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A Curious Thing/Shift

"Well this is new." Tobi, or Uchiha Madara, muttered from beneath his mask. One moment he'd laid his head down to rest, the next, he woke up in probably the strangest place in the world. He took a look around him and noticed the tall buildings, the noisy air, and the chill temperature. When he looked down, he saw why.

"…Oh-dang." He appeared to stand atop a large skyscraper, but this one was so much bigger than any they had in Amegakure. It transcended the clouds! He figured the high altitude was cause of the chill. 'This was not in my original plan…' He looked around.

No indication of a ladder. None of those, he couldn't believe he was seeing it, flying vehicles were close. No chakra signatures around that could have possibly summoned him here… "A cold case. Nice."

Wait, there was another signature nearby. It was familiar too… No, it couldn't be! His disbeliefs were proven wrong when a large white bird swooped up in front of him. There sat, impossibly, Deidara!

"SENPAI!" He once again adopted his Tobi guise and waved childishly at his "senpai."

"Tobi!? What the hell are you doing here? I thought I sensed a familiar presence nearby, but I thought you were dead, h'n!" Deidara was minus his cloak, but he still wore the same clothes he had on before he blew himself up. (That small shirt, chainmail, pants, that stuff.)

Tobi cocked his head. "Well if memory serves me right, you are dead…" Deidara blanked for a moment before shrugging. "Hey, one second I'm blowing myself up, the next I end up here. Don't ask me."

Tobi sighed. 'If I subconsciously teleported myself here, then that's something I could understand. But Deidara should be dead. I can't explain that.'

"Hey senpai! Is anyone else here? I only sensed you." Deidara smirked as he sat down cross-legged on his hovering clay bird and crossed his arms. "Give it a few hours; you'll be able to sense a whole lot better, h'n."

"Huuuuuhh?" Tobi drooped his shoulders and whined. Deidara formed a tick on his forehead. "If only I had clay to spare I'd blow you into next week!"

"You mean… no clay?" Tobi got wonderful ideas of how to annoy his senpai at the notion of him having no clay to use. Needless to say, Tobi allowed Madara a release from the stress of everyday life. That, and it was useful when living two lives.

Deidara blanched at the thought of Tobi doing whatever he wanted without restriction, but quickly added, "I have clay! I just don't want to use it since I don't know where to get more."

Tobi knew Deidara kept large stores of clay in a secret location all the time. To help him out, he might be able to create a seal on his clay pouches that would constantly refill any clay used with clay from the stockpile. But would that reveal him as Madara? Well, it didn't matter anyway. Deidara was probably one of the people he was he was closest to in all Akatsuki.

"Hey senpai, come here for a second I wanna show you something!" Deidara immediately refused to move, not trusting Tobi. "Oh come on senpai! You'll love what it is, seriously!"

"Tobi, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that when you say I'm gonna love something, you usually end up stealing my clay and making sand castles out of them. That I wouldn't mind if I could blow it up in your face, but since there's never any chakra in them, I couldn't do a thing! So no. No, no, and no!"

Tobi suddenly disappeared from Deidara's vision, and only when he felt someone's hands on his belt did he realize where he went. "Oh come on senpai! It'll be fun!"

Deidara threw his hand around trying to hit Tobi in any way possible. Not only that, but the way he worded that sentence, along with him trying to get his belt off disturbed him greatly.

"H-h-h-EY! TOBI! GET OFFA ME! What the hell are you doing to my pants, huh?!"

Tobi grunted as he struggled to get the bags off the flailing bomber. "Just-*oof*-hold-*ow!*-still!" He finally succeeded in removing the bags, and belt.

"HAHA! Got the clay! Now watch and learn senpai! I'll show you my new super-powerful-refilling Jutsu!" Deidara had to hold up his pants as he stood up on the bird, fuming at Tobi, but slightly interested in what he was doing.

