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Rose's POV

This whole thing has been a bad Idea from the beginning. Protecting a human against the Volturi? Why was I the only one the can see it? Now there was just not going back for us. They're coming, and the Volturi doesn't give second chances.

We are doomed.

It's common knowledge that the Volturi show no mercy, regardless the situation, especially for those whom they despise. And when their "top guard" is assembled, they are ruthless .Mostly the twins.

Bella, this is all your fault.

When the five hooded figures came closer, I could see that this was our end. But, for them, I didn't show any fear, I am a Cullen, proud and strong.

They were all stern and menacing; you could feel the stillness, even the shorter one in the back, with the dark purple hood covering the front.

Personally ,I never ,or wanted to, met a member of the powerful ones .if the stories that Carlisle and the Denalis told us are a small part of who they really are ,I never wished to be even near them. According to the legends, not many survive the first (and possibly last encounter with the vampire royalty.

"Pity" I felt a chill running from my spine when the covered vampire spoken .Her voice wasn't natural, even for vampire standards, lighter, deadly. Even so, I felt something…familiar about it?

What was that Alice said?

Judging by the way that the other four seemed to gravitate towards the one, whom I could only assume it was a woman that spoke as she got closer to Jane, there's only one person this could be.

La Signora Volturi .Now I was certain that we were about to die.

We won't make it out of here.

For those who have seen her, and even few who survived, stories just got scarier every time someone new said it. It's been known that, even as a newborn, she possessed incredible discipline, but killed anyway, because she could. The apple from Aros eye, the mother of the twins, and the wife of the Commander .she didn't show her face to all. And that only served to increase the legend. The Great Trio couldn't be more proud.

They also say that she pretends not to see all the horrible things their children do while they're "interrogating".

"You missed one"

"Oh no…"

I felt pity of the newborn, I really did. Unlike popular opinion, I am a caring person; I just don't show it outside my family .She was just a girl, a child. But there was nothing else we could do.

"You don't need to do that .She'll tell you anything you want to"

It was too late

Esme, with her infinite mother instinct, trying to protect the little one, couldn't see how her actins would affect everything.

And neither did us.

Because, as soon as she touched the twin, she fell with a loud thud. Holding her hand in a scream that can only be described as pure agony.

"Remove your hand" It was a hollow tune, void of emotion .And I was sure that, if no one do something quick, it'd all be lost.

I just wasn't expecting that that someone would've been me.

Suddenly ,the voice became a face, a woman ,the most perfect and indescribable beauty I've ever seen .I felt ashamed to be in her presence, it was like looking straight at the sun .as I said ,it's common knowledge that the Signora is the most beautiful being that has ever existed. I always resented that a bit, Edward would tease me, but that was it .Everyone talks about her, even the ones who never gazed their eyes upon her face: The majestic being that looks like a woman with an ethereal look and an enchanted voice ,always besides the Commander ,imposing the law and order beside her husband. They are the golden couple of the high guard.

And I can say with all my heart that right now, looking at the scene, none of the stories has ever lived up to the one that stood in front of me. So beautiful.

And so familiar.

It all came back to me at once.

That spring, when we were by ourselves to go to the park.

The picture we all took the first time I won a beauty pageant.

The disagreements with our parents of why "She didn't look more like me"

The poor children of the clandestine school.

Kevin Brown


My sister

"Lily?" It was the only thing I could say. How was it possible? My older sister?


At the same moment, I felt my body breaking in half, and not Emmett was fast enough to hold me as I fell.

"Show respect as you address to us, Cullen" Alec blocked my view. Was he protecting her? I wanted to see her, but Felix tugged her away .the pain was so strong…

"Stop! She didn't do anything!" Alice tried to intervene. Something was very wrong.

"You are abusing too much of our benevolence" The blond one, Demetri, sneered at us. I still couldn't feel my bones and it looked like I was shrieking at the second, but I couldn't let them take her away from me.

"That's enough" When she talked, I could barely believe it.

"Jane" One look, that's all that it took for my pain to be over .as if nothing happened. I'd never forget the feeling.

"Who are you, vampire?' her steps were secure, but her look those bloodshed eyes, was cautious.

My sister, what have they done to you?

I stretched my hand to take hers, but it got numb instantly .Alec .I knew that because the fog that came out of his hands were circling my sister ever since she took the first step towards me.

"Lily" I tried, with all my strength, to keep it calm. "It's me, Rose…Rosie" I knew that my family were set their eyes at us with the same curiosity as the Volturi, but I couldn't stop now.

"Don't you remember me?" I smiled, or tried to. This was too painful. My family knew, of course. Carlisle, Esme and Edward came a few months after my sisters…funeral. And Emmett, he knew everything about me and the tragic disappearance and assumed death of my older sister.

Only, she wasn't dead, not really. She was right in front of me, known as the Signora Volturi.

"No" Her face, once curious, became cold and distant. I couldn't let this happen.

"No, Lily, please" I grabbed her hands for dear life. With my actions being so fast, I realized that I disturbed her logic to whatever might be happening now .Mine too, I never did that. But she was my family, and I couldn't be apart from her any longer. There were so many questions, and I needed to know.

"What's the meaning of this? Release me!" How could she not remember me? I'm her baby sister!

"Rose, let her go" What ever happened to her? The same thing that it did with Alice?

"Step aside, this is your last warning" Why? Did they make some type of brainwash on her?

"Get rid of her" Were the Volturi the ones that killed her?

The pain .It became too much to bear.

I started to scream and writhe, unaware of anyone's presence trying to help me .it was no use .I couldn't see more than black blurs moving in front of me. My body was a rock, too heavy for me to bear. The only thing I had power in me was to whisper, and that would've be enough.

"I'm your sister, Lily Hale" I managed to slip it before the darkness consumed me.

Lily's POV

Never show your weakness in front of the enemy, that empowers him. That was one of the first things my brother taught me. And I've always lived by that code.

Until I heard such blasphemy.

"What…is this?" They were all quiet. Frozen with despair. I was sure by now that the fury in my eyes wasn't a pretty sight. Yet, what startled me wasn't the silence coming from the yellow eye vampires.

It was the silence coming from my family.

"Well?" The blond vampire was still on the ground. When my children bond their abilities, his victims (if they are vampires) can resist for hours, even days, in complete agony, before they crack.

"What is she babbling about?" I turned to my husband .trough all of my years, I've heard the most absurd lies from someone that wanted to escape from a situation. I used to turn to him and he always, always, give me a sassy smirk and tell some dirty remark to whoever said it, before snapping his neck.

This time he didn't.

He wouldn't look at me in the eye.


Rose's POV

The pain is gone .I thought it was an act of mercy from them, but no .She was turning and all eyes were on her.

"Finish it at once. I want to go home"

Lily's POV

Something is…not right about this. None of it.

I flee from there .I had to get away, so I ran on the first direction I could think on.

Mainly, I couldn't be there anymore, my mind was racing a billion times with strange questions.

What was that all about? Why did the Cullen vampire say that? I never had a human family! I knew that because my family told me that. They would never lie to me.

Felix would never lie to me.

I lost track of time. The last time that happened was decades ago. I was in some type of stone quarry, outside the city limits. There was no one anymore.

"Sposa" He came after me. Of course he would.

"Marito"I took my hood from my face so I could look upon his eyes when I talk to him. To look deep into his rubies and ask him. But I didn't move, neither did he.

"Why does that woman said that? I don't understand" I was just so confused. Was this part of some power that one of the vampires had and I knew nothing about? Was this why they wanted me away, because I might fall into their tricks? I hated not knowing things.

"Why would she lie like that? Because that's what this is about" the wheels keep on turning and I was loosing further and further. Why none of them spoken? I was so lost. When was the last time that something like that happened? My husband always guided and helped me as I developed into who I am today .together, always. From the moment I opened my red eyes to my new life. We made a promise to each other.


No lies




I wasn't confused anymore, because when I starred deeply into his eyes, I saw it, and the feeling I can only describe as to someone ripping my heart out.

"It is true" I whispered, or not, I can't tell the difference .It all seemed to move so slowly.

"Did you…"I gulped while he was coming towards me "…lie to me?" I didn't want to sound so desperate, so broken, but I couldn't help it.

No, stop! Don't try to touch me! There was nothing he could say or does that would make it all ok.

"NO! YOU LIED. TO. ME!" His arms could be big and strong, but so was my anger.

"ME, FELIX! I AM YOUR WIFE!"I didn't want to see how broken he was. I felt betrayed…by the ones I love the most.

"How could you do this to me?" There were no tears, but it didn't make the pain to lessen .I could never imagine I'd feel like this; that my soul mate would be the one responsible for this.

"Amore, please, let me expl…"We made a vow, never to hurt one another. In our existence, so many things can bring pain and destruction that it is considered a miracle when we find the one that can make us happy. Which is why it is the law never to harm another partner of our family .Look what happened to Marcus.

"I have a…sister .A biological relative" The words almost didn't left my lips .It seemed too surreal to say it out loud.

"Lily, I…"

"You lied to me. Not only you, but Demetri, Alec…Jane, oh God!" My babies! How did my little angels…and my own brother.

"Is there something else you forgot to tell me?" He looked like a broken statue standing there, desperate for any type of contact .good.

"Another woman in your life that I don't know about?" I knew that would sting on him more. I was certain because that pained me to even think about it, let it know to say."

"How can you even think such thing?" He managed to grip my arms, sinking his nails on my flesh. I wasn't afraid, I was never afraid of him, but my anger didn't lessen.

"You are my wife, the reason of my existence! I would never…"

"Hurt me? Is that what you were about to say, you would never hurt me?" Our faces were inches apart .Once again I saw myself reflected in those red orbs .Only know they didn't have the same playful, lustful gaze. They were filled with sorrow and regret.

"Please, j-just…please" His grip that was holding me like a snake, went down my waist when he kneeled, loosing all the almighty and powerful pose.

"I know that everything that comes out of my mouth right now will sound a lie to you. But, amore, I am truly sorry for what happened. I know I should've told you a long time ago, yet, the more the time went on, I could see how happy you were becoming in your new life, how adjusted and to bring this all back to you would only get on the way of who you are meant to be .When I found out about the Cullens, I couldn't risk loosing you to them .That is the truth my love, and I'll tell you everything you want to. You are the love of my life and I own you eternal devotion." I knew then that, if it was possible, there would be tears running form his eyes. As so was mine.

A sister

A husband

My children

A family

What to do?

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