This is a collection of drabbles inspired by the prompts of the Tamora Pierce Drabbles Livejournal community. Each chapter will use one of the prompts as the basis for a short drabble. Drabbled are usually less than 100 words (I think) but i've extended the word length for some because well..writing under 100 words is very very hard. Anyway, enjoy! (This fic is going to kill my word count average :( )

#45 Tabula Rasa

Numair closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of the woman pressed between him and the wall. She smelled of perfumes and soap, not trace of earth or musk. Soft, delicate, hands slid around his neck as he deepened the kiss and he slid his own through her smooth, perfectly tamed, hair. He pulled her more firmly against his own body, hearing the rustle of skirts, and tried in vain to wash away the feelings that had plagued him since midwinter. Despite his efforts he still saw blue eyes and callused hands when he closed his eyes so he kissed the woman even more deeply, pushing her hard up against the stone. Forget, forget, wash it all away.