Newsies Again


Ten Years Later

Morning brought bright sunlight through my bedroom windows and to my eyes, waking me up; although I didn't open my eyes just yet. This morning was one of the sweet mornings I woke up completely relaxed and calm. I had actually gotten a good nights sleep in about two years. I felt movement at my side and tilted my head to see what it was. The pale back of a very muscular man was halfway covered by a white blanket. Spot. Nobody actually called him Spot anymore, other than me of course. Michael; that's who he was now.

Pulling my lightly tanned hands out from under the blanket, I looked down at my long fingers. On my ring finger sat a silver ring with a bright blue stone in the center. My wedding ring. I couldn't help but think back eight years to the day that I got engaged to Spot.

Back Eight Years

I laid in the dark in Spot's room for what felt like hours. It was about two years after the strike, and Spot and everyone else were still working as newsies, even thought they were almost in their twenties. But I still lived with Spot in his small little room in the Brooklyn Newsboys Lodging House. Our relationship had come far... but maybe too far. I laid here waiting to tell Spot that I was pregnant.

I was nervous. More nervous than I'd been in a very long time. Probably since the end of the strike. I was afraid of what Spot would say. I started to shiver. He was going to leave me. I didn't know which would have been worse: Spot or, if I was back home in California two thousand and nine, my father.

I heard the door creak open and I stiffened, my breath stopping in my throat.

Oh God. I was going to have a heart attack before I could even tell him!

Spot must have figured that I was asleep, because I heard him shuffle around, getting ready for bed. I rolled over onto my back to see Spot looking down at me, his shirt buttons undone and his hands on his suspenders.

Spot hadn't changed too drastically over the years; sure he was taller, his angles more defined, but he was still the old Spot. My Spot.

He smirked when he saw me, his eyes twinkling in the dim light that came through the brown window above the bed.

"Heya, toots. Watcha still doin' up?" He asked me as I sat up.

"I have to talk to you Spot..." I whispered, my throat constricting in fear.

"Couldn't it 'ave waited till mo'nin'?" He asked me, the smirk disappearing from his face as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

I shook me head silently to him, at a loss for words.

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes

"I'm pregnant, Spot..." I whispered. My words were followed by silence, and I figured he hadn't heard me, but once I cautiously opened my eyes, I saw Spot staring at me, emotionless.

I wasn't breathing. Oh God... I was as good as dead.

Spot suddenly flopped down onto the bed, his head on the pillow and his arms out to the side. His shirt was almost all the way unbuttoned, and I flicked my eyes down to his chest.

What? I had my weaknesses...

Spot lay staring up at the somewhat low ceiling for a few minutes.

"I'm gonna be a faddah?" He asked incredulously, looking back to me.

I let out a long breath, nodding my head carefully.

Spot reached up to my shoulders and gently pulled me down to his side, my forehead against his cheek.

"I'm really gonna be a faddah..." He whispered as his hand found my abdomen, "I promise, Di'ya... I'se'll be da faddah mine nevah was..."

I blinked back tears. Great, the hormones were already getting to me. Next came the mood swings. A bipolar Delia; look out.

"I love you, Spot." I whispered to him.

In a quick motion, Spot had pulled me on top of him, straddling his torso.

Woah there, Spot.

"Ya know wut?" Spot said, looking up at me with that childish grin I loved, "Now dat I gotcha pregnant, le's make it ufficial."

I gave him a quizical look.

"Make what official?" I asked curiously.

"Will ya marry me?" He asked me, that grin plastered across his face.

My jaw nearly fell off. Spot, Michael Liam Conlon, was asking me to be his bride.

"Really?" I asked. I couldn't believe it.

"I wouldn't be askin' if I di'n' wanna." He chuckled, holding both of my hands in his

"I've always been yours..." I chocked. Man, I didn't know that when you were pregnant you became so cheesy. Next time, I'm adopting.

Spot smirked, bringing his face up to mine and kissing me lightly on the lips.

"I ain't gotta good job," He whispered against my lips, "So I do't got 'nuff money foah a ring, but I'se'll git a good job, Di'ya, and den I'll get you da biggest, mos' beutiful ring evah."

End Flashback

Spot gave up his throne for me, although I always knew, deep down, Spot would always be King of Brooklyn, just like I'd always be Queen.

So a few months later, Spot and I were married, with Race, Danielle, Reanna, Mush, Skittery, Mary and Slip as our witnesses.

Then, on September 30th, 1991, I have birth to a little boy.

Spot couldn't have been more excited about holding that little bundle in his arms. I couldn't either. He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.

