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"What did you think?" He asked as they finally broke free of the crowds ambling from the theater.

She bit her lip, not wanting to be ungrateful when he had treated her to the outing.

"Go on, I won't be offended," he laughed. She thought it was unfair that he could read her so well.

"It was a little sappy for my liking…" she said slowly, bracing herself for the laughter he readily providing.

"You're supposed to swoon."

"Perhaps I'm the wrong audience."

He nudged her with his elbow, "Don't get ahead of yourself. Give it a couple years and you just may swoon when some young man comes to you and says, 'Daine, I will list a hundred reasons I adore you each day I live if you but look my way.'" He quoted the play, throwing his hand across his chest and proclaiming it in an overly dramatic air that made her elbow him in hopes he would draw less attention.

"Fine," she rolled her eyes, "let's hear them then."

He stopped, surprised, and looked at her before bursting out laughing. "A hundred reasons I adore you?"

"Full of empty promises are you? Can't give me a hundred? She clicked her tongue in mock disappointment.

"A hundred? I'm afraid not," he sighed and continued walking. "Ninety-nine though. That's easy."

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