After dumping the clay out, Tobi wrote some seals on the sides and bottom of the inside of each pouch. He replaced the clay and flipped through the hand signs. "YOSH! There we go! My super-powerful-refilling Jutsu is a success!"

Deidara blanked again. "What'd you do?" You could tell by Tobi's voice that he was smirking underneath the mask. "All I did was open a path-way for the clay from your storerooms to the bags. Now you'll never run out of clay! At least, you shouldn't. You had at least three-lifetime's supply of clay in those caverns."

Deidara's eyes widened in surprise. Tobi was actually helpful. That never happened! "Well, better safe than sorry. So if all you needed was my bags, why'd you take my belt? They're not attached you know." Tobi snickered and pointed behind Deidara.

Deidara looked at him funny and turned to look at what he was pointing at. He paled as he saw what Tobi was indicating. They had been hovering right outside the window to the top floor of the building Tobi had landed on. Inside the window, Deidara saw what looked like higher-class citizens, all staring at him. But he could have handled that. What made him nervous, and frightened, was the fact that there were girls in there.

Girls his age. And they were holding their hands over their mouths and pointing slightly at him. Some he could tell were shocked, having been from the upper class, they were never exposed to such behavior, and the others he could see were snickering behind their failed attempts of covering up their humor.

He may have been a terrorist, but he's still a guy. And guys have both their pride and dignity to keep. That, and he was still a nineteen year old; he had hormones to deal with.

He immediately blushed, turning from sheet-white to raspberry-red in a matter of moments. "TOBI! I'M GONNA FUCKING NUKE YOU!" Tobi cringed and immediately dropped the belt and clay bags and jumped back onto the building roof. Deidara turned around from the window and, still blushing put his belt back on. He then strapped his clay pouches on, and adjusted them to fit snuggly against his hips. As soon as he was done, he turned around leapt after Tobi so suddenly that he actually caught him and tackled him onto the roof.

"SO YOU THINK THAT'S FUNNY DO YA?!" Tobi tried his best to wriggle out of his senpai's grasp. "WAAAAA! SENPAI'S FACE IS SCARY!"

Madara would have kept up the charade were it not for a buzzing in the back of his skull. "Senpai… My head feels weird."

Fortunately for Tobi, Deidara stopped attacking him right before he was about to stick a mound of exploding clay down his pants. "It'll be worse by the time I'm done with you!"

"No really! My head's buzzing!" Deidara quickly let him up.

"Wow, really? That was faster than me. Mine did the same when I came here. But you're a lot faster than me. I took a few hours; yours took only a few minutes."

Tobi looked at Deidara with a pleading look on his…mask. "But WHY is my head hurting?"

"Dunno why. All I know is that as soon as it stops, you'll be able to sense people a lot better. That's how I found you."

Inwardly Tobi was thinking, 'Enhanced sense? Just by being here? I wonder if that means that our other abilities will be enhanced, not just sensing...'

"Anyway. Let's go, I'm getting bored here. And don't say anything!" He knew Tobi was going to say something about the girls on the other side of the window, but stopped him before he was actually able to speak it. Tobi gave a depressed sigh, indicating he had been right.

He quickly jumped back onto his waiting bird and molded one for Tobi too. He tossed it and it poofed into life. Tobi hopped on and sat down. "YAY! FLY-TIME!" Deidara smacked his head as he commanded both birds to swoop down into the lower city.

He had been here for a week or too, and had been forced to scrounge for what he needed. Food mostly, but with his ninja skills it wasn't that hard. But the worst part about it was that he couldn't understand a flippin' thing anyone said! People would yell at him but he never heard them. Also, the weirdest thing was that there were things other than humans down here. Thousands of different species of humanoid, supposedly sentient animals lived here too. Though thankfully, humans were in abundance as well, so he didn't feel that uncomfortable.