Spot and I named him Delos Jacob Conlon. Delos was the origin of my name, and I absolutely loved it.

After Spot left being a Brooklyn Newsie, he became a factory working, just like any other man his age, and got an apartment in Brooklyn. It wasn't too small, with a kitchen/living room, washroom and two bedrooms. It was a perfect size for a family of three.

Three. The magical number that didn't last all that long.

About two years after my white blond boy was born, I found I was pregnant again.

Over the two years, Spot and Del had grown very close. Even though Del and I shared the bond that every mother and child shared, I couldn't help but love to see Del light up when he saw his father. We were all happy, and Spot was bringing in enough money to sustain the three of us.

Since Del was born, Mush and Reanna had gotten married, as had Danielle and Racetrack. Reanna had a little boy named Robert, nicknamed Robbie, in June of 1902, and Danielle was expecting.

But a couple months into my second pregnancy, I knew something was different. I soon found out, to my delight, that I was having twins. Everyone was surprised. But once I found out about the twins, Spot and I had to make a decision: The apartment we were in was too small for three children, so Spot decided to start saving up. I even got a part time job as a seamstress. In no time, we found a nice country home not too far away from Brooklyn.

So on the 29th of October, 1903, the three of us moved in. No sooner had we moved in, on October 31st, I gave birth to two healthy babies: A little black haired girl and a bald boy. I knew the girls hair wouldn't stay black; I had been born the exact same way.

So we named our little boy Ian Gabriel Conlon and our girl Hollis Lauren Conlon. Ian was going to be the name of my unborn older brother, and if I had been born a boy, Ian would have been my name as well, so I decided the name fit him.

By then, Race and Danielle's first child, a girl named Charlotte, had been born.

Over the next three years, Cara, Reanna and Mush's daughter was born, as well as Danielle and Race's last two daughters; first Daisy and then Missy.

In 1906, our surprise baby came along. The first couple of months in my pregnancy were unknown to me, until the doctor discovered that I was pregnant during a check up. But on February 5th, 1906, Serin Daniella Conlon was born

But now, the year's 1909, Christmas Morning.

Christmas Morning.

I smiled to myself.


"Mom!" I heard an excited voice scream down the hall.

In no time the door to our room opened.

The first to enter was Del. Eight now, he stood at about 4"8. He had medium long white blond hair and dark blue eyes. Whenever Del was around, there was bound to be trouble. He was a troublemaker and always got his siblings in trouble alond with himself. I guess you could say he was like Spot.

Behind him came Hollis, who was six. Like Del, she had light blond hair, but river blue eyes like mine. Hollis was a different kind of trouble maker compared to Del; she was careful not to get caught. She reminded me of... me.

At her side was Ian, who was always near her. He, too, was six. He, on the other hand, was an almost exact clone of Spot. Medium dark brownish gold hair, same face, bright ice blue eyes. Ian was our little book worm, who enjoyed my stories. He was a big mama's boy who absolutely hated being without me. For years he slept in the same bed as Spot and I.

Last, but not least, toddled in Serin. Serin was now three, had semi-dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes. The child I had always wanted. Serin, like most of my other children, had attached herself to Spot. What could I say? He was an amazing father.

But they all marched in, all in pajamas, and Serin dragging along her stuffed bear, rightfully name Bear-Bear, an old brown teddy bear that had been a gift from Skittery to Del once he was born.

"Wake up, Papa!" Hollis screamed, jumping onto the bed by her father. Del assisted her while Serin stood giggling on the ground. Ian, deciding not to join in on their rowdiness, clamored into my lap as I sat up.

"Mewwy Cwismas." He yawned, a smile across his small face.

"Wha-..?" Guy's, it's Sataday..." I heard Spot sigh, looking around. His eyes caught mine and we both smiled. (OCC:/ I had just randomly chose Christmas to be on Saturday, but I looked it up, and I was right! He-he!)

"Merry Christmas, Spot." I said, the corners of my mouth curving up.

Sitting up, Spot gave me a kiss on my forehead.

"Eww..." Del growled, "Le's go open presents!"

At Del's suggestion, all the children ran through the door for the stairs, leaving Spot and I behind.

"Merry Christmas, toots." Spot smirked, kissing me lightly on my lips.

Even after all the those years, he still called me toots...

"Don't forgot; Levi, Reanna, Anthony, Danielle, James, Mary, Richi and Janey are coming this morning for Christmas." I told Spot, stretching my arms above my head.

Of course, nearly nobody went by their newsie names anymore. Mush went by Levi, Race by Anthony, Skittery by James and Slip by Richi.

