hello, all of you. :) i've decided to start on another story. i just watched gossip girl and i felt like writing before the idea escaped my mind. this is a sirius/oc fic and the oc's not jolie, okay? it's a new girl, evidently. :)) anyway, read on to find out. and if you have time, reviews are much appreciated.


"Bye, Mr. Potter."

Young Sirius Black said goodbye to James Potter's father at Platform Nine and Three Quarters in King Cross' Train Station. He had run off from his own home back in the old days, saying that he couldn't take his family anymore. If it was one thing Sirius Black hated, it was people who were completely stuck up with "blood purity" for the wizarding world.

And so, he lived with the Potters. Mr. and Mrs. Potter's son was James, a good-looking boy (but not nearly as good looking as Sirius himself) who wore round glasses and had pleasurable grades in school, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. James Potter was exceedingly good in Transfiguration, just like Sirius, and had a very obsessive infatuation with the charming, pretty, red-haired Lily Evans (who, unfortunately, did not feel the same way).

Last summer vacation, Sirius Black bought his own home—Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place. He and James were here at Platform Nine and Three Quarters for their seventh and last year at Hogwarts.

"Bye, Dad," James said.

"Right then, off you go," Mr. Potter ruffled both boys' hair playfully, as if they were young boys again.

Sirius and James also had two other best friends, namely Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Together, the four of them nicknamed themselves the Marauders and they became extremely popular in school ever since their first year—particularly for their good looks, charm, wits and hilarious trouble making (hilarious to most of the students at Hogwarts, but certainly not to the teachers and staff).

It seems as if everybody in Hogwarts knew everything about the famous Marauders—or so they thought. These four boys had one little secret and it was that they were Animagi, people who could transform into animals. Not only that, but they were illegall, unregistered Animagi. Sirius turned into a dog, which earned him the inside nickname, Padfoot, James turned into a stag, which is why his friends called him Prongs and Peter, the smallest of the lot, turned into a rat and his alias was Wormtail. Remus turned into a werewolf at the full moon every month and he was, by his friends, also known as Moony.

That's right, he did. And that's what led Sirius, James and Peter to become illegal Animagi. They were curious why Remus would disappear at a regular time every month and so they did a little investigation and found out about his "furry little problem" as James liked to call it in company. Sirius, James and Peter became Animagi for Remus, to keep him company and to keep him safe during his transformations when it was full moon.

"Ah, Moony! Wormtail!" Sirius called his other two friends in his usual haughty voice and opened his arms to give them both a rough hug. "How's the summer been for you, eh?"

"Oh, you know," Peter replied, "the usual. Visiting a few of my relatives back in France."

"Met some pretty chicks from Paris, huh?" Sirius winked.

"Oh, shut up," Peter scoffed.

"How 'bout you, Moons?" Sirius asked.

Remus shrugged. "It got a little interesting. As you all know, Lily found out about me being a werewolf last summer, and so she visited my place during full moon week. Mum and Dad quite like her, they've never been more supportive."

"How is it that you get on good terms with Lily and I don't?" James demanded bitterly.

"First impressions count, Prongs," replied Remus. "She and I became good friends on the very first day of first year. We got even closer when we both became prefects."

James chuckled, "Well, Dumbledore appointed me—"

"Head Boy!" Remus smiled and laughed, surprised, "Well, who would've known? Congratulations, Prongsie."

At the same moment, Lily Evans passed by. "Head Boy?" she asked incredulously, "Did I hear right, Remus? James Potter, Head Boy?!"

"Well… yeah."

James turned around to see Lily staring at him, fuming. "Who in their bloody right mind would make you Head Boy?!" asked Lily, her voice raised.

"Oh, relax, Lily," Sirius waved an airy hand. Lily narrowed her eyes and glared. She disliked Sirius as much as she disliked James.

"Relax?! How can I relax, you womanizing prat?! I'm Head Girl!" Lily almost screamed.

"You are?!" James' eyes widened with joy. "Oh, Lily, we're going to have so much fun together!" And he threw himself at her and hugged her tight.

"Potter! Get off me! I can't—breathe! GET OFF!" Lily managed to push James away.

James was almost knocked to the ground but he hit someone passing by accidentally when Lily pushed him.

"Excuse me!" a girl exclaimed in her thick, American accent. "Watch where you're going, will you?!" She made sure to bump James on the shoulder before leaving.

"Oh—I'm sorry!" Lily called after her but the anonymous girl just looked over her shoulder and glared.

Sirius frowned, very curious. He stared as the girl went inside the train. She was thin, curvy, but somewhat small and had smooth, pale skin that made her look almost like paper in bright light. Her shiny hair was yellow blonde and very long, falling in curls just above her hips and her eyes were a piercing, deep blue.

"Who's that?" Sirius asked softly to no one in particular.

"That," Lily answered, sighing, "is Rebecca Johnson. She's new and she's in Slytherin. She used to study in Beauxbatons but she was expelled last year. Lucky for her, Hogwarts was kind enough to accept the likes of her.

"I know," Lily said in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone, rolling her eyes at how Sirius stared at Rebecca, "she's something for boys to gawk at. Good looking, yes. Quite a head turner if I say so myself. Big-headed, though… huge ego. Bitchy attitude."

They were all silent, caught up in their thoughts about her. "Very much like you, Potter, now that I think of it," Lily added as an after thought, meaning to insult James. After that, she left as well.

James grinned and turned to his friends, "Lily thinks I'm good looking? And a head turner?"

"And big-headed with a huge ego and a bitchy attitude," Sirius added.

"Oh, shut it," James warned.

"Apparently, that Rebecca Johnson is, too," Peter said, ignoring James.

"What's up with her, though? Why was she expelled from Beauxbatons?" Sirius asked.

"She doesn't sound English," said Remus, not answering Sirius' question, "More like… American, I guess."

"I want to get to know her," Sirius immediately stated without thinking.

"Padfoot, there you go again with girls! And term hasn't even started yet. You can't just do that!" James looked aghast. The Hogwarts Express was leaving in five minutes and so the four boys went inside the train.

"She's in Slytherin," James continued, "and she was expelled from her old school. There's a reason she was expelled from there…"

"But what is the reason?" wondered Remus.

The train began to leave King's Cross and Sirius, James, Remus and Peter began looking for a compartment.

"I don't know," shrugged Sirius, "And I don't care if she's from Slytherin, I still want to get to know her… or try to, at least."

"Ugh," Peter shuddered, "she seems nasty."

"First impressions count," Remus said again.

"Yeah, but how would Lily know how Rebecca Johnson is really like, though?" asked Sirius, sceptical.

And then he slid open a compartment door. "Excuse me, is it alright is we stay here?" Sirius asked, distracted, not looking at the people who were sitting inside the compartment, "Everywhere else is full."

There was no answer.

Sirius finally looked at the people there and was surprised to find himself staring at his own cousin, Bellatrix Black.

"Well, hello there, dear Sirius," Bellatrix cackled. "Fancy this compartment, now, do you?"

Sirius said nothing. He was busy staring at the girl who was seated with Bellatrix. She had long, blonde hair, pale skin and piercing blue eyes.

Rebecca Johnson.

And for some reason, she was staring back at Sirius.

so what, should i continue this story? when i wrote this, i sort of remembered wild child, a movie starring emma roberts. i was thinking about which actors i might use for this fic... you know, to give you people an idea on how they look like. i was thinking perhaps, skandar keynes for james, emma stone for lily, jake austin for peter, chace crawford for remus and gaspard ulliel for sirius. i'm not sure about gaspard for sirius, though... oh yeah, and maybe brittany snow for rebecca.