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Hysteria: Prologue

Flashes, glimpses.

The pain shot through her body, numbing her senses and pulling her under.

Someone was screaming her name, but she couldn't claw her way to the surface in time to answer.

She was picked up, laid on a stretcher.

Blaring sirens… an ambulance.

She saw the blood, her blood, coating the hands of another.

A sharp prick in her arm, a needle.

Doctors, nurses, blurred, worried faces hovering over her.

"Stay with me Gillian," a voice pleaded.


She forced her eyes to open. Cal was leaning over her, worried and afraid in a way she'd never seen him before. He held one of her hands in both of his.

Gillian's eyes darted around her surroundings. She saw white, needles, wires, tubes. Machines were beeping, and muted voices shouted at each other.

Cal brought Gillian's hand to his lips. "I'm so sorry, love."

Unable to speak she closed her eyes, submitting to the dark…