Both Skittery and Slip were married; Skittery having married Mary a few months after Spot and I, while Slip had a young girl named Janey. Skittery and Mary didn't have any children, although adored and spoiled ours while Slip and Janey were expecting; due any day.

Spot nodded, a smirk across his face.

We both got up and dressed in Christmas attire: a pale black and green dress for me while Spot got a white shirt and black pants, along with black suspenders.

Once we were dressed, we started downstairs.

The first floor of our house consisted of a kitchen, foyer, dining room and living room, while the second floor had a wash room, our room, a room for the girls and a room for the boys.

Since we lived in the country, we had a large backyard with a pond and dock near the back and a couple of dogs.

Spot and I came down the stairs and entered the living room. At the front of the room was a large window, showing our snow filled front yard. In front of the window sat a Christmas Tree Spot had gone out and gotten for the children. Each child had a present sitting under the tree, wrapped in beautiful paper and bows, including presents for the other children who still needed to arrive.

All four of the children stared intently at the presents. Each year they got one from the two of us, no counting the presents they'd get from there "aunts" and "uncles.

"Don't you dare touch those presents." I told them, walking on the carpeted floor to sit on the couch against the opposite wall of the tree.

"But momma!" Del whined, reaching for a blue present.

Before one of his fingers could even touch the colored box, Spot had picked Del up, tossing him into the air, laughing.

Del let out joyous laughter, giggling like a little girl as he was tossed up and down.

"Me too, papa!" Hollis squealed, holding her hands up.

Spot set Del down, but I shook my head.

"After you guys get dressed. Everyone will be here before you know it!" I told them, standing up.

Hollis and Del rolled their eyes before the ran to the stairs while Serin began her little trot/run to catch up.

Ian stared up at me, his face blank.

"Can I'se help you, amma?" He asked, his wide eyes intense.

I never figured out where he got 'amma" from. All the others called me momma... but I thought it was sweet that he called me something completely different.

"After you go get your good clothes on, hmm?" I told him, flashing him a smile.

He nodded solemnly before he took off after his siblings.

"I don't know where he gets it." I sighed, shaking my head. He was just so different from the rest of them.

So Spot got a fire going while I got the food cooked and the table set. While Del, Ian and Hollis could get their clothes on just fine, I had to help Serin put on her little dress, which was black with a skirt of patchwork of red and green, her hair back in a little black bow. Hollis had the exact same dress, only her hair was pulled back differently: I pulled the sides of the hair back into a little clip. Easier said then done.

"Do I hafta weah a dress, momma?" She asked while she fidgeted in front of the mirror in the wash room.

"Yes, Hollis. Everyone else is." I told her, trying once again to get her hair up.

"Ian's not." She argued, crossing her arms.

I let out a little laugh.

"Because Ian's not a girl, hon." I told her.

That's when I heard the knock down stairs.

Hollis, being distracted, settled down for a few seconds so I could get her hair up.

We left the washroom and stood at the top of the stairs while Del, dressed in nice, dark pants and a knitted sweater, answered the door.

First were the Meyers.

Mush was so much taller now, his hair still curly and short, his big brown eyes still nice. Reanna was taller, too, though not as tall as Mush. Well, Levi. In Levi's arms slept their little girl, Cara. Cara was five with a round white face, large brown eyes and curly light brown hair. Their son, Robbie, who was seven, looked very much like Reanna, only in male form. He had very curly hair, which I suppose he got from his father, but it was blond. He had big blue eyes like his mother, and a smile for everyone.

"Reanna! Levi!" I smiled, walking down the stairs to give Reanna a hug, "How are you?"

"Oh we're pretty well off." Reanna said, smiling back.

"Well come in. I guess Cara doesn't like mornings?" I laughed, "I can put her up in Serin's crib until she wakes up?"

Reanna nodded, so I took Cara out of Levi's arms, carrying the sleeping girl up to the girls messy room to let her sleep.

When I came back down, the door was open once again. This time, it was the Morgans'.

Richi and Janey, that is.

Slip was much taller now, with his familiar sandy hair and hazel eyes. He had grown up to be a very handsome man, and was lucky to have such a nice wife.

Janey was very small with very dark hair and pale green eyes. She had a heart shaped face, full lips and a very round stomach. Like I said, she was due any day.

I smiled warmly, hugging the both of them before another knock caught my attention.

Opening the door, the Higgins were the next to arrive.

"Auntie Misfit!"

Before I knew it, three very different girls had their arms wrapped around my legs, hugging me tightly.

The tallest was a curly little strawberry blond who had huge brown eyes like her sisters; Charlotte, who was now age six.

At her side was her sister; five year old Daisy who had straight, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Last, but not least was Missy, who was five years old; she had lightly browned skin (we all joked that Mush and Danielle had a one night stand when she was born), big brown eyes and very curly brown hair.

"Merry Christmas girls." I smiled, running my hands through their hair before they ran off to find the other children.

I gave Danielle a huge hug, smiling warmly. Danielle hadn't changed all that much over the years; still the light, curly strawberry blond hair and steely blue eyes. She was taller, surprisingly taller then Racetrack by about an inch of so, but was still my best friend.

"Merry Christmas, De-de!" She said, hugging me back. There she went again, using that nickname that she'd given my on MSN all those years ago...

After pulling away from Danielle, I hugged Racetrack, who went by Anthony now.

Before closing the door behind them, I peeked out. We were still waiting on James "Skittery" Jonathan, and his wife Mary. They always enjoyed being "fashionably late" and were always the last to arrive, and sure enough as I stuck my head out into the cold air, I could see a very tall figure and very short one making their way to the door.

Opening it up all the way to let them in, I smiled kindly.

Skittery hadn't changed that much; actually, none of us had terribly, but he was much taller than he'd been when he was a teenager.

"Merry Christmas, Mary." I said warmly, hugging the dark haired girl that had my eyes.

Over the few years when Skittery, Mush, Race and Spot were still newsies, Mary had become a very good friend to me, Danielle and Reanna; I guess you could say she became one of the family.

After Mary told me Merry Christmas and hugged me back, I looked up to Skittery, who smiled back down at me. Bending down, Skittery gave me a gentle hug, his large hands resting on the small of my back.

Hugging him back, I heard a grunt from behind me and pulled away from Skittery to turn around. Spot stood there, looking at me and Skittery intently with his arms crossed in front of him.

"Merry Christmas, Michael..." Skittery trailed off, glancing down to me once more before he entered the living room where everyone else was.

I let out a sigh.


"I don't like da way he looks at cha." Spot interupted, walking forward and putting his hands on my shoulders, "He still loves ya, Di'ya."

"Of course he still loves me, Spot; don't you love Danielle or Janey? They're our only family." I argued, pulling away from him.

"Not like dat, Di'ya." Spot sighed, running his hand through his hair, "He may have Mary, but he still loves you like I do."

I put my head gently against the door, looking up at the ceiling.

"I know... I thought him marrying Mary would change things, but..." I stopped myself, looking back to Spot, "No. We're not discussing this right now Spot; it's Christmas, we have company, the kids want to open the presents..." I trailed off.

Spot nodded before we made our way into the living room.

Everyone was there, including Cara, who must have woken up a little while ago. All the children were gathered around the tree, looking at the beautiful presents while their parents sat on the two sofas or stood.

When Spot and I walked in, Hollis' face lit up.

"Everyone's here! Let's open presents!" She bellowed, making her way hungrily over to the presents.

"Wait!" Del argued, smacking her on the shoulder, "We need a story foist! Like dey do every yeah!"

All the children cried out, agreeing, even though Hollis looked like she could kill. She took after me more then she knew.

Spot went over to stand by Mush and Race while I sat in the rocking chair near the couch Danielle and Mary sat on.

All nine little bodies hurried their way over to me and sat in front of my rocking chair, staring greedily up at me.

A look of shock crossed my face; usually all of us helped to tell a story.

"You tell the best ones, Amma!" Ian cried from the front of row, a smile across his handsome little face.

"But... But we all-" I didn't really have a good excuse as I looked over at my best friends and husband who were all laughing and smiling.

"Please?" Whinny little voices ran out around the living room, every boy and girl begging me.

I put my hands up in defeat.

"Alright, alright! What kind of story?" I asked them, looking around.

"Love!" Charlotte called from the back.

"Adventure!" Robbie argued from his sisters side.

"Horror!" Hollis cackled from the center, sending me to laughter.

"A story of a kid who's a genius!" Ian called from the front.

"No!" Del argued, once again, as the light blond boy stood up, looking at his siblings and friends, "You're all wrong!" He turned to look at me, a devious little look in his eye, "Tell us about when you came from the future!"

Of course, I had told my four the stories of my past, and Danielle, Reanna, Mush and Racetrack told their own broods, but none of them had asked outside of bedtime. Along with Skittery and the rest of the men, Mary, Janey and Slip were told about our lives as well; they had a right after all, becoming part of our family.

