. The Fates didn't blink; they just kept knitting their socks for Godzilla. Grover gave a silent sob of fury as he became limp. Percy set one of his hands on his best friend's shoulder in a sign of comfort.

The worst of their troubles wasn't over. Kronos came into view with Luke and his monster soldiers behind. If they noticed the Fates, they didn't show it. "Having a snack?" Kronos called out to the Laistrygonian, smiling wickedly. The giant grinned again, showing bloodied teeth. Grover shuddered.

"Do we keep walking, Lord?" Luke asked, his scar showing faintly in the luminous light. Percy stopped breathing, staring at the tall teen. 'Luke…'

Kronos nodded. "Walk on." Kronos and his minions prepared to go on the move again. They were right next to the corridor when it happened.


The small army spun toward the rocks, while the demigods turn to look at a frightened Annabeth. 'Oh gods.' She thought.

Percy prayed that they enemy didn't noticed. 'Especially Luke...'

But as the saying always goes, 'fate was a bitch.' And they were sitting in front of all of them.

Luke narrowed his eyes. "You there." He pointed toward one of the laistrygonians. "Go check behind those rocks."

The game was up. This was it. Percy gave his friends each a look. They knew what it meant. There was no choice. They drew their weapons.

The laistrygonian that Luke chosen lumbered over to the boulders…but never got far.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Percy screamed, as he leapt out of the hiding place before stabbing the giant directly in the chest.

The laistrygonian had the look of utter confusion before he disintegrated into dust. Time frozed. Then it all erupted into chaos. The demigods and one satyr leaped out of the boulders and began combat with Kronos's minions, while Rachel tried to move her sprained foot and huddled in fear.

Percy was fighting another laistrygonian, when his instincts flared up and he ducked as a sword swung at his cranium. He quickly killed the giant before spinning around and parrying the other's sword.

Wide sea-green eyes met with angry blue. Luke snarled and began swinging wildly at Percy. The fight was going evenly until the younger tripped over a glowing rock. 'Oh shit.' Percy thought, as his back hit the ground. Luke kicked Percy's sword away and prepared to unleash the killing strike…

And found that he couldn't. Percy stared up at him. Luke tried to will his arm to move. 'Move damn it!' But his arm didn't budge.

Even thought he was confused at why the elder didn't kill him yet, he was smart enough to take the chance. With a yell, Percy kicked Luke's legs out from under him and scrambled to his feet. Luke went down with a groan. Percy felt a pang of guilt, but he had to go on. Riptide appeared in his hands.

Percy spunned around and saw Nico fighting the titan, Kronos. Kronos laughed, and in a swift movement he kicked Hades's son into the walls. "NICO!" Percy yelled. Through the battle, the Fates still just watched calmly.

Kronos raised his scythe made out of the same metals as Luke's sword, Backbiter, and countered Percy's attack. The two began fighting each other. By now, Percy's friends had finished with most of Kronos minions, and Tyson ran to check on Nico.

The titan lord noticed his disadvantage and silently growled. He didn't like it. But he has to retreat; his body isn't ready enough to handle his power, so he couldn't control time without disintegrating. With a final snarl, Kronos knocked the others sword away, and sliced lightly into Percy's abdomen. It was enough. The force catapulted the fifteen-year old…straight into the Fates.

A part of the ocean child's soul was cut, and it hurt so much. But the pain was about to intensify.

The Fates eyes widened as they saw the body coming right at them, and in defense, they shot a bolt of ancient power at Percy to catapult him somewhere else. The result was instant. In a flash of bright light, Percy's form was illuminated, a blood-curdling scream coming out of his mouth.

"PERCY!" His friends screamed. Luke watched in horror. 'NO!' The light suddenly sucked into itself and Percy's body fell limply to the floor. Grover ran over to his best friend, while the others stayed rooted to the spot in shock.

"Retreat." Kronos ordered coldly, before he quickly walked out in the corridor with the remaining of his servants stumbling behind. Luke took one last look at Percy's unmoving form before following his master. 'Percy…' His chest ached and he didn't know why.

Tyson snapped out of it, and helped Nico up, who looked like he had concussion. Annabeth unconsciously helped Rachel down and called out to Grover. "Grover…is-is Percy okay?"

The goat boy shivered and his voice trembled. He turned around with a small unconscious figure in his arms, and the others gasped. "H-he's alright. But I think we have a problem."

To be continued…

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