Deidara pulled out of their dive and they both soared through the traffic lanes. They occasionally had to switch directions because the flow of opposite traffic became too great. Deidara didn't care which was he was supposed to go, just the way he wanted to go. But now, he was searching for something that was egging on the edge of his mind, bugging him to death to find out what it was. It was a presence of some sort, but every time he tried to focus on it, it disappeared.

Tobi was sometimes having run, and other times he was clutching onto the bird for dear life. Deidara had to laugh at his partner's actions.

'He's just like a kid. H'n.'

"SENPAI!" Tobi's screech brought Deidara back to reality. He grunted as he swerved their birds out of the way of two of those flying vehicles. "Gah! Air hogs!" Deidara shouted back at them. He turned back around and shook his head. He needed to concentrate on his flying in this city, you never know when someone might try to intentionally ram you.

He and Tobi continued until the flow of traffic was going to same direction as them. "Ahh, finally. Some peace, h'n!" Deidara sat down Indian style and lifted his head up, letting the foreign air blow over his face.

He then felt the presence reassert itself in his senses, and using his eye-scope he began to search.

"Well, I can tell it's someone from Akatsuki, since they seem so familiar, but I can't tell who. Tobi, see if you can find anyone around from Akatsuki." Tobi saluted. "Roger that! Searching…Searching…"

Deidara let Tobi ramble on about searching as he scanned the surrounding area for the presence he knew was he somewhere. It kept appearing and disappearing, but he finally got a lock on it after a minute or two, and as soon as he did, it stopped disappearing.

"Oi, Tobi, it's down here. Get ready for anything." They swooped down, ignoring the baffled expressions of some of the fellow flyers, and unintelligible curses of others. As soon as they were about fifty feet from the crowded pedestrian sidewalk, both birds poofed out of existence and the two Akatsuki landed feet first in a crouching position, much the astonishment of said pedestrians. Deidara looked around and spotted a patch of green. A tall patch of green. As soon as Deidara caught sight of it, it disappeared into an alley way. He and Tobi chased after it, finally ending up in a dead end.

"Hmm, senpai, your aim seems a little off today… maybe it's the air…" He pondered quietly, but not so quiet for Deidara not to hear. As such, he had a tick on his forehead.

"I'm not wrong Tobi, I know it came from here."

"So it did." The voice was instantly recognizable. One, it was in their language, and two, Tobi knew it very well. "Zetsu-san!"

Zetsu stood in his usual garb behind them blocking the way out of the alley. He seemed, in a way, relieved to hear Tobi's voice, knowing who he really was.

"Tobi, Deidara, have you found anyone else?" Tobi shook his head back and forth extremely fast. Deidara did the same, but considerably slower. "I see. Well, were not the only ones here, just so you know; Leader sent me to find others, and so far, I've found you two, and that's it."

Deidara had a surprised look on his face. "The Leader's here?! Geez, what's going on around here?! First I die, then I'm here, then you guys are here…!" Zetsu nodded.

"I know. I was actually surprised to have spotted your clay birds when I was searching. You were flying pretty fast too. So I let you feel my presence so you could get the approximate idea of my location. Then when you got close enough I just stopped holding it in. Good to see you both though, Leader told us all to mourn for you when you died."

Deidara huffed and looked away. "Don't talk about stuff like that man; I'm still depressed that I'm technically dead. H'n."

Tobi put his arm on Deidara's shoulder and nodded. "That's right Zetsu-san! You have to be careful; if he gets depressed, he always goes and gets lit up."

"Teme!" Deidara raised his fist to his the poor Uchiha, but Tobi, smartly, ducked away.

"Children! We don't have time for this. Leader is trying to contact any and all Akatsuki members here."

As if on cue, they each felt the Leader's mind link up with theirs. "That would be him I guess."

"In that case, we better get into a position where we can talk." Zetsu nodded to the top of the large building, and promptly phased into the side of it. Deidara and Tobi both followed after him, running up the side of it. Fortunately this wasn't a very tall building, or else their legs would have given out long before they reached the top. Zetsu was ready and waiting for them to join him. Both of them sat down and got into a meditative stance, but with their hands in the ram seal.