Cries of agreement came up from the rest of them, even the adults.

"Hmm... alright." I smiled down at them, "I'll tell you my favorite."

Every child fell into silence as every brown and blue eye fell on me.

"It all started one night when Aunt Reanna, Aunt Danielle, myself and my mother were in Fresno, California, which is very far from New York. We were in a car, which are just like the automobiles around now, only bigger and brighter. Well my mom was driving when suddenly, bang-" I clapped my hands together to add emphasis "we got hit my another car. I didn't know what was happening, until suddenly, I was looking into the faces of a Racetrack Higgins, Mush Meyers and Skittery Jonathan." The children giggled, looking back to their parents with gleams in their eyes. "Well the thing was, we had some how gotten pushed back in time, and were in 1899, during the strike of the newsboys-" Robbie let out a little holler, only to be silenced by the glares of the other children, including a rather deadly one from Hollis "Anyway, the strike went on, but the weird thing was, I knew everything that was going to happen. And I know you all know what happened after that, right?"

"We won!" Robbie crowed.

Everyone laughed, even though Hollis was shooting daggers at him.

It was short yes, but they weren't old enough to understand the rest of what had happened, so I'd leave it at that.

"Oh, I've got a good idea, Delia." Mary pipped in, everyone's attention going to her, "Since the rest of you have newsie names, why don't you give the children there's?"

Every child leaped up in excitement, cheering and rushing for their parents to name them.

"And I've got just the idea on how to do it."

I quickly left the living room, grabbed Spot's old cabby hat, then I cut up nine pieces of paper, put every child's name and a number on them and put them in the hat.

I came back to the living room and told every adult to take a piece of paper, and keep it.

Since there were nine children and ten adults, I decided I wasn't going to take one, but Janey decided she wouldn't participate.

"Ok." I called out once all the papers had gotten passed out, "Who has number one?"

"I do." Racetrack said, holding up his piece of paper, "I got Miss Cara."

He gave Cara a little wink and she giggled, her cheeks turning pink.

"And I t'ink her newsie name should be Curls 'cause of her wonderful hair." Racetrack smiled down at Cara.

Cara let out an excited little laugh, nodding her head quickly; I think she liked it.


"That's me." Spot said, looking at the group of children on the floor, "And I got Hollis."

Hollis put on her biggest, cheesiest smile for her father, and everyone laughed.

"I know dis isn't very original, but she'll always be my little Holly."

We went through the rest of the numbers, and by number nine, every kid in that room was bubbling with pride. Daisy got the name Flower (Richi isn't very good at names), Missy got the name Sassy (Mary said it fit her perfectly), Charlotte got the came Klutz (Danielle, of course), Del got the name Greeky (I don't know how Mush knew his name was Greek), Robbie got the named Strike (Reanna thought it fit him since he was so enthusiastic about the newsboys strike), Ian got the name Irish (Skittery said it was because of how much he looked like his dad) and Serin got the name Droplet (Because... I thought it made her sound cute).

"Time for presents!" Hollis screamed afterward, leaping for the presents like a rabid dog, screaming with joy.

Once all the children had opened them, the living room looked like a toy and Christmas paper factory blew up.

They all played with dolls, wooden boats and cars, a doll house, a new puppy (to Reanna's delight, Skittery got Cara a puppy), dressing up in new clothes...

I smiled, standing up from the rocking chair and making my way out of the room to got check on the turkey that was in the kitchen. I started in front of the stairway before two hands caught my waist.

"Where do ya t'ink your goin'?" That oh so familiar voice whispered in my ear and Spot pulled me close for a hug from behind.

I turned around, hugging him around his neck.

"To check the turkey." I sighed, my fingers playing with his hair.

"Before ya open your present?" Spot asked me curiously as he pulled away, reaching into his pocket.

"Oh, Spot... we promised we wouldn't get each other presents! It's much too expensive-" I started to argue, flinging my hands into the air.

But I was cut off as Spot help a bright blue gem on the end of a silver necklace in front of my face. It matched my wedding ring perfectly.

"Oh... Spot..." I sighed, looking at it.

I turned around and he fastened it around my neck.

"Look up." He whispered in my ear from behind once he had finished putting it around my neck.

Looking up curiously, I saw a beautiful sprig of white mistletoe.

Smiling widely, I turned around as Spot's arms encircled my waist, pulling me closer to press his lips gently against mine.

I had to say; not knowing what things were coming was much better than knowing every move someone was about to take. And as much as I loved living the strike, the aftermath was much better.

The End

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