Title: Cas vs Zombie Strippers

E/O Drabble Challenge word: Lap

Note: Alright, here's my second attempt at a drabble…this time I'm trying out a new concept for me…humor! So, let me know how I do!

And let the madness ensue!

Sam groaned. Cas stared. Dean smiled. Cas looked away.

"It's a lap dance Cas, not the apocalypse."

Cas swallowed. Dean smirked. Sam groaned.

"Dean, leave Cas alone."

Dean frowned.

"What? It's not my fault Cas decided poof here in the middle of Zombie Strippers."

Sam groaned. Cas shuffled his feet.

"Cas doesn't want to watch zombies give lap dances to male model rejects."

Dean raised an eyebrow. Cas blinked.

"Really? He looks pretty interested."

"I am not interested."

Dean chuckled.

"Consider it an educational experience."

Cas glared. Sam groaned. Dean winked.


Zombie moaning.

Sam glared. Cas stared. Dean smiled.

So…funny? Or not? My fate is in your hands…