Okay, so what is this? At this wonderful and fantastic website called Lyokofreak (dot net, for those that want to check it out, which should be all of you), there's a game called the "drabble game". You're given a theme and character by the previous poster, and you construct a drabble out of it. I've done this several times, so I figured, hey, there's no harm in starting a collection for these- or even doing a few outside the game.

There's a mature and non-mature version of the game, and I've posted in both, so that's why this fic is rated M. I'm not generally a very explicit writer, though, so it's more a low M than anything. Or maybe a high T. This first one's SFW, though.

Subject: Kitten
Character: Ulrich

Out of many things in the world, there was one thing Ulrich never wanted to completely understand- his roommate's mind. Sure, he appeared to be a harmless, if a bit too flamboyant for his own good, but there were times when he was sure there was more to him than he cared to let on. Like, the whole purple cat motif of his Lyoko uniform. Odd had never once shown interest in cats or even mentioned them, and he owned a smelly dog, for chrissakes. Was there something about Odd that he could never find out? Some secret, hidden longing for something different from reality? He didn't know. He might never know.

Though, he thought to himself, a cat would probably have the sense to not pee on his bed.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Okay, off to find and post the rest of them!

- Carth