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Newsies Again

An Original Fanfiction by X-Scree Scree-X

Chapter One;;

For the Love of Jacob Black!

Danielle, Reanna and I... we all loved the same things; Twilight, vampires, werewolves, Taylor Lautner, blah blah blah... Reanna and I have been B.F.S.B. (Best Friends Since Birth) and as much as we fought, we were like sisters. Danielle and I thought... some how we were closer. We even had a little saying that practically described our friendship: "God made us best friends because we knew out mother couldn't handle us a sisters." But it was altogether too true. We could finish each other sentences, laugh at each others jokes like crazy... everything. We were practically sisters separated at birth. What could I say? We'd gone to the same school since Kindergarten all the way up until now.

Tonight was November 20th, technically the 21st, 2009. That's right. New Moon just came out that night. It was awesome too. I had considered not going, but my friends helped me change my mind. Not only that, I went for Taylor Lautner. Man I loved that body. He was just so... eatable! I wasn't a big fan of the Bella though. She really needed acting lessons. And Robert Pattinson? Not the best choice in my opinion. I had to say though, it was pretty good, and I knew that Dani and Nan loved it too. Even my mom enjoyed it.

That's why we were here, driving down the streets of Fresno, California at around 2 AM on a Friday morning. We had just left Manchester Theater, and luckily, we only lived about five, eight minutes away. My mom looked pretty tired though. She had worked her regular day, from eight in the morning to five thirty PM, then came to the movies, waited a few hours, watched a movie and now had to go back to work in a few hours. Danielle and I were pretty tired too; we had had a softball game that lasted until five thirty, and we had to do three games instead of two. We had won barely, but that left us in good moods.

"That was actually better then I expected..." I mumbled out loud, looking out the side window. I sat behind the passenger's seat in my moms pixie dust white RAV-4 with Dani at my side, Reanna in front of me and my mother at the drivers wheel. We were just exiting the theater parking lot.

We had actually gone with quite a few more people then just the four of us; our English teacher, Ms. Price, our Jr. friend from Church, Charles, two seventh graders from school, Zach and James, James practically being my brother, and Danielle's mom, Cindy. Cindy had allowed Danielle to spend the night, and Reanna didn't have school the next day, so we had just decided to have her come along and spend the night. The three of us were fourteen, Reanna having turned fourteen in July, Danielle in August, and myself recently in October.

"I expected it to be great and it was." Reanna said defiantly, turning her head to look at me. Her face was shaped so she had a skinny face, but round cheeks. Her golden hair, which she had dyed a light brown, which turned out to look tan, was down with her bangs pulled back over her head with a clip. Her eyes were a lighter shade of blue than mine, with a yellow ring around the center. I wasn't jealous, but she did look pretty great.

"Of course you did, Reanna." I sighed, rolling my river blue eyes, "Anything Taylor Lautner's in is great right?" Seriously, she was a bit obsessed.

"Duh." She said, turning back to face the front.

"Would you have loved it if he was in Newsies?" I heard Dani ask beside me, shadows dancing across her pale face as the care moved.

Dani was very paled skinned to be Mexican. She had curly, strawberry blond hair, which she straightened, pale blue gray eyes and tiny teeth. She had bangs across her forehead, the rest of her shoulder length hair down.

Reanna... that was only one thing the three of us didn't agree on. Dani and I, Newsies freaks all the way, but Reanna... she thought it was stupid. I dunno why, really. I mean, who couldn't love a group of smexy, hot looking boys who sang and danced? I mean really!

Reanna slumped against her seat, letting out a little moan as she growled, "Not that again. For the billionth time, nothing on the face of this planet will ever make me love that stupid movie!"

Harsh much?

"Girls, quite." My mom sighed, her eyes keeping on the road.

I rolled my eyes silently to myself, brushing my natural brown streaked blond hair out of my face. I looked back out the window, my forehead lying against the cold window. I shivered to myself. The streets looked creepy bare.

But they weren't completely bare.

A single car was driving right towards us, recklessly. He was swerving every once in a while, go on the side walk and then back to the road. My heart stopped for a second. It wasn't slowing down.

Reanna must had seen it too, because she was the first to cry out, "Shonna! The car-"

But she didn't get to finish her sentence. The car smacked right into the side of ours, jerking me to the side.

I felt like I was going to puke and my head ached. The impact shaking me still. I felt terrible, but we weren't done moving. We were sliding with the car towards the canal.


"Mom!" I screamed, the car going over the edge. I passed out before I could even hear the car hit the water.

I know, I know. You're probably wondering, "Scree... Why have you started yet another fanfiction since you still have you billions others to finish?"

I'm sorry! I couldn't help it! Danielle put the idea into my head and I just HAD to start it!

We meet the Newsies during the next chapter.

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