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Chapter 12 Trisha

It came down to this. Josh, Laura, and I stood outside a small building that we knew was about to house a great conflict.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" I asked, eyeing the old building nervously. Josh nodded.

"Yes, I can sense them inside." he replied confidently. We didn't have much time. For a moment I wished I had a weapon. I quickly put the notion to rest. I had very little training with guns and would be much more able to defend myself with my abilities than a gun.

"Laura? Can you please assist me?" Josh said quietly. She nodded and waited. Josh's eyes closed in concentration. I watched, fascinated as a small part of the metal wall glowed a bright orange color. Slowly but surely it melted away, scouring the ground beneath it. Laura cooled it quickly, then allowed Josh and I to slip through silently. She flew up out of sight. The building inside was dark. It surprised me when suddenly I found it cast into a dark shade of green. Appearantly Raichu's had some form of night vision I had not known about. I could hear voices deeper in the building.

"I can hear them." I said quietly, trying to keep my trembling voice in line. Josh seemed to sense my apprehension and pretended not to notice.

"I can sense them as well. They are not far."

"I hope Laura will be alright on her own..."

"She'll be fine. If something goes wrong, her wings can carry her faster than you'd believe."

I nodded, hoping he was right. I lit up a small ball of electricity in my right hand and held it up above us, lighting our way. Gradually the voices grew louder. Trouble was angry. He knew he'd almost lost to us. Finally at the last bend of the hallway, we could see light. Our enemy was just around the corner. My heart was racing. So much was at stake. My friends, my family, and possibly my very life. I took a deep breath and looked Josh right in the eyes. He nodded, it was time. I took another deep breath, and the two of us bolted around the corner and into the bright lights. Chaos broke out instantly.


The darkness slowly retreated from my mind. I wondered what had happened and then where I was. I opened my eyes and saw a blurry world. It took me several minutes to clear enough fog and dizziness from my mind to see clearly. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. I tried to stand but there was no strength in me. I realized there was someone talking to me. Several people in fact, saying my name over and over. I opened my eyes slightly but could barely see. All I saw was the tip of my tail laying before me, its flame extinguished. I moaned and allowed my eyes to sink shut. My flame. Gone. No wonder I felt so horrible. I drifted back into unconsciousness as a pair of hands began massaging heat into my shoulders.


All three of Trouble's lackies were lined up along the wall, angrily arguing over who's fault the botched mission was. My family, Grant, and Lori were trapped in a small cage against the wall. I hadn't but set one furry foot on the cold floor in that room before the fighting broke out. Josh was quick. Very quick. He fell on the Kadabra morph, catching him by surprise. One quick psyblast to the temple and the Kadabra sank to his knees then fell face down on the floor, unconscious. Three enemies left. The Dragonair wasted no time. He raced up towards me almost the moment he caught site of me. Only a well placed thunderbolt saved me from sudden defeat. I spared only a second to glance over at Josh. He was duking it out with the Umbreon morph in such a frenzy that it seemed impossible for either of them to be unharmed. The dragonair tried a thunderwave attack of his own, but my electricity was far stronger. The two blasts met in mid air causing a tremendous pulse of heat and a loud crackle as red hot sparks shot out of the collision. I put every ounce of my strength into the current, forcing it back towards the other morph. He strained against me, and the electric crackle remained still for several moments, caught in the air just a foot or so from each of us. We were almost nose to nose, trying to force the deadly power into the chest of the other.

"Even if you defeat me," he gasped out, "You'll never beat us all."

"What makes you so sure?" I asked, gritting my teeth.

"You're just a child. A small pathetic child that thinks she's found a new toy. You'll never defeat our strength!"

I glared at him, trying not to be shaken by the cold hate in his eyes. "You're strength is nothing."

"Is it? Before you know it... ergh... everyone will feel our strength and despair in the darkness we will cast over the world."

"Your strength may be incredible, but your will is weak. I will never succumb to your darkness!" A glimmer of light shot through my eyes. For a moment I could see something deeper in his eyes... He was afraid. That was all it took. I could suddenly hear Josh's mental voice ringing through my mind.

"Ancient POWER!" He yelled as chunks of the floor dislodged themselves and violently hurtled into the air. I felt a new strength flow through my veins. It coursed up my down my spine and through my tail and hands. I felt it explode from my hands and blast the electric sphere into my foe as though he hadn't even tried to block it. He was thrown hard into the wall, breaking several stones loose and opening several wounds all over his body. I whirled around instantly, searching for threats. Josh had just taken the Umbreon down. I thought for a moment that the battle was over, at least until I felt cold metal press through the fur on my neck. A gun..

"That will be quite enough of that." Trouble said, shoving me with the gun. "Mew, hands up, where I can see them." Thankfully Josh complied.

"You have been very bad little girl." Trouble said, "you should have cooperated."

"Never!" I spat hatefully. I took a huge risk and snapped my tail up violently, slicing his fingers with the sharp thunderbolt tip. It didn't severe any fingers, but it was enough to make him drop the gun. I snatched it up quickly and pointed it at his head, but it was too late. He and his three lackies vanished in a flash of psychic power.

"Rats!" I yelled in frustration.

"Trisha?! Are you alright?" I heard my mom's voice. I'd almost forgotten they were in the room. The keys were nowhere to be found, but Josh was able to melt the lock on the cage and let everyone out. Grant looked very pale, but Josh said it was normal for a Charizard to be weak and helpless for several days after its tail flame was extinguished. My entire family was on me in an instant. One big embrace. I finally broke down and let the tears flow. My dad hugged me and patted me on the back, trying to comfort me. I looked up at him with tearfilled eyes.

"I almost lost you..." I trailed off.

"But you didn't." He hugged me again.

{You did well Josh}

"Luke?!" I said, stunned. I turned away from my father. The mewtwo I'd thought was near death was standing in the doorway, seemingly unharmed.

{It is I} He said, nodding his feline head.

"But how?!"

{That I do not know}

"You should have been out for days..." Josh said, staring.

{Yes, I know.}

"Then how..." Josh trailed off. Luke just shook his head. I sighed in relief. Finally... Finally everyone was safe. I happily walked home with my family, but the Dragonair's hateful words still rung painfully in my mind. I had to wonder if I'd ever see them again. I looked back at the unlikely assembly of pokemorphs behind me and shook my head. There was no doubt in my mind. He'd be back. He was desperate for power. His greed for it tore at his soul and made him the heartless beast he'd become. No, he would never give up. He'd stop at nothing to gain more power and I- I would stop at nothing to keep him away from me, my family, and my friends. Nothing...

As you go through life you'll see There is so much that we Don't understand And the only thing we know Is things don't always go The way we plan But you'll see everyday That we'll never turn away When it seems all your dreams come undone We will stand by your side Filled with hope and Filled with pride We are more than we are we are one!

Even those who are gone are with us as we go on You're journey has only begun. Tears of pain Tears of joy One thing nothing can destroy Is our pride deep inside We are one!

Source: "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride"