Chu guys, is it just me, or is Shugo Chara just getting retarded?

That last episode, I was expecting NAGI to say all those sweet things to Rima. He wasn't even mentioned in the episode.

And get this:

Someone told me SC Party is going to end.

In January, which is before Valentine's, which means, RIMAHIKO ISN'T GOING TO BE CANON?

I heard this from a friend, so I can't be sure, so I hope it isn't true ^^"

Btw, this story is going to be over soon. But this chappie here has all the Amuto explanation that you've been waiting for!

I switched POVs somewhere. I'm not going to write who's POV, cause it ruins the mood, so just guess, kay? And it's going to be in second story, which I now love~

Holy sashimi.

I thought I'd slept in the bathtub yesterday, but how did I end up in the bed next to you? You were already awake, ready to kill me. Can someone please tell me why?

"Look at this" you said, pointing to a brown stain on the bed.

I thought back last night. You HAD given me a nosebleed, so that must've been what that was. Why did you misunderstand? I'm not that nasty, Rima.

"Oh, that was just—" I tried to explain. But you wouldn't let me.

"And look!" This time, you pointed to your cheek, and I was shocked this time.

"Oh no. Don't tell me, I—"

"Yeah, you did! You gave me a hickey! I can't see my mom like this!"

I stared at the red splotch I'd given you. I knew, I was going to have to do something for you… Something I would not enjoy at all.

We sat alone in silence. Your mom kept stuffing her face with rice, as I stared. You were just like your mom, eating like a pig. I held in laughter the whole night. She wasn't as abusive as you described her. I was desperate to break the tension between your mom and me. Silence wasn't really something I'd grown to like.

"Ms. Mashiro, that's—,"

"Oi, Nagi-kun! I had forgotten to ask. Did you and Rima try to escape this hotel?" As I had suspected, she knew everything about where we were, and why we were there.

"Um, when Tsukasa drove us, he blocked the windows, so that we couldn't track our was back, so Rima and I only went around the local area."

She laughed.

"You know, Tsukasa drove around in circles for an hour. You school is only three blocks away from here. Now tell me, why didn't you take a taxi?" I had no hesitation answering this one.

"Taxi drivers scare the living hell out of me. You can never pay me enough to stay in the same car as them. Never." I tried to change the topic. I had a feeling she would start asking about you and I, Rima. "So, on you letter, you said you had a reason to only sent Rima one set of clothes. May I ask why?"

She sipped her tea, leaving things silent and suspicious again.

"You guys are going home first thing tomorrow. It's been negotiated." The she paused. "Well, you are going home. Rima? I'm not so sure. (Okay you guys, here's the big long explanation. Don't miss it)

"Rima's dad hasn't been paying the house bill every month. Then, he got fired from his job, because he says some gay person keeps on thinking he's a woman. Her dad became very conflicted, so had to pay several visits to the therapist. His portion of money ran out, so then-,"

"Excuse me for interrupting, Mashiro-san. Portion? Are you two divorced?" Once again, no answer. But from the sad look on her face, I sense it wouldn't be a pleasant answer.

"He and I have been divorced ever since Rima got kidnapped, but insisted on living together, for her sanity." She continued. "As I was saying, I had to stay home from some days at work to tend to him, then I got fired, and had to seek relaxation at the spa. When I came home, I found out we went bankrupt. They took away everything.

"I'm currently living with my boyfriend, in that biggest house by the beach. I'm not forcing Rima to come with us, but I'm concerned for her sake."

"Mashiro-san." I said. I didn't want you to leave me, Rima-chan. I will not tell her about us, but I'm not going to even think about not trying to keep you here. "You and Rima can stay in that apartment my mom bought next door for our decoration storage. She doesn't need it anymore, so you and Rima can—," I was interrupted, by your mother's hugging. She hugged as tight as you. It was sort of creeping me out.

"OH THANK YOU, NAGI-KUN! THAT BOYFRIEND WAS SO POOR, I DON'T KNOW HOW I COULD'VE STAYED (BLAH BLAH BLAH)" I looked at her pocket at the rectangular metal sticking out. Pfft. An iPhone. Poor. My ass. She's just as sneaky as you. The resemblance is clearer than glass.

"Ms. Mashiro, is this divorce matter a secret from Rima?" She nodded. "Well, maybe if you let me play with you phone, I'll keep my mouth shut."

"What pho—OOOOOoooohhh…..Yeah. My phone. Cause my boyfriend has no money to afford a phone. Hehehe….Yep….All mine…" She says it's hers, but I bet she stole it from her boyfriend at the last second. The first thing I did when she handed it over, was to check the name.

Totally her boyfriend's phone.

And by the looks of it, he's not poor at all. There was 17 pages worth of apps. But I only knew of one that I'd have to try.

Scrolling to the 4th page, I tapped on the square that had said "Compatibility". I quickly inserted our names in, just to check. I knew you and I were made to belong, but I'm doing this just for my amusement, Rima. I have no doubts about you.

And neither does this app. We got an 120% compatibility, Rima!

Underneath the heart was three options. Quit, go again, or print out tattoo. Where the heck would it come out anyway?! I tapped it. In half a second, a heart shaped sticker tattoo popped out from next to the charging input.

This sticker tattoo should cover up your hickey.

As I gave you mom back her phone, I requested something from her.

"Can you tell me about Rima-chan?"

And sure enough, she told me everything about you. You used to take ballet until you were 6, and then your passion for hip-hop dancing grew. I smiled the whole time. I never knew you liked dance.

I knew about when you were in kindergarten, and you said you had a boyfriend. You pointed to your teacher.

But I became depressed, after I heard about who kidnapped you.

"We were expecting Rima to come home from the tutor's at 5 PM, but she never called us to pick her up. We got a call, but it was from that dratted tutor, Ivanna Suckhi Scock (XD 100 points to anyone who gets the pun! Review if you get it, and I'll reward you!). She held Rima ransom to get money to bust out that stupid boyfriend of hers."

So I knew why you were kidnapped, Rima.

But don't ever say that your parents don't love you.

I think they might love you almost as much as I did.

Don't say such things.

My favorite time of the day: Midnight.

It wasn't hard to me to get through your stupid window. You never lock it, Amu-babeh.

I'm going to tell you a bedtime story today, but make sure you pay attention. It's a nonfiction.

You were shocked to see me lying beside you a few minutes later, but I saw in your eyes: You missed me.

But then you slapped me. What a great way to reunite, Amu.

I'm going to tell you…

About what you don't know about the Embryos.

Like that there are actually Embryos.

"One egg can't handle all of these different types of wished." I told you. You listened eagerly, which made me delighted to see the excitement in your eyes. To you, this must've been another bedtime story. Just as I suspected. "That's why there are four of them: One for love, talent, objects, and time.

"The time one was special. I found this one in Britain, inside that clock thingy named after some dude. I asked for everyone who didn't love me to not remember me. Actually, to be precise, I said 'Don't let anyone who didn't love us remember the Tsukiyomis!'"

"But why would you do such a thing!?" she asked, obviously in rage. But then she blushed, then calmed down. "I love you like a brother. Don't get your hopes up." Hehe, like saying that's gonna do anything.

"I did it so that I could find my father easily, but then I thought I could find out who loved me. But the Time Embryo isn't going to make that person love me.

"I needed the assistance of the other Embryo, Amour Embryo, to help me. It was born just about 4 days ago, but I found it though some window." I reached into my pocket, and picked up a purple-green egg. "Take a look."

I can't believe you would hold an egg in your hands with such care. It was just an egg. Embryos are eggs, too you know.

"I've seen this design somewhere…"

"Well, oh well. I took it."

"How could you do such a disgusting thing?! You can't rely on wished to make your love come true! I know love is a dream for everyone, but you've got to chase your dreams! Why? I'm sure the owner of this egg is so worried about it. You're repulsive."

I wished you've known. Don't say those things to me, when you don't understand the least of it.

"I did it for you, Amu"