1. Era of Adventure

Twenty-two years ago, the legendary Biker Lord Gol D. Roger was executed before the world, in his birth town of Newark, New York . He had acquired everything in his life: fame, wealth, and power beyond most biker's dreams. As the Military was about to hang him from the gallows, he spoke these final, timeless words: "For every man, woman, and child out in the world today who wishes to be free, take it! Take the fame, power, and wealth I have left behind to the new age! I leave it to you; One Piece, the whole of my riches! Find it, and live on!" With these words he brought forth a new era, the Age of Bikers. Now, in the midst of this new age, a new breed of humans is quickly appearing. A new generation of young people aspiring to become the greatest biker in the world and hold the same title as the previous, Biker Lord!

The scruffy, black-haired 19-year old sat staring out of the dimly lit room, boredom present on his young-looking face. It had been only two days now that the government had contacted him; they were coming to pick up a Monkey D. Luffy, registered volunteer number 252. Luffy stuck out his tongue at the window overlooking the grey world. They swore that this was for his own safety, that the public may have mixed feelings about living next to a Bio-Eng., and that Luffy would be perfectly safe, happy, and with people of 'his own kind'. "Blech!" He retracted the tongue as he accidentally tasted dirty window, then sighed and thought about what his Grandpa had said to him in his letter 2 weeks ago.


The government's new Registration Act is finding all of the Bio-Engineered humans in order to move them to a safe location. When they come for you, GO WITH THEM. They are our government, and if anything were to happen, the blame would fall on my shoulders. AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT RUNNING OFF AND FORMING A BIKE GANG like every other Bio-Engineered human nowadays. I may not be in that specific department, but once it is known that my grandson willingly volunteered to do that study 10 years ago, I will get h- for it. Oh, and I also bought you a motorcycle for your birthday. It should arrive any day now. Enjoy life before they come for you! P.S. I told you that you should have joined the government instead of being tested on." –Love Gramps

Luffy had laughed himself to tears that day; dropping the piece of government official work and rolling on the floor in hysterics. Makino had found the letter and started fussing about him again, worrying about his safety and what-not. The said motorbike had arrived later that day, and Luffy had been giddy with glee at the sight of the beautifully polished red bike. Already set on his decision, he was packed and ready to go two weeks later, but the elderly town mayor decided to stop by that day and demanded to know why Luffy had a 'demon's bike' sitting on his front lawn. After an enthusiastic explanation of his intentions from the teen, the mayor had yelled and scolded the boy about 'being foolish' and how Luffy should be a 'law-abiding citizen' and then was invited in for tea by Makino.

Now as Luffy sat in the stifling room he listened to the two people down below discussing about him, and then heard Makino's voice rise up a pitch. Uh oh, that means that she's doing it again… Luffy thought as the conversation downstairs grew heated. Whenever she gets like that, it means that she's defending me again. Tired of having to be helped by the kindly young woman all the time and not doing anything to help himself, he had decided as a very young boy to join a bike gang, even before volunteering for the testing. It had been his life-long dream, ever since his hero Shanks of the Red-Haired Gang stopped by in town years ago. Luffy grinned at the happy memories of a younger him hanging out at the rowdy bar in the usually quiet town with the gang members.

His grin stiffened when he remembered the next part, the time when a street gang showed up one day and tried to humiliate Shanks after learning that his gang had purchased all of the rum. In a rage, Luffy had followed them into the town square, only to have been kidnapped by the leader. Shanks and his gang had come immediately to save the young boy, but while the rest of the bikers easily beat the street thugs the leader had run off with Luffy in tow, meaning to kill the little kid in anger. Shanks had followed, but in the tussle that occurred after they met up, Shanks's left arm had been so badly wounded that it had to be amputated. Being a ridiculously fast healer though, Shanks was back on his feet within two days despite the hospitals protests. The next morning the gang was loading supplies onto their bikes, and Luffy announced to the large and burly biker gang, "I'm gonna go off and find nakama who are stronger than even than you guys, and I'm gonna ride Grand Highway, find One Piece, and becomethe Biker Lord!' Shanks grinned and laughed wildly when the little boy said these big words, and suddenly placed his lucky straw hat on the young boy's head. He told the surprised boy "Luffy, return this to me when you become a strong man with powerful nakama, after you becomethe Biker Lord." From that moment on Luffy's goal in life was to follow the path of freedom on the open road, and to find One Piece.

About a year later, the government called for a nation-wide search for people with the rare blood types of LO positive, ZO negative, and PO positive. They wanted 300 volunteers, and after Luffy learned that he had the PO specific blood type, the boy jumped at his chance. After a month of tests, he returned to the quiet town with amazing powers: his body was now made of rubber, and the government referred to him as a "Rubber Man", so the name stuck. For the past 9 years he had been practicing with his new found abilities, and now was finally strong enough to form his own biker gang like he had always dreamed.

Walking out of the house with his straw hat in hand, he looked back to the kitchen where the blue-haired woman sat with the hunched figure of the kindly but stern mayor and grinned widely. Turning away from the house he failed to see Makino hush the mayor and turn towards the front lawn where Luffy sat facing the open world, one leg on the ground and the other resting on his bike. As she and the disgruntled mayor watched, Luffy threw his arms to the heavens and yelled "YOSH! I'm gonna become Biker Lord!" The only thing the people of the town heard of his departure was the sound of a revving motorcycle and the shouts of laughter playing across the peaceful breeze of the night air as the teen rode out of sight.