Pain watched as two more silhouettes joined them. One had hair the covered the left side of his face, leaving only one, grey eye to look at. The other you couldn't even see the eye as it was hidden but the shadow of the full face mask he wore. Pain looked from Zetsu to the other two.

"Ok, sound off. Who all's here?" They felt the voice enter their minds.

"Deidara. Yes, I'm alive."

"Tobi reporting for duty, SIR!"

"And of course I'm here."

"Good. And good to see your alive Deidara. Everyone thought you died."

"I'm saying this only once: Please… do not remind me." Deidara said this with a scowl on his face. Somehow, Pain knew he was scowling too.

"Fine. Anyway, it seems were in an odd predicament. We go to sleep and then we wake up here. That's how it was for Zetsu and I. What about you Tobi?"

"Well, it's pretty much the same as you guys; sleeping, then 'WHAM!' I'm here." Tobi explained. Pain nodded and turned back to the others. "All right then. We have to postpone our hunt for the Bijuu until we find a way back home."

He got a few confused stares as he said that. "I've learned that the city we are in is actually the size of a planet, and not only that, we've been teleported to an entirely different one. Planet, that is." The others stared at him incredulously. Somehow, he knew they'd do that. "So right now, I want you all to meet me in person to learn for yourselves. Zetsu will lead the way. Dismissed."

Each of the images faded one by one until no one was there.

The trio opened their eyes and got up. "All right then, I'll lead the way. Try and keep up you two; it's a big city." Deidara was still trying to get it into his head he was on a different planet. 'Well, that would explain the tons of weird people here. But what the Hell?! Another planet?!'

Tobi was having other thoughts. 'This is a twist I'm not exactly pleased to be a part of. We need to find a way home, or at the very least try and find the others.' He waited as Deidara molded more birds for the two of them, and Zetsu faded into the ground below them, leaving his chakra signature shining brightly. The duo leapt onto the birds and they flew off, following Zetsu's trail.

Naruto awoke on a hot, soft surface; the sun blinding him more than usual. 'Wait a minute… What's the sun doing in my bedroom?!' His only east facing window was in his kitchen, so shining sun = either a hole in the wall, or he's outside somehow.

He shot up with a start. His eyes opened with a start and he blinked away the fuzziness. The first thing he saw was sand. Lots and lots of sand. "How the fuck did I end up in Suna?" But as he looked around, even the desert felt different than Suna. Whereas Suna's deserts had a look of hope that you could actually get out, these deserts seemed to hold none of that. He shielded his eyes from the sun… or rather, suns. "WHAT THE HELL?!"

He couldn't believe his eyes. There it was. TWO suns, sitting right there in the sky. "Where the Hell am I…?" He got up and looked around. Seeing nothing, he knew just standing there was going to get him killed from the heat. He did the only thing he knew to do; walk, and keep walking until he found civilization.

'Let's hope I find something soon. This heat is even worse with two suns. Wait, could this be genjutsu?' He attempted to release whatever genjutsu was cast on him, but he failed miserably; nothing happened. He sighed and began his trek to where ever he needed to go.

The first thing he learned about this desert; loneliness.

Back on Coruscant, in the Senatorial District, the external turbolift to a certain senator's apartment was barreling up the side of the spacescraper with a certain two passengers. One, calm and ready, the other… not so much. Anakin and Obi-Wan stood in the small lift as they ascended to the top, where senator Padmé Amidala was waiting for them to arrive. That's the reason the younger, more hormonal of the two was currently fidgeting in place as he waited for the agonizingly slow climb to end.

Obi-Wan looked aside and noticed his nervousness. "You seem a little on edge Anakin."

Anakin looks at his master briefly before returning it to the other miscellaneous accessories of the car's interior. "No, not at all."

"I haven't seen you this nervous since we fell into that nest of gundarks."

