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"Ya heard right! I want you out of this hallway pronto!", the boy said through his voice changing device thingy.

"Yo, Hikaru!", challenged a female's voice. "You gotta knock it off! Your attitude is totally bitchy, and you always act like you own this school. Well, you don't, and I recommend you get yourself out of here". Everyone turned around and saw, to their surprise, Rima Mashiro, the little girl, yelling at little Hikaru. She's gonna get messed up by his little possy. Nagi was practically stone still. The girls were automatically mumbling about how gutless Rima was, but were admiring her at the same time. Amu was saying how she should have been doing that instead of Rima. Tadase just couldn't believe his ears!

Kukai was thinking about how fat people smell weird. (Which they totally do LOL)

Hikaru's reaction was priceless, though. His mouth hung open, and his face was all red, and he looked as if he could just run away any second. For the first time since he attended this school, he actually seemed defenseless—even with his group of 6th graders following him. Rima seemed satisfies with herself, as if she'd just won a big award. Everyone thought she deserved to. But someone in the school knew that it was a stupid thing to do, to go picking on a little kid, and thought it would be better to leave him alone. Someone who apparently knew everything. How stalkish!

"Well?!", she continued tapping her foot impatiently.

"Come on, guys, let's get away from here", he referred to his gang. They quickly left the hallway, everyone silent, with weird expressions on their face. Did Rima actually succeed in talking back to Hikaru? She sure did! This moment is SO going in the yearbook!

The bell rang, so all the kids hustled to their designated classes. When Rima ran, she dropped something from her pocket. Reluctantly, Nagi picked it up. The glowing item was. . .

Rima's POV

Oh gosh, I can't believe I stood up to the school bully like that! Now I feel like a bully. Now I feel like a hypocrite for thinking I was a bully when i hate them. I don't know what went through me, though. What in the world got to me?

From behind me, I could hear some girls whispering about me. I wonder what they were saying? Maybe they're trashing about me? Not again. . .

Well, today I'm just satisfied that Hikaru didn't make his stupid followers beat anyone up. I feel so accomplished.

And also, what drove Nagi and Tadase to fight? Nag-gay looked ready to whoop Tadase's ass! I sighed. Maybe that's just what boys do. Fight for no apparent reason. And plus, Tadase stole my eraser for Christmas, so Nagi would be doing me a big favor by kicking the shit out of him.

The bell rang for the next class, and I felt I was missing something. And forgetting something, too. But it's probably my imagination. I don't usually forget anything, and why would anyone be retarded enough to steal something from me?

Royal Garden—Normal POV

"So Rima had another egg?!", everyone asked. Nagi showed it to them. It was orange, like her other one, but this one had a more graceful pattern on it. The design on her egg looked similar to Nagi's, but in a way, better, because they glowed and changed colors.

"Yeah, but what I want to know is: What dream was that egg born from? It looks so...strange" Nagi replied. He was really interested of what that egg will hatch to. Who wouldn't be? A glowing egg! You'd have to be blind to not give a thought about that thing.

Suddenly, Rima entered the Royal Garden with an irritated look on her face to see Kukai, Tadase, and Nagi sitting at the table drinking tea. . .which they do a lot. She wondered where Amu and Yaya were. 'Maybe shopping?' she thought. 'But why didn't they invite...me?'

"Hello, Rima-chan", greeted Nagi with a smile. He always made sure he was the first person to greet Rima, and he succeeded as well.

"Hi, Nag-gay", she responded in a monotone. "Aren't you and Tadase in a fight?"

"We made up", he said plainly. "All buddies again! By the way, are you looking for anything? You look like you're looking for something." He gave his "I know something" smirk.

Rima's face turned red now. She'd known him and his multiple facial expressions all too well. He knows, she thought. "Okay, Nagifreako, how did you find out, and how many people did you tell?". She looked as if she were ready to stab someone-literally. Everyone at the table was thinking to themselves, 'Run, Nagi'. But he just sat there, looking as if Rima didn't scare him. Truthfully, he didn't know whether Rima scared him or not. He knew for sure that Rima amused him. Which was one of the many, many reasons why he couldn't get enough of her!

"Do not worry, Rima-chan. I only told Kukai and Tadase. No one else.", he said calmly.

"That's bull-crap", she stated with a glare of hate in her eyes. "Everyone in the entire school knows Kukai can't keep a secret for more than three seconds. Now explain how you found out".

Rima turned her head slightly, only to look at Nagi straight in the eyes, but not with hate or anger, for the very first time. There was sadness, and worry. Curiosity rose inside Nagi, wondering why she was so concerned about that egg. Everyone has a egg! What's the big deal?

"Rima, it fell out of your pocket. I just picked it up, as anyone would, and-

Oh snap. Is that a whiteout pen you're holding?!". Kukai and Tadase dropped their tea on the floor and broke the glass of the expensive China cups, but that was the least of their worries right now. What was on their mind was: Is that really a white out pen?!

In fact, it was a white-out pen, and as I said before, Rima was well ready to stab someone, and today, it's Nagi. Everyone knew that whiteout pens seriously hurt. A few years ago, someone got hit with a whiteout pen, and that's when they were banned from the school. And the whiteout in whiteout pens make you get all itchy! Who the hell wants to get itchy? It shocked everyone to see that Rima had one with her. Kukai and Tadase quickly and cautiously exited the room, but was peaking through a hole from the outside.

"Five bucks on Rima" bet Kukai.

"No sugar-pop, babe", Tadase responded in the same voice. Did he just say no sugar-pop? And call Kukai a babe? What the hell? He knew he was hot, but not to the extent of attracting other guys. Oh, bother. . .

Rima Character Transformed with KusuKusu, so that she had the ability to hold Nagi still with Tightrope Dancer.

"Nagihiko, you drove me to this. . .", was what she said. She wanted to be like other girls and give him a hug, say it's okay, and get it over with. But Rima wasn't like other girls. She wasn't acting like herself lately, because she never got violent with other people before.

She felt her hand gripping the whiteout pen get lower, nearing Nagi's skin by the moment. But suddenly the headmaster entered the Royal Garden.

"Tadase, I need you to—OH MY!". Tsukasa dropped all his paperwork on the floor, but like the cup of tea to Kukai and Tadase, it didn't matter. What mattered was making sure Rima didn't stab Nagi.

"Mashiro-san and Fujisaki-san! To my office!" he shouted. Then, he turned around and added "Don't dilly dally!"

We're screwed. . .