Last chappie.

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I made a new Rimahiko story! It's going to be better than this, because now that I read this again, this was total crap.

Okay, so here's the last installment of "What it Takes to Bond"! I'm changing it to "They've Finally Bonded" later on.


Hearing the sound of Amu's voice, I jumped from the seat. What in the world would Amu be doing on Floor 50?

But no. We weren't in Floor 50. We were in the Royal Garden, much to my surprise. Mom must've driven me to school when I was sleeping.

"Amu! Where's Nagihiko!?" I suddenly remembered. I swear, if Nagihiko really died, I wouldn't know how to live with myself. I'd probably wait until everyone forgot about me, and then commit suicide.

"Nagihiko? Oh, he's right there." She answers, pointing next to me. I let out a sigh of relief, too bad Amu caught it. "Eh, Rima? Are you thinking about Nagi-kun?" I looked at Nagi and saw him blush. Aw. He's cute when he blushes…

Wait. Nagihiko was alive? We're in the Royal Garden? What next? Start of new semester papers?!

"Ohiyo, Amu-chan!" said Tadase walking in suddenly. "I've got the papers for the new semester!"

Wait a second. Don't tell me…

"Tadase, what day is it, and it what month?"

"Today's the start of them second trimester. January." As if I'd believe him that easily. Looking down at my hands, I saw that commitment ring Nagihiko gave me.

Oh my gosh. Maybe Kami does love me, and maybe they went back in time by a week and let Nagihiko live.

All day, I've been trying to approach Nagihiko. No avail. It even seems as if he's avoiding me.

During PE, I asked him to partner with me, but he partnered with Tadase instead, and I was with Amu.

During Period 5, I sent him at least a gazillion notes. He ignored them all.

After school, I called him. My mom was a little angry about me calling a boy though…

But I can't take that shit anymore.

I grabbed my shoes, and a huge stick, just in case someone tries to harass me, and left the door, ignoring all threats my dad was throwing at me.

The streets were all bizarre looking to me. I realized its what happens when the individual is desperate. I'm not going to hesitate to say I'm desperate. As much as I hate to say it, I can't move on with my life if Nagi's not in it.

If I promise to you, that I'd never love again, would you watch me stay speechless, Nagi?

"Ah? Rima-chan, what are you-,"

I shuffled my way past Nagi's mom. Really, I feel so guilty, but it's astonishing how emotionally developed I've become since Nagi's been a part of my life.


I won't turn around. I won't see his face. I won't look into his alluring eyes and give myself up again.

"Rima-chan, I love you…"

On second thought, I think one peek woudn't hurt.

MUAHAHAHA! I'm evil. A drabble ending.

So short, yes. And it's the last chappie, too! But I couldn't wait to start on Prom Jack!

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This is the way it's gonna end here. Short and sweet.