Anakin looked askance at him and corrected him. "You're the one who fell into that nightmare, Master, and I rescued you, remember?"

"Oh, yes…" The both chuckle briefly before Obi-Wan looked worried again. "You're sweating. Relax. Take a deep breath."

Anakin spoke without even looking at his master. "I haven't seen her in ten years, Master."

"She's not the queen anymore Anakin."

"That's not why I'm worried."

The car came to a stop at that moment and Anakin respectfully waited to his master walked out before he did so. The first being to greet them? Wouldn't it figure; Jar Jar Binks. The amphibian in question instantly recognized Obi-Wan and jogged to meet him and shook his hand hastily. "Obi! Obi! Obi! Mesa sooo smilen to seein yousa.


Obi-Wan smiled at his old friend. "It's good to see you, too, Jar Jar." Jar Jar looked over at his friend companion and squinted. "...and this, I take it, is your apprentice...

"Noooooooo! Annie? Noooooooo! Little bitty Annie?" Jar Jar looks closely at the young man. "Noooooooo! Yousa so biggen! Yiyiyiyyi! Annie!"

Anakin looked slightly exasperated at Jar Jar's actions but smiled despite it. "Hi Jar Jar."

Jar Jar enveloped him in a huge hug that Anakin was sure could have cracked bones were it not for his physical training that he had had in his years as a Jedi Knight. He put him down and guided them to a separate room nearby and knocked on the door. It opened to reveal Padmé and her captain, Typho. Jar Jar walked in and gesture to himself and then to the two behind him. "Mesa here. Lookie... lookie... Senator. Desa Jedi arriven!"

Padmé and Typho rise as Obi-Wan and Anakin stop before the senator. Obi-Wan steps forward and greets Amidala. Anakin stares at his long time crush, while she only glanced at him for a moment before Obi-Wan's greeting interrupted her. "It's a pleasure to see you again, M'Lady."

Padmé allowed her hand to be taken in his. "It has been far too long Master Kenobi. I'm so glad our paths have crossed again... but I must warn you that I think your presence here is unnecessary."

"I'm sure the Jedi Council has their reasons."

She moved in front of Anakin and stared for a moment. "Annie? My goodness, you've grown!"

They stare at each other for a long moment before Anakin, trying to be smooth, broke it. "So have you... grown more beautiful, I mean... and much shorter... for a Senator, I mean."

Obi-Wan looked disapprovingly at his apprentice. Padmé laughed and shook her head. "Oh Annie, you'll always be that little boy I knew on Tatooine." She smiled at him and he looked down, embarrassed slightly. Obi-Wan and Typho smile at each other at his expense.

The Jedi Master decided to change the subject. "Our presence will be invisible, M'Lady, I can assure you."

Captain Typho nodded to Obi and shook his hand. "I'm very grateful you're here, Master

Kenobi. I'm captain Typho, head of Her Majesty's security service. Queen Jamillia has informed you of your assignment. The situation is more dangerous than the Senator will admit."

"I don't need more security, I need answers." She said as she looked from her guard to her old friends. "I want to know who is trying to kill me."

Obi-Wan frowned. "We're here to protect you Senator, not to start an investigation."

Anakin seemed to have different thoughts. "We will find out who's trying to kill you Padmé, I promise you."

He's done it again. He bit his lip in frustration and shame as Obi-Wan gave him a dirty look.

"We will not exceed our mandate, my young Padawan learner!" Obi-Wan said.

"I meant in the interest of protecting her, Master, of course." Anakin retorted.

Obi-Wan was getting tired of these talks. "We will not go through this exercise again,

Anakin. And you will pay attention to my lead."


"What?!" Obi-Wan looked at his Padawan incredulously. Anakin was quick to respond. "Why else do you think we were assigned to protect her, if not to find the killer? Protection is a job for local security... not Jedi. It's overkill, Master. Investigation is implied in our mandate."

"We will do exactly as the Council has instructed, and you will learn your place, young one."

Anakin bowed his head in defeat. Padmé, attempting to lighten the situation, spoke up. "Perhaps with merely your presence, the mysteries surrounding this threat will be revealed. Now, if you will excuse me, I will retire."

They all bowed as she turned and left. Typho turned to the Jedi. "Well, I know I feel a lot better having you here. I'll have an officer situated on every floor and I'll be at the control center downstairs."

Obi-Wan nodded his head in thanks. Jar Jar went over the youngest of the group and murmured to him "Mesa busten wit happiness seein yousa again, Annie. Deesa bad times, bombad times."

Akakin barely even heard it. "She hardly recognized me, Jar Jar. I've thought about her every day since we parted... and she's forgotten me completely."

Jar Jar looked at him comfortingly. "Shesa happy. Happier den mesa seein her in longo time."

Obi-Wan turned to his apprentice. "Anakin, you're focusing on the negative again. Be mindful of your thoughts. She was pleased to see us. Now let's check the security here."

Anakin submitted and followed him. "Yes Master."

It was night time before the trio arrived at the designated rendezvous. Deidara and Tobi both sighed and stretched as they jumped off their birds and onto a small platform nearby, where Zetsu was waiting. "He's here."

They waited for a moment before out of the shadows of the small ledge came a figure with rippling eyes, pierced face and long blond hair that flowed down to the small of his back. "For some reason he looks different than before…"

"This is a separate body that I can control. This body specializes in reading minds, and thanks to it, I've been able to learn quite a few languages from some of the civilians. I'm going to implant that knowledge into you, if you don't mind."

Tobi and Deidara were slightly shocked that their leader had such a handy jutsu, but nodded to each other and allowed Human Path to place his palm against their heads and inject the knowledge directly. They winced in pain for a moment before it subsided. "Now you should be able to understand what everyone is saying, but our core language is still imbedded in our minds. The others are more like secondary languages."

The other three nodded and shook their heads to clear them. Human Path continued. "Now, our job is to track down and locate any and all Akatsuki members in this new world."

"Wait wait wait wait… The information you just put in my head… are you saying that there are thousands of worlds in this galaxy?! How the Hell are we supposed to find them?!" Human Path turned to Tobi and looked at him. The masked caper in question shrugged. "It's possible for me to locate anyone I wish, and anyone I have direct contact with, I can search for them directly, and their pulse is stronger. I know exactly where everyone is."

Deidara's eye widened as Tobi's speech slowed and became more serious, not the high pitched obnoxious sound that normally came out of his mouth. This was, to him, unexpected. 'Tobi had a cool ability like that and I never knew?!' Deidara was currently shocked.

"Anyway, most of them are here on Coruscant, just scattered around. I should be able to find them relatively easy. I find it strange though…"

Pain cocked his head. "What is it?"

"I was just going to say that I'm also picking up other tracking signals, ones that aren't part of Akatsuki."

"You mean Sasuke and his group?" Pain inquired.

"Yes, and no. Sasuke's group is here, but not on Coruscant. But what I mean is people not like him. Others… I can't tell exactly who they are, but I know I've met them before."

Pain let the information sink in. "In that case, we need to find everyone we can and then group back together, get a ship, and get off this planet and find the others. Agreed?" He got a round of head nodding.

"Let's get to it then. I'll go north, you two go south, Pain will go… wherever he needs to go."

Pain nodded and brought his hands up into a ram seal. "Keep us updated, Tobi." And he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Zetsu melded with wall and disappeared. Deidara looked back and saw Tobi had already gotten on his bird, and was waiting for Deidara to join him. He did so, and sat down. "Tobi, since you have that location ability, tell me where to head and I'll go by myself; we can cover more ground if we split up."

Tobi nodded, oddly quiet and pointed toward the west. "Head that way and eventually you'll come across Sasori. I'm heading east where Itachi is; I thought you might appreciate that."

"Yeah, I do kinda, thanks. Wait a minute, SASORI'S HERE?" Tobi merely nodded. "What the fuck is going on around here?! Dead people just keep showing up!" Tobi grunted and shrugged before his bird flew off.

Deidara watched him go and smacked his head against his palm. "Geez, this is getting way too crazy…" Deidara's bird spread its wings and flew into the night sky, entering traffic with some of the skylanes that were headed westerly. 'This will be a long few weeks. I'm sure of it.'

Padmé sat talking with Dormé, one of her most devoted handmaidens. "I'm so happy that you were able to meet that Skywalker fellow again, M'Lady. I know how much you care about him, if it's not too much to say."

Padmé smiled and nodded. "Your fine. I was just thinking about how I felt when I was told that Master Kenobi would be the one protecting me. I knew that Anakin was his apprentice, but the fact never actually hit me 'till now." Dormé nodded in understanding and helped her mistress get into her nightgown. She allowed her thoughts to stray for a moment and she giggled as a memory came to her. Padmé looked at her with a smile.

"What's so funny?"

Dormé held her hand to her mouth lightly, trying to suppress the giggles. "Oh, it's nothing M'Lady. Just something I heard."

Padmé looked at her with an amused face. "Come on, tell me. Don't make me order you to." She said in mock seriousness. Dormé nodded and turned her mistress around from where she had been combing her hair.

"Well, I was talking with one of the daughters of senator Shen, Arkari I believe, and she told me a very amusing story. It happened like this; she and a group of her friends were in a private suite elsewhere in the Senatorial District and were having a fun time doing girl stuff, when one of them looked outside the window and saw large bird hovering just outside." Padmé listened intently and smiled at certain parts. She gave a quizzical look to Dormé when she mentioned the bird.

"But what was even more interesting was that there were two men on top of it. One had a cloak on and a bright orange mask. The other had long blond hair that covered an eye. At first they weren't even sure he was a man." Padmé giggled at that.

"As soon as the one girl saw them, she pointed them out to the others and they all went to the window to see them. Apparently, they talked for a minute or two before one attacked the other." Padmé gasped.

"Don't worry, M'Lady, this is still a humorous story. After a brief struggle the masked man yelled in victory and sat down to fiddle with something."

Padmé gasped again. "My, they seem a crazy bunch, fighting so far above the ground!"

Dormé nodded and continued. "That only captivated the girls, as they felt it similar to a circus in that respect. Anyway, apparently the masked one had stolen the belt of the other man. He had to hold his pants up with his hands! Some of the girls, having been brought up in a proper society, were shocked at the indecent act, while others, laughed at him. They seemed to converse for a few minutes before the blond looked down at the window, directly at the girls." Padmé got that "Oh no" look and rested her head in her right palm as she smiled.

"The blond man went very pale and stood still for a good few seconds before he blushed incredibly red and yelled at the other so loud as to be heard through the window. They spoke in another language, so they didn't know what was said, though I have a feeling it was a curse or two. " Padmé nodded in understanding.

"The other dropped the belt and leapt to the roof of the building, as they were at the top floor already. The blond man picked up his belt and turned around trying to get it back on. When he did, he jumped on the roof as well and they presume they fought for a few minutes as they heard scuffles and yelling. After a while though, the blond man jumped on top of the bird and flew away, the masked man following him on a similar bird."

"After, the girls talked amongst themselves, some of them blushing furiously as well, not expecting the man's pants to nearly fall as they did. Needless to say, some interesting conversation stemmed from it."

Padmé laughed at the story and instantly caught herself. "Dormé! You shouldn't spread stories like that." She said it with a smile though, and Dormé smirked at her. "Oh don't worry M'Lady, you're the first, and only one I'm telling."

"Well that's fine then. Just as long as you don't tell anyone else, you're welcome to to speak freely." They both laughed as Dormé bid her mistress good night and left her room, and Padmé went about setting up the security of